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Text Chapter 284: Falcon King's Apprentice

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    Until several true monarchs entered the range of the "Encouraging Heart Hall", suddenly it felt like a balloon was punctured, and with a bang, a wave of spiritual energy swept out.

    This wave of spiritual energy did not cause any harm to them, but its influence and fluctuation range are extremely wide. In the blink of an eye, all the true kings in this province should be able to feel it. After a while, the existence of true kings and demon kings across the country  can be noticed.

    When the True Monarch Gaoxiu falls, there will always be obvious changes in the structure of the aura.

    Just like in a body of water, if a large sea ridge is suddenly missing, the sea water will fill up quickly, and the existence of the same level can be sensed immediately.

    This time, it saved Zuo Chongzhe and the others on the phone to call back the few Zhenjun who just left today - they will soon sense the spiritual fluctuations themselves and realize what happened.

    However, the several True Monarchs who were on the scene looked at each other in blank dismay at this moment, and they were even more shocked.

    Because judging from the aura fluctuations and what they saw, Yang Miaocheng had obviously died a long time ago, but the aura fluctuations of the true king's fall have not been reported until now.

    That "murderer" was able to delay the aura vibration of the true monarch's fall, which really subverted their cognition

    Zhenjun is looking for corpses, or traces of a person's existence, not looking for their corpse fragments, fingerprints or DNA tests from the material level, and now they can't find them at all.

    They all sense directly from the level of aura, and then determine what happened here and what the result is now.

    Because of this, Chen Kuo knew how to "tell a story" to them and how to arrange aura traces.

    "Elder Zuo this seems to be the same as the one on Mount Taihua" Nie Xiangrong came over and said with a serious expression.

    Zuo Chongzhe nodded: "The difference is that Yang Miaocheng didn't explode his body and soul this time, and there weren't many traces at the scene, and there wasn't such a strong aura fluctuation Maybe it's because of this, when he fell, the aura fluctuated."  to be suppressed."

    Nie Xiangrong nodded: "Indeed, I still felt it when Huang Ding fell in Mount Taihua, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to arrive immediately."

    Lin Baoyan next to him said quietly: "Are you really sure that when you feel the aura of heaven and earth vibrate, it is the time when Huang Ding falls?"

    Nie Xiangrong was stunned, hesitated and said: "Huang Ding is explosive If this can also suppress the delay, then it's too"

    Zuo Chongzhe sighed: "A real monarch like Yang Miaocheng, if we join forces, how long will it take to solve him?"

    "This" Nie Xiangrong frowned, "If it was last night, if all eleven of us were here, and Yang Miaocheng fought with all his strength and refused to beg for mercy, then maybethe fight lasted for ten minutes? But what if it was just  If there are six of us here, maybe it will take twenty minutes? But it is true in reality, I think even if there is only Elder Zuo here, Yang Miaocheng will immediately surrender and beg for mercy."

    Lin Baoyan couldn't help laughing and said: "Nie Zhenjun, Yang Zhenjun is also a Zhenjun after all, why do you listen to you and look down on him so much?"

    "Don't talk about that." Zuo Chongzhe frowned, with a serious expression: "Look at the scene, did Yang Miaocheng cast spells for more than ten minutes?"

    Not only Lin Baoyan and Nie Xiangrong, but several other true monarchs also gave a negative answer: "Definitely not."

    Yes, the entire building complex of the "Encouraging Heart Palace" here has been severely damaged, as if it had been demolished in half.

    However, from the traces of spiritual energy at the scene, several real monarchs could judge that Yang Miaocheng did not cast a few spells at all, and it was even a question of whether the Yin God was released or not.

    In this case, the strength of that terrifying existence is a bit scary.

    Not to mention that He can also shield the shock and fluctuation of spiritual energy, which means that if these true monarchs are left alone, they may be dealt with unknowingly like Huang Ding and Yang Miaocheng.

    Huang Ding seemed to be able to resist a little bit, but Yang Miaocheng could hardly see any traces of casting spells, which made them guess that they could have a rough judgment on the strength range of that "terrorist existence".

    However, if they knew that when Yang Miaocheng actually fell, the Yin God was swallowed up, nothing fell at all, and the traces of the Yin God's disintegration that belonged to him at the scene were all imitated by Chen Kuo.  He Ganxiang, I am afraid that this "rough judgment" will be overturned in an instant.

    And Chen Kuo not only simulated the aura traces of Yang Miaocheng's yin and god disintegration, almost all the aura traces that they could perceive with inspiration and related to yesterday's battle were all arranged and designed by Chen Kuo.

    These traces told them about a sudden attack on the "Encouragement Palace".sp; Her name is Di Le, and her nickname is "Xiaoyao Jun". She is the big demon in the monster clan that Zhu Li, Xianmen, and Xiao Chengfeng belonged to before.

    As for the man with big arms and round waist, he came to the door suddenly today, saying that he came here to deliver the order under the order of "Sky Falcon King" Xiao Chengfeng.

    "You don't believe it?" The burly man squinted at her, his eyes full of violence and viciousness.

    Di Le said with a smile: "I don't believe it, but King Falcon has always been a loner, everyone knows it. I haven't heard that he has any disciples. You say you are a disciple, and we haven't seen you before. How?  Dare you believe it? According to the rules, you didn¡¯t go through a middleman to deliver the letter first, and you came directly to the door, so I should do it directly"

    As she said this, her right hand suddenly turned into a sharp claw and stretched out in front of the man's face.

    The sharp claws hovered in front of the man, and it seemed that it would pierce his eyeballs if he got closer, but the man didn't move at all, he didn't even blink, looking indifferent and calm.

    "Hee hee, did you startle me? Well, I do believe that you are a disciple of King Falcon. You have the guts"

    She smiled with winking eyes, and then a thigh dressed in black silk protruded from the slit of the cheongsam, hooking the man.

    But as soon as her feet stretched out halfway, she felt her hair being grabbed, and then a strong force came, and her whole body was thrown away by her hair.

    With a scream, Di Le rolled around on the ground and flipped up quickly, with leopard prints on his face, fangs protruding, and fierce eyes.

    But when she saw the man behind the spirit vision under the spirit vision world, she froze for a moment.

    Because the ghosts of demons are basically born before the transformation, most of the ghosts of demons are their original forms, at most there are some changes, such as more horns, scales or bigger heads.

    But at this time, the spirit form behind the falