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Text Chapter 286: Yunshui Tiangong (Part 1)

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    "Do you dare to tell such a lie?"

    Hearing this cold and stern voice, Xianmen, Yu Xiaobai, and Yingshuangxue all looked at each other in blank dismay, were they seen through?  Impossible, Xiao Chengfeng's ghost is still with them, these remarks are all based on his guidance.

    Although it is relatively rare for the Yaozu to have master-student inheritance, it is not without it, especially for the Yaozu at the level of the Demon King, it is normal to have a few disciples.  In addition, Xiao Chengfeng mostly walks alone, and the demon clan does not often get together like the human sect, and has open social interactions, so it is not surprising that other demon kings and big demons who have accepted disciples do not know about it.

    Where did you show off your feet?

    Of course, doubts are doubts, Xianmen, Yu Xiaobai, and Yingshuangxue are all very calm and not panicked at all.

    The person in the room is a small man with a short stature and a wretched appearance. Although he can make a certain decision on what he looks like when he is in the form of a big demon, it is not like pinching the skin in a game. You can pinch it however you want.  One's own original characteristics, one's own way of practicing exercises, will have a great influence.

    And for some monsters, the appearance and body shape that humans think are ugly, but they look very good-looking.

    So maybe for the wretched little big monster in this room, his appearance is what he is satisfied with.

    This big monster is the big monster under the seat of "Master Yunshui". Obviously, he was ordered by "Master Yunshui" to come over to test Xianmen and the others.

    It seems that "Yunshui Spiritualist" doesn't really believe in Xianmen's origin for the time being.

    "Oh? What's the name of this brother? Are you familiar with my master?" Xianmen squinted his eyes and looked at the demon with a smile on his face.

    With this face of his, he can make the kind of expression that looks like a smile on his face, but there is murderousness and ferocity in his eyes, a sword hidden in his smile, and a knife in his smile.

    Sometimes he looks in the mirror by himself at night and smiles at him, and he can scare himself, and then he can't help but sigh with emotion, brother's refining technique is really perfect, it's too powerful.

    "Lord Meng, this is the chief general under the king, the 'Red Armored Walker' Lu Wanghou, brother Lu, he is here to welcome you into the palace for an audience" Di Le introduced cautiously, obviously she was a little troublesome on both sides.  rise.

    See you?

    Hearing this word, Yu Xiaobai almost didn't laugh, he pursed his lips to suppress the smile, glanced at Yingshuangxue beside him, and found that she was still serious and didn't mean to be amused at all, so he couldn't help complaining:  The crow can call Big Brother, Lord, so I guess he is quite used to the word "visit"!  Hmph, feudal crows!

    Xianmen still maintains his character design Yao design, when he heard this, he just snorted in disdain, and still looked at Prince Lu with his nostrils.

    After he bluntly asked back, neither Prince Lu nor Di Le took any further actions or reactions, and Xianmen already knew that they did not have any definite evidence to prove that they were not disciples of the "King of the Falcon".  Some doubts, even doubts do not know where to doubt.

    In this way, he naturally became calmer and "performed" more freely.

    And although Yu Xiaobai and Ying Wuya didn't think so much, they knew how to follow Menge. Since Menge didn't let them do anything, they continued to act as left and right guardians.

    Prince Lu sneered and said: "King Falcon has always been a loner, and I have never heard that he will accept disciples, let alone your obvious practice direction is different from King Falcon"

    As soon as he finished speaking, Xianmen suddenly opened his back.

    Under the spiritual vision world, the giant beast that looked like a bull and a dragon stretched out its huge wings, filling the entire space in the house.

    At the same time, although Ying Crow and Yu Xiaobai couldn't figure out the situation, they showed their spirits following the same condition. One looked like a long-winged tiger, and the other looked like an alienated roc, both of whom were heavenly demons.  The general scene of joining the WTO.

    This time when the spirit appeared, Xianmen intentionally borrowed the magic weapon made by Xiao Chengfeng's demon body, so now that the spirit is shown, the impact on the surrounding spiritual environment can make people feel very clearly that there is a "covering"  Sky Falcon King" Xiao Chengfeng's spell style.

    As soon as the spirit appeared, Di Le immediately looked at Prince Lu gloatingly. This time, she deliberately stood behind the three of them by the door, and she was faintly prepared, so when the three spirits appeared, she could  Take your time to watch the fun.

    Sure enough, Lu Wanghou was also shocked by the sudden appearance of the spirit, and was stunned for a while, not knowing what to say and what to do, and he couldn't even release the spirit to resist.

