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Main text Chapter 274: False is true and true is false

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    After getting the tile-sized magic weapon in the shape of a red slate, Qu Zhenren from White Wolf Valley couldn't restrain his inner joy.

    Although he has not yet figured out the purpose of this magic weapon and what its supernatural power is, he only knows that it is of the fire attribute, but he can infer its quality just from its aura fluctuations, as well as the scale and strength of the domain created by the evil spirit.  Definitely very high.

    Even if the "treasure" he paid Jiang Zhenren was expensive, it was totally worth it - if there was a choice, Jiang Zhenren would definitely be willing to pay the same price to take that magic weapon for himself.

    After Qu Zhenzhen and Jiang Zhenren separated, they deliberately lagged behind for a while, then went to the town, and found Hongyan Menteng, who he had been paying attention to and followed the traces of spiritual energy before.

    In a hot pot restaurant in the township, Qu Zhenren "coincidentally met" Teng Weiteng, who was waiting to eat hot pot with his disciple Yun Yao.

    After exchanging pleasantries, Master Teng naturally invited Qu Zhenren to eat together "smoothly", and Qu Zhenren also couldn't wait to directly agree - he wanted to talk to Teng Wei.

    In fact, Teng Wei can probably guess what Qu Zhenzhen wants to talk to him and what the purpose is. It just so happens that he is also quite curious about the magical properties of that magic weapon, so after taking a few bites, he chatted very "cooperatively"  All the feelings in the evil spirit realm before.

    "It's not the first time I've faced evil spirits. I've fallen into the realm of evil spirits before, but it's never happened before that I can't distinguish between reality and illusion like today. Even now  The evil spirits have been exterminated, the domain has been cleared, and I am still not sure which ones I faced at that time were true and which ones were false."

    Teng Wei described his feelings in a very serious and detailed way: "I just chatted with Yun Yao, and looking at it now, the three-headed and three-armed appearance of the evil spirit should be an illusion rather than a real existence. We didn't  I went upstairs, and the outside didn¡¯t turn dark. These can be confirmed after the domain was unlocked and the evil spirits were expelled. But when I think about it carefully Those perceptions are really very real. At that time, I and the Taoists who entered it  According to friends, the monster with three heads and three arms should also be real, we have all been touched by it, and we have all attacked it, judging from the dual senses of spirit and reality, it does exist."

    Qu Zhenzhen nodded thoughtfully: "That is to say, the magic weapon may have made the evil spirit materialize and demonize?"

    As he spoke, he directly took out the magic weapon in the shape of a red slate slab from his bag, put it on the table, and pushed it in front of Teng Wei: "What does Master Teng think about the supernatural power of this magic weapon?"

    Both parties are real people from the five major sects. Since the ownership of the magic weapon has been determined, naturally there is no need to worry about the treasure or something, and it is not so barbaric.

    Or in other words, this magic weapon does not have the temptation to make spiritual practice ignore all rules.

    Tengwei carefully picked up the red slate and observed it carefully.

    Even if you look at this stone slab from the perspective of an ordinary person, you can tell that it is not an ordinary object. It feels like a processed stone, with a moderate weight, very regular edges, and perfectly cut chamfers, without any scratchy feel.  Very round, it is an independent rectangle.

    There are some very thin irregular lines on it, and I can't tell what shape it is, but judging from the disappearance of its edges, it seems to be part of a larger pattern?

    From the perspective of the spiritual vision world, this red stone slab is even more unusual. The faint red light on it, if Qu Zhenren had not suppressed and sealed it with a talisman, might have been red all over the sky.

    It can be felt that it has been constantly embedded in the aura system in the environment, and then continuously transforms the Yinhuo aura, just like a furnace that wants to burn, wants to raise the temperature around, and wants to "warm" everything  ¡­and baked.

    Qu Zhenren hasn't refined it yet, in fact, he can't refine it now, and he hasn't even figured out what its aura structure is, so refining it rashly is very easy.

    Moreover, this kind of magic weapon, which is obviously quite powerful, and may even have a great background, may not be able to grasp the backlash brought about by the failure of refining.

    After obtaining the permission of Master Qu, Teng Wei played a few magic talismans, opened his eyes again, and after using spiritual energy to perceive and stimulate, he played with it carefully for more than ten minutes before handing back the magic weapon.

    "This magic weapon looks like a part of a whole? And it doesn't look like a broken piece, but it is divided like this. But for the time being, I can see that it is a Yin fire attribute.  I didn¡¯t perceive the magical properties of it. Judging from the fact that the evil spirit used it as a load before and exerted extraordinary strength and aura fluctuations, maybe it needs to refine the Yin God and become a true king before it can be used?¡±

    Regarding Teng Wei's judgment, Qu Zhenzhen nodded in agreement: "I also have this guess.Ruan Jushang immediately looked back at Qu Zhenzhen: "Really, that magic weaponshould have been accepted by you, right? I've always been a little curious, what kind of supernatural power is that magic weapon? Ah, of course, if it involves secrets  , you don¡¯t have to say anything.¡±

    Qu Zhenren smiled bitterly and said: "Actually, I haven't figured out what the characteristics of this magic weapon are. I was talking about it with Teng Zhenren just now."

    Ruan Jushang immediately looked at Teng Wei again: "Master Teng, the three-headed monster we saw in the ruins of the hospital, do you think it is an illusion or a real thing?"

    Teng Wei said: "If judged by logic and rationality, it should be an illusion, but based on my actual feelings at the time, I am sure that it is an entity."

    "It's the same as mine." Ruan Jushang nodded.

    Seeing what she was about to say, Teng Wei hurriedly asked Xiao Jiamiao: "Fellow Daoist Xiao, you seemed to have been missing for a while before the evil spirit appeared in the evil spirit domain?"

    Xiao Jiamiao nodded, Yuanyuan opened her eyes, looking pitifully.

    "Can you tell me what happened to you at the time? Did you see anything?" Teng Wei asked, "Oh yes, if it's not convenient for you to talk, you can type on your mobile phone."

    Ruan Jushang said: "My junior sister was taken to the lower floors by that evil spirit, and she was almost strangled to death."

    Xiao Jiamiao nodded again and again, grabbed her neck with both hands, and made a tongue sticking out expression.

    "So it seems Do you also think that the three monsters are real?" Qu Zhenren asked.

    Xiao Jiamiao continued to nod.

    On this topic, they began to chat about the previous battle with the evil spirit, and speculated about the magical properties of the magic weapon.

    Then he mentioned the "Five Elements Exorcism Formation Portable and Easy-to-install Kit" recently purchased and equipped by various sects, especially Hongyanmen and White Wolf Valley also have exclusive custom kits.  The magic circle kit has raised the overall strength of the spiritual cultivation of domestic sects to the level of ten to twenty years.

    After knowing that Xiao Jiamiao's sworn elder brother is Chen Kuo, several people complimented him again. Qu Zhenren also praised Xiao Jiamiao's third brother and Qiu Lindong of his own sect by the way.

    Although there is Xianmen, the second child who betrayed the sect for a big monster, but the other sworn brothers and sisters of them are still well-known in various sects and in the spiritual circle.

    Especially now that the various products of Duobao Company have almost become necessary items for spiritual practice, Chen Kuo is already a big figure in spiritual practice that all sects should look up to.

    After eating almost all the fried noodles, and ordering a few more beef and mutton dishes, Ruan Jushang took a look at his junior sister, who immediately understood, wiped his mouth, and got up.

    "My junior sister is going to the bathroom." Ruan Jushang explained for her junior sister.

    However, Xiao Jiamiao, who left the dining table, did not go to the bathroom, but went to buy the bill quietly¡ªalthough this meal is nothing to anyone at the table, but like Ruan Jushang  As I said before, as the two people with lower cultivation bases, it is relatively polite for them to buy the bill.

    When paying the bill, Xiao Jiamiao heard two waiters discussing, saying that it was the first time he saw someone bring a bowl to eat hot pot by himself, and said that the person's appetite was terrible, and he ate so much by himself.

    She fell in love immediately, and looked in the direction the two waiters came from, is it upstairs?  Box?

    Bring your own bowl, and it¡¯s especially edible?

    Xiao Jiamiao was almost sure who the two waiters were talking about, so after paying the bill, he climbed up the stairs quietly, passing by the door of each box seemingly inadvertently.  Stand there for two seconds and pause.

    When she stood at the door of the fourth box, as soon as she stood still, the box door was quickly opened, a big hand stretched out, pinched her nose accurately, pulled her into the box, and closed the box door  .

    Seeing Chen Kuo who returned to the table to continue eating meat, Xiao Jiamiao, who was holding her nose, puffed up her cheeks, ran over and sat opposite Chen Kuo, and stared at her elder brother with fierce eyes.

    However, Chen Kuo laughed: "Don't pretend, you almost laughed out loud when you saw the big brother happy, and you can't be vicious at all. Hmm, I know, I won't pinch your nose next time, next time I pinch you  Face, haha, okay, don¡¯t pinch your face, pinch your ears It¡¯s okay, I won¡¯t expose it, those two real people can¡¯t detect me, in fact, it¡¯s okay even if I let them see it, mainly because I¡¯m cooking when I¡¯m eating  It's just inconvenient to come out, otherwise I'll go down and brag with you. Well, I've finished eating and I'll be leaving in a while."

    Chen Kuo looked at Yaomei with a smile, and then, as if thinking of something, he took a bracelet from his bag and handed it over: "You take this, it's a gadget that Xiao Zhu and I made together, it can save lives at critical moments.  Yes. Also, recently, if you hear about secret treasures, ancient demons, Zongmen relics, Da Neng Dongfu, etc., don¡¯t join in the fun. You are asking whether the three-headed monster you saw in the hospital is real or not  ?Is the surrounding environment true or false? Didn¡¯t you say it last time? It is true and false. When you think it is false, it is true once you verify it. When you believe it is true, it can do whatever you want.  Fake Hey, sister Yao, don't do anything, I am the big brother", can save lives at critical moments.  What's more, if you hear about some secret treasures, ancient demons, Zongmen relics, Da Neng Dongfu, etc. recently, don't join in the fun.  Are you asking if the three-headed monster seen in the hospital is real or not?  Is the surrounding environment true or false?  Didn¡¯t I say it last time, whether it¡¯s true or false, when you think it¡¯s false, once you verify it, it¡¯s true, and when you believe it¡¯s true, it can be as false as you want Hey, Yaomei  Don't do it, I'm the big brother ?
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