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Text Chapter 276 "Conspiracy"

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    My secretary is one month after "The Conspiracy" in Chapter 276 of the main volume of Fox Demon.

    On the top floor of the high tower hidden in the clouds and mist of Daliang Zong, more than a dozen true emperors Gaoxiu reunited again.

    However, only eight people gathered this time, instead of fourteen people like last time, like Hongyanmen, White Wolf Valley, and Daliangzong, only one Zhenjun was sent this time.

    Indeed, in this turbulent period, there are a lot of things going on in each sect, and it is easy for true monarchs and high-level cultivators to gather in one place at once, which is easy to cause problems, and it is unnecessary.

    The Hongyan Sect sent Zhenjun Nie Xiangrong, while the White Wolf Valley was still sent by the elder Zhenjun Zuo Chongzhe¡ªanyone can be absent, only Elder Zuo is indispensable, and everyone is waiting for him to make up his mind,  make a decision.

    As for Daliang Sect, Xue Zhenjun still sat at the tea table and was in charge of brewing spiritual tea.

    Naturally, Zhenjun Nie Xiangrong sat at the nearest place to the tea table with his face salivating, and leaned over to beg for spiritual tea.

    However, when he drank spirit tea today, he always felt that Xue Zhenjun looked at him wrongly, and his brows were always frowning.

    He couldn't help but said: "Xue Xianzi, Lao Nie, I came all the way here, and I am also a guest after all, drink more of your spiritual tea, so you don't look at me with such a thief-looking eyes"

    Xue Zhenjun said leisurely: "What did Zhenjun Nie say? I looked at you and just wanted to wait for you to finish drinking, and immediately refill tea. I know you like to drink spirit tea, why not take care of you?"

    Of course Nie Xiangrong knew that Xue Zhenjun's eyes definitely didn't mean that, but she said so, so she didn't care, and handed over the cup she had just finished drinking with a smile: "Then I will thank Fairy Xue."

    Xue Zhenjun narrowed his eyes slightly, glanced at him again, and then began to pour tea for him.

    Nie Xiangrong said that her eyes were like looking at a thief, and she was really right.

    After receiving the notice from Elder Zuo Chongzhe that he would call all the true masters to meet again in the "old place", Xue Zhenjun came over one step ahead of time to make preparations.

    As a result, when I got to the tower here, when I was about to take out the spirit tea, I found that all the spirit tea in the stone cabinet had disappeared!

    This is literally "disappearing", because there is no spiritual tea left in the stone cabinet, but there is no trace of damage to the seal of prohibition and the structure of the organization on the stone cabinet.

    Their set of stone cabinet mechanisms for storing spiritual tea is not too difficult to open, how complicated and exquisite, but it is basically difficult to crack. It can only be opened with the specific spiritual energy of their Liangzong sect, and the amount of spiritual energy must also be obtained.  Up to standard.

    She really couldn't figure out who could quietly take the spirit tea out of the stone cabinet.

    Not to mention other things, just to enter this high tower is not something that ordinary spiritual practice can do.

    And the person who can quietly enter this high tower, and open this stone cabinet quietly and without showing a trace

    Will you do this kind of thing?

    At least it must be of the cultivation level of a real king!

    Even she felt that ordinary true kings might not be able to do it well, and only true kings with special skills could do it.

    Zhenjun, would you take the trouble to do this kind of thing at the risk of being discovered?


    Xue Zhenjun couldn't help staring at Nie Xiangrong again. Last time, she thought that Nie Zhenjun really liked spirit tea, but then she heard by chance that Nie Zhenjun actually likes petty gains, so when he can grab free spirit tea, he will use his strength.  drink.

    It should be different to like to be greedy for petty gain, and to be able to steal things by hand, right?

    And if you do this kind of thing, if you are found out, the price will be too high.

    So Xue Zhenjun turned her attention to the other true monarchs, and she felt that the one who had the ability to open the stone cabinet and take away the spiritual tea should be one of these true monarchs.

    But according to her observation, no one seems to be able to do such a thing.

    Although those spiritual teas are rare, none of these true monarchs will be short of them!

    When Xue Zhenjun was looking for the "Spiritual Tea Thief", Zuo Chongzhe took out the part of the magic weapon that looked like a red slate.

    Several other true monarchs also took out the magic weapon parts collected by their respective sects and handed them to Elder Zuo.

    A total of six magic weapon parts were put together, and five of them could obviously be combined into one. They were all regular shapes like rectangles or trapezoids, while the one from Daliang Zong was a purple one that looked like a rectangular dish.  Ordinary objects, it is also the largest of these magic weapon parts, and it is independent and cannot be connected with other parts.

    "The parts of the magic weapon in this world should all come from the same large magic weapon. I preliminarily speculate that this magic weapon was made by the ancient power from 1,000 to 1,300 years ago.The continued spiritual tea was about to drink, when he heard Elder Zuo cue him, he quickly put down the teacup and said, "Yes, the suzerain has already asked Chen Duobao from the Duobao Company that Elder Chu contacted to come to the sect in person.  Let's go to the door, and based on the kit of the 'Five Elements Exorcism Array', we will customize a set of magic circle kits that can monitor specific attributes and aura fluctuations of specific strength within the area. At that time, we will spread these kits all over the countryeven the whole world  , at home and abroad. In this way, if there are ancient secret treasures in the world, we will be able to find out immediately. At the same time, we can also carry out targeted investigations on whether there are secret treasures in certain places"

    After setting up the charter and plan, the true kings left one after another and dispersed.

    After Zuo Chongzhe finally explained a few more words to Xue Zhenjun, he also jumped off the tower and drifted away - his driver was waiting for him thirty kilometers away.

    After Xue Zhenjun was the only one left on the pagoda, she stood up and put the remaining spiritual tea into the stone cabinet, but looking at the stone cabinet, she frowned, and added a layer of restraint with a little worry.  After playing a few talismans, I took out the "Five Elements Exorcism Array Kit" and set up a more insidious and concealed early warning array, only then did I feel safe.

    She wanted to see if anyone would dare to steal her spirit tea.

    Even if Elder Zuo came personally this time, she was sure that he could leave traces.

    Before leaving, Xue Zhenjun couldn't help but look back at the top floor of the tower.

    Today I always feel a little weird. This place is obviously familiar with every detail and there is no problem, but I just feel that something is wrong.

    Forget it, maybe it's because I played too much with that ancient secret treasure these days.

    Thinking of this, Xue Zhenjun jumped down, pierced through the mist, and glides towards the gate of the Daliang Sect.

    On the top floor of the tower that had become quiet again, a pillar suddenly became as black as ink, and a tall figure stepped out of it.

    As soon as he came out, the pitch-black pillar disappeared, and the top of the tower at that position was actually hanging in the air!  Although there are pillars in other positions to support it, it looks very scary!

    But in the next moment, the space in the horizon of reality became distorted, and a pillar appeared out of thin air, as if it was there, and it had never turned black and never disappeared.
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