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Text Chapter 275 Will it be so boring?

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    After staying in the big brother's box for a few minutes, after getting some information, and a small bracelet that looked like a magic weapon and a magic weapon, and looked like an ordinary accessory after careful inspection, Xiao Jiamiao was kicked out of the box by the big brother with a smile on his face  up.

    Before leaving the box, she looked back and wanted to say goodbye to her eldest brother, but found that the box was empty.

    Even with inspirational perception, there is no human or spiritual body.

    Brother did you use some kind of teleportation spell?

    Gone so soon?

    By the way, did the eldest brother pay the bill?  I won't run the bill

    Oh, he seems to have paid by scanning the QR code with his mobile phone just now, hey, the fried meat was packed away.

    Big brother is really greedy.

    When Xiao Jiamiao stood at the door of the box and looked in with his eyes wide open, his cheek was suddenly pinched again.

    When she turned her head, she found that Chen Kuo was standing next to her, and then in the blink of an eye, she found that Chen Kuo had disappeared again.


    Can it really teleport?

    No, can it be invisible?

    Xiao Jiamiao instantly remembered that in the ruins of the hospital, no matter whether it was Zhenren Tengwei inside, Zhenren Qu and Zhenren Jiang outside, they had not found the existence of the eldest brother.

    And when she was pulled into the space that seemed real and virtual by the elder brother, and after she was pushed out, she couldn't sense the existence of the elder brother anymore.

    It seems that the elder brother can really be invisible!

    Or, is it possible to enter an invisible space?

    And this invisibility is all-round invisibility from vision to inspiration, even real people can't perceive it!

    After returning downstairs and sitting next to the senior sister, Xiao Jiamiao was still a little excited.

    Big brother has become too strong now, so strong that it is even a little scary!

    But the big brother is strong, so she is happy and excited, which means she has thighs to hug!

    As a Yaomei, the brothers and sisters who are sworn brothers are naturally as strong as possible!

    She wished that Chen Kuo, Xianmen, and Qiu Lindong were all true kings, and wished that Mi Bunny would become a super rabbit demon king.

    And she just asked, and the eldest brother said with certainty that the second brother was fine, and he took care of it properly.

    Although the eldest brother didn't say whether he found the second brother or how to deal with it, she believed in the elder brother, and with that promise, she could rest assured.

    As for why the eldest brother suddenly became so powerful, why he appeared here, what is the relationship between the magic weapon that the evil spirit used as a load and the eldest brother, and why he made such an arrangement, although Xiao Jiamiao was curious, he was not worried.

    She trusts her instincts.

    "Fellow Daoist Xiao?"

    "Miao Miao?"

    A few calls and the senior sister pushed her shoulders, awakening Xiao Jiamiao from the yyyy that hugged her elder brother's thigh and lay flat as a true king, and no one dared to mess with the spiritual world. She looked at the senior sister and the others in surprise, with a look  "What's up" expression.

    Ruan Jushang smiled wryly and said, "Why are you in a daze? Do you feel sleepy when you're full? Daoist Qu is asking you, what is your elder brother Chen Kuo's cultivation level now? Is he already breaking through the realm of a real person?"

    Xiao Jiamiao quickly made a few gestures, and then Ruan Jushang helped her translate and polish and said to several people: "My junior sister said that her elder brother is now focusing on refining weapons, and he has to connect with various sects every day.  I'm so devastated, I don't have time to cultivate at all, I guess my cultivation base is not advancing but retreating, maybe I won't be able to step into the realm of real people in another ten years."

    Hearing this, Teng Wei couldn't help sighing: "I and Chen Duo er, Daoyou Chen once met, and you must have a talent for cultivation if you can achieve such achievements in magic circle and weapon refining.  It's a pity, if he is a Qi cultivator, the realm of real people is probably just the beginning."

    Qu Zhenzhen and Yun Yao also nodded in agreement. For most of the spiritual cultivation, if one's own cultivation level cannot be improved, no matter how much external power and benefits are obtained, the achievements will be discounted.

    After all, they are spiritual cultivators, and their cultivation is directly linked to their strength and lifespan. The longer they live, the more time and opportunities they will have to penetrate the ultimate avenue and ascend through calamities.

    At this time, Chen Kuo, who had just walked to the street outside the hot pot restaurant, could still clearly hear the conversation of the people at Yaomei's table inside, and almost laughed when he heard Yaomei's description of his cultivation.

    But he nodded in satisfaction, yes, Yaomei really knows how to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, and develop in a low-key way.

    For the current Chen Kuo, the most trusted people are undoubtedly the little secretary and the brothers and sisters who have not yet disappeared at this time. In addition, if the cooking girl is considered a "person", she is naturally in this echelon.

    For them, Chen Kuo??Middle and lower-level spiritual practitioners do not have the ability to trace the source of the news and distinguish the authenticity of the news, so they are shocked and numb after hearing too much.

    As for the cultivation of real people and the status of elders, because many of them directly participated in the discovery of ancient secret treasures, or had stronger cross-clan news channels, they can distinguish the difference between this information and the previous ones¡ª  ¡ª This time, a real hammer appeared!

    As for Zhenjun Gaoxiu, they were even the makers of the rumors before, and what they knew was closer to the truth.

    They have a deeper understanding of what an ancient secret treasure is and what is the significance of the appearance of an ancient secret treasure.

    So they also understand better what this means.

    After seeing the red stone talisman that Qu Zhenren brought back to the sect, Zuo Chongzhe, the elder and true emperor of White Wolf Valley, showed a rare expression of shock.

    He checked the magic weapon carefully, looked and looked again and again, especially from the perspective of the spirit body, and was very sure that the spirit body structure of the magic weapon was different from the magic weapon refining method of the post-spiritual cultivation system, and it was different from the ancient magic weapon he deduced.  The possible magic weapon refining and spell usage systems during the period are very similar.

    And from the inspection of the spiritual body, he can also confirm that the "age" of this magic weapon is at least 800 to 1,200 years, and it is an absolute ancient secret treasure.

    Seeing Zuo Chongzhe caressing the red stone slab so cherished, Qu Zhenzhen, who brought back the magic weapon, couldn't help asking: "Elder, is this really an ancient secret treasure?"

    Although he and Zhenren Teng had the same judgment before, but after all, there is no way to analyze the complete structure of this magic weapon, so we are not sure yet.

    But now seeing Zuo Chongzhe's performance, there is no doubt that he has the answer.

    "The workmanship and material can be faked, but the structure of this spirit body cannot be faked. Come on, look at the traces of the yang wood aura embedded in it. Well, with your inspiration, you may not be able to fully perceive it, but you know  The general meaning is fine. In short, based on the spirit body characteristics of the yin and fire attributes of this magic weapon, its yang body has wood aura embedded in it. It must have been unused for more than a hundred years, and it has been eroded by the surrounding environment over time.  Based on the location and degree of infestation, we can determine when it was buried deeply."

    Zuo Chongzhe was obviously very satisfied with the performance of the red stone slab brought back by Qu Zhenren, and taught him patiently: "After you condense the Yin God and become a true king, you can open the door of Yang attribute spiritual energy and start watching  There are some more "real" existences. Judging the year of the magic weapon by this method is absolutely infallible. There is no one in this world who can fake it at this level. If he can then he is a true immortal.  And the real immortal, would be so bored to create such a fake magic weapon to deceive us?"

    Qu Zhenzhen nodded repeatedly when he heard it, not only because what Elder Zuo said made sense, but also because Elder Zuo is the most virtuous and respected Zhenjun Gaoxiu in the spiritual cultivation world. His judgment on spiritual energy is the most authoritative in the spiritual cultivation world.  Not too much.

    Zuo Chongzhe stroked the surface texture of the stone slab with his hands, and said with emotion: "Nearly a thousand years ago, an object with this kind of material and feel could be made. Look at the edge cut corners, smooth to such a degree.  There are obvious damages and depreciation, except for the real high-level cultivation and power, except for the era when the spiritual energy is abundant, it is impossible to refine it."

    Qu Zhenzhen also nodded: "Indeed, it feels warm and smooth to the touch, which is not something that can be achieved by cutting machines with modern technology. Elder, I have checked this magic weapon with Master Teng of Hongyanmen, but we have not figured out the magical properties of this magic weapon. Guess  It is part of a large magic weapon or circle."

    Zuo Chongzhe affirmed: "You guessed it right."

    After he finished speaking, he threw the red stone slab in front of him.

    Under the spiritual vision world, the stone slab exploded with a burst of red light, dyeing the entire interior space red.

    Also under the horizon of reality, the red slate also hovered in the air, emitting a faint light visible to the naked eye.

    The red spirit body builds a series of revolving aura lines, as if building a continent of mountains, rivers, roads and traffic, which makes Qu Zhenren stunned and relaxed.

    "I don't know what the overall form of this magic weapon looks like, but when it is activated, it must be very magnificent and majestic.  The age of spiritual cultivation." Zuo Chongzhe also said a little excitedly.

    "Elder, we must combine this magic weapon." Qu Zhenren couldn't help but said.

    Zuo Chongzhe squinted his eyes, and said quietly: "I'm afraid it won't be easy."</div&gt
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