    "You still suspect that I'm not the disciple of King Falcon?" Xianmen came in, less than five centimeters away from Prince Lu's face, and said in a cold voice.

    Originally, he was almost two heads taller than Prince Lu,sp; Ying Shuangxue pulled her sleeve a little unhappy, and whispered: "The magic weapon is the magic weapon, don't make a fuss, it's not like I haven't seen it before."

    Hearing these words in Lu Wanghou's ears, he would feel that this big monster named Chen Zhongya was hiding his ignorance, and the "magic weapon" in his mouth was the original meaning of "magic weapon". He compared the peerless magic weapon in front of him with ordinary magic weapon, so it didn't matter  He smiled gently and didn't argue with her. When they saw the Demon King later, they would naturally know that they wouldn't be stubborn under the spiritual pressure.

    But Yu Xiaobai understood the meaning of Ying Crow's words at once, and lowered his head in embarrassment:

    Yes, the magic weapon is the magic weapon, so there is nothing to make a fuss about.

    Before the big brother even created the yang world and the yin world, he really created a world, defined the rules by himself, waved the wind, waved the rain, the real power of the gods.

    They have lived in such a world. Compared with the "aquarium" and "air elevator", the difference between the "aquarium" and the "air elevator" in front of them is indeed too far, so there is nothing to make a fuss about.

    Yu Xiaobai was ashamed: I am ashamed of A Kuomen.

    After continuing to go in, after passing through an extremely wide space like a shopping mall hall, they entered a resplendent aisle.

    This aisle is really eye-catching at first glance, but after a second look, it makes people feel a bit like the decoration style of a ktv

    Under the spiritual vision, there are many demon spirits guarding the aisle, watching them from both sides.

    Yu Xiaobai glanced at these demon spirits, um, they are all quite weak, and they might not be enough to fit between the teeth if he meets a dry girl, so he can swallow them all in one gulp.

    Soon, they were taken to a hall with an area of ??more than 500 square meters. At first glance, the hall looked like a nightclub. There was even a stage in front, a dance floor below, and booths and sofas around it.

    Is this "Yunshui Spiritualist" a nightclub coffee

    Xianmen and the other three couldn't help complaining secretly in their hearts.

    ? A tall, purple-haired demon in shape stood on the stage, and said to the three of them with a smile:

    "Welcome to the 'Yunshui Tiangong', I am Ziyue, the king's most loyal manager of the main hall."

    Yu Xiaobai stared at her with wide eyes, and almost couldn't help asking: "What do you mean by the main store?"

    Prince Lu smiled bitterly and said to the idle door next to him: "Brother Meng, don't blame me. This is our king's naming habit. Strictly speaking, I am also the manager the manager of the outer palace."

    Xianmen thinks of the world created by his elder brother that can produce countless top-level spiritual materials, called "A Kuomen Vegetable Garden", and thinks of his elder brother's extremely mighty, terrifying, and powerful giant in flame armor, named "Braised King"  , patted him on the shoulder with some understanding and emotion: "I understand."

    In the space called "Main Hall", which actually looks like a dance floor hall, a burst of electronic music suddenly sounded.

    After a burst of rhythmic music, a female voice squeezed her throat: "Welcome to Yunshui Tiangong, come to my domain! Raise your hands and let me see you dancing!"

    A head stretched out from the disc playing stage on the stage. It was a girl who looked no more than seventeen or eighteen years old. Her short curly red hair looked particularly dazzling.

    The three of Xianmen had already clearly sensed the aura of the demon king hidden there just after they entered the hall, so they were not surprised.

    Yu Xiaobai subconsciously followed the voice and wanted to raise his hands, halfway up he was patted by Yingshuangxue, glared at him, realized that he shouldn't cooperate like this, lowered his head a little embarrassedly, and then thought of how Ying Crow stared  So he raised his head and stared back, but found that Ying Crow didn't look at him, so he could only look around embarrassingly.

    Seeing that the three of them were not moving, the demon king "Yunshui Spiritualist" who looked like a girl frowned slightly, as if he was a little upset.

    She threw the microphone onto the stage, and there was a bang, and countless tentacle spirits with huge suction cups appeared around.

    Well, the original shape of "Cloud Water Spiritualist" is an octopus.

    The huge spiritual pressure rose, and Lu Wanghou had already retreated to the side, bowing his head.

    The big demon Ziyue with long purple hair and slim figure also shook her head helplessly, and stepped back.

    But Xianmen is still neither humble nor overbearing, the demon cow with huge wings appeared behind it, the black flame seemed to sense the spiritual pressure, swayed and rose up, and even the whole spiritual figure swelled up a bit.
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