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Text Chapter 285: The Silly Cat and the Dead Crow

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    Walking out of the farmhouse and getting into a black Mercedes-Benz big g, the three of them couldn't hold back and couldn't help laughing.

    "Wow! Brother Men, you were so fierce just now, you really look like that kind of big monster who has done all kinds of bad things!" Yu Xiaobai, who was sitting in the back seat, said a little excitedly.

    Ying Crow next to her also sighed: "Brother Xian's acting skills are indeed very good. I feel scared when I see it. My lord really has a sense of people."

    The burly man sitting in the driver's seat and driving is naturally idle.

    When Chen Kuo and Zhu Li went to put in the "Ancient Secret Treasure Parts", Xianmen also began to return to the Yaozu as "Mengbai", and claimed to be the disciple of Xiao Chengfeng, the "King of the Falcon".

    Yu Xiaobai also followed him, under the pseudonym "Yu Xian", he was his entourage, follower, and disciple.

    The aliases of the two people are actually a combination of their real names and combined with homonyms.

    Of course, they are not what they used to be.

    Generally speaking, it is not easy to adjust the appearance of the transformation form in a short period of time, even if it is a great monster in transformation form.

    But now the appearance of Xianmen and Yu Xiaobai is very different from before, and even the body shape has changed slightly - the already tall and strong Xianmen has become stronger, and even his stomach is bulging  up.  On the other hand, Yu Xiaobai was a lot taller, so she and Ying Crow stood side by side, almost head-to-head.

    As for the appearance, the simple and honest appearance of Xianmen, the eyebrows are thinner, the corners of the eyebrows are raised, the cheekbones are also raised, and the face is elongated, suddenly becoming very sinister, even a little evil.

    Yu Xiaobai seems to have changed a little bit, but there are more freckles on his face, his eyes are bigger, his hair color has changed to maroon, and he looks even more naive

    The change in their appearance was not due to ordinary spells, but came from the "skin" that Chen Kuo customized for the two of them through yang attribute aura.

    Strictly speaking, this "skin" can be said to be a "magic weapon" only suitable for the two of them.

    The supernatural power of this "magic weapon" is to let the two of them undergo a fixed change in body shape and appearance.

    But such a change cannot be judged by traditional inspiration, that is, no matter whether it is a demon or a spiritual cultivator, or even a pure spirit body, it is impossible to feel that they have changed their appearance and shape.  general appearance.

    Hearing the compliments from the two demons, Xianmen was a little embarrassed and said: "Actually, the main reason is that the elder brother has a good skin, and with this face, it looks fierce and treacherous just by making casual expressions."

    Yu Xiaobai hurriedly shouted: "Stop, stop, Brother Men! Don't laugh, you will become silly again when you smile, and my domineering brother Men will disappear!"

    Ying Crow looked at her: "I'm quite curious, if the lord gets you the skin of a coquettish slut, will you still look as naive as you are now?"

    Yu Xiaobai turned back and stared at her: "Bah! Dead crow, you are so stupid! Your lord doesn't want you anymore, let me tell you, you see, we both have face-changing magic weapons, but you don't! You are out of favor!"

    It is true that both Yu Xiaobai and Xianmen have a magic weapon customized by Chen Kuo to change their appearance, while Ying Shuangxue is her original incarnation appearance, which has not changed at all.

    Ying Crow was indifferent to Xiaobai's words, and said indifferently: "You silly cat! The reason why the lord wants to help you with magic weapons is because many people have seen your appearance in the spiritual world, but I changed my form  After that, she never made an appearance in the spiritual world, and no one knew her at all!"

    The idle door who drove the car said with a smile: "Xiaobai, don't bother, no matter what kind of attack power, as long as you say it, it will not be able to defeat the defense of Ying Daoist."

    Yu Xiaobai didn't believe it, and continued: "Dead crow! The name you chose is too rubbish! Look at Brother Men and I, one is called Mengbai and the other is called Yuxian. They are both meaningful and immortal. How can we be like you?  It's actually called 'Chen Zhongya', it's so earthy and hard to pronounce!"

    Ying Crow still has an indifferent attitude: "The name is just a code name, and I don't care if others think it's dirty or difficult to pronounce."

    Yu Xiaobai gritted his teeth and looked at her: "Stupid crow!"

    Ying Shuangxue narrowed her eyes and smiled: "Oh, you little silly cat, why did you break your defense first? Are you getting angry from embarrassment?"

    "I I, I, I" Yu Xiaobai's eyes widened.

    The idle door who drove the car said with a smile: "Okay, Xiaobai, Fellow Daoist Ying knows that you are a tofu heart, no matter what you say, you are a good sister, so of course you won't be angry."

    Yu Xiaobai was angry: "I'm not a tofu heart, I'm super fierce!"

    As she spoke, the current "magic version" spirit appearance appeared behind her back¡ª¡ªthe spirit appearance of the three of them was also the result of Chen Kuo's help in reforming.?Big brotherhe is the big brother recognized by our seven sworn brothers and sisters, and he really gives people the feeling of a big brother. Standing in front of him, I will be very used to calling him big brother, and then Secretary Zhu uncle, alas  , I can't tell I guess after Secretary Zhu and eldest brother officially get married, it will be natural for me to call sister-in-law anytime.  "

    Yu Xiaobai chuckled: "Tell me, will the child born to the eldest brother and sister-in-law have fox ears and a fox tail Wow!"

    Before she could finish her sentence, Ying Shuangxue hit her head hard again.

    After the three of them met Di Le, they waited for two days without any news of "Master Yunshui". On the morning of the third day, they were about to go to the farmhouse to find the leopard demon again, give her some color, and let her hurry up to contact "  "Yunshui Spiritualist" also made "Yunshui Spiritualist" realize that when it was urgent, he suddenly felt a shock of spiritual energy.

    Yu Xiaobai, who was eating the cone, was stunned, and the ice cream in his hand slipped to the ground unnoticed.

    "This is what does it feel like? How strange?" Yu Xiaobai murmured, frowning at Xianmen and Yingwu.

    "The aura fluctuated, and the aura environment between the heaven and the earth has changed. It should bea real king has fallen." Xianmen said in a deep voice.

    Ying Shuangxue also nodded thoughtfully: "Well, it should be."

    Normally speaking, if a real king or a demon king falls, it is not their turn to be perceived by a big monster of their cultivation level. It is a change that can only be detected by the level of a demon king or a real king.

    However, after Chen Kuo helped them "magically change" their spiritual appearances, and with the magic weapon of the demon king and demon body on Ying Crow, they could already come into contact with that level of aura shock in advance.

    "Which True Monarch has fallen? Does it have anything to do with the eldest brother Oh, my cone!" Yu Xiaobai looked at the ice cream ball that fell to the ground with sorrow.

    Xianmen handed over his cone casually, and said, "Friend Ying, please ask in the group."

    "Huh!" Ying Shuangxue said, picked up her mobile phone and asked in voice in their group called "Akuomen Big Family":

    "It seems that a true king has fallen? Does it have anything to do with us?"

    A few seconds later, the head of a bowl made a laughing emoji with his hips akimbo.

    Ying Shuangxue raised her head and said, "Elder Ganfan said that she and elder brother did it."

    Xianmen nodded slightly: "It seems that the eldest brother has made a move ahead of time. Is he the true king of the previous sect?"

    Yu Xiaobai laughed while eating the cone: "Ganfan girl is very thick-skinned, she is probably just waving the flag and shouting, let's beat the gongs and drums!"

    "I told Elder Ganfan that you said bad things about her, you should turn around and wait to be put on little shoes!" Ying Crow said.

    Yu Xiaobai glared at her: "Despicable and shameless! Dead crow, you have no morals!"

    They were arguing here, and Chen Kuo had already replied in the group: "It's Yang Miaocheng from the last case."

    Ying Crow didn't care about Xiaobai's bickering, and quickly posted a sentence in the group: "My lord is mighty!"

    Yu Xiaobai followed suit with a call expression, and then glanced at Ying Shuangxue proudly.

    Xianmen asked: "Brother, is there anything we can do?"

    Chen Kuo: "Just keep going as planned."

    Yingwuya @zhuli and asked: "Mistress, how is the situation over there, do you need me to rush over there?"

    Zhu Li didn't reply, but Chen Kuo said: "No, you continue to help the second child, Xiao Bai, and the others to implement the plan. I'm already with Xiao Zhu now."

    "Yes!" Ying Shuangxue sent a salute expression.

    Xianmen's phone rang suddenly, and when I picked it up, it was Di Le, the leopard demon, who wanted to see them.

    After waiting for two days, there was no news. Then the aura of Zhenjun's fall came from the shock, and suddenly there was news that "Master Yunshui" wanted to see them.

    Soon a luxury business car came to pick them up from their place of residence, and then drove them into the mountain in a detour, to the edge of a reservoir, where Di Le was already waiting for them.

    After getting out of the car, Di Le came over and explained in a low voice: "Brother Meng, when I see the king later, your attitude is still a little bit. The king is not in a good mood recently, and his temper is relatively big"

    It seemed that she was more nervous than Xianmen and the others.

    The idle door wanted to set up a character. Hearing this, he just glanced at her expressionlessly and didn't say anything.

    "Yu Xian" snorted, and said, "I, Brother Meng, naturally know what to do, so you don't need to talk too much."

    Di Le couldn't say any more, and looked back at the low concrete one-story house next to the reservoir with some worry, and led them over there.

    But when they walked into the low room, they didn't see the "Yunshui Spiritualist", but another big demon.

    "You sayyou are disciples of King Falcon?" A cold voice sounded: "Do you dare to tell such a lie?"</div>However, they did not see the "Yunshui Spiritualist", but another big demon.

    "You saidyou are disciples of King Falcon?" A cold voice sounded: "Do you dare to tell such a lie?"</div&gt
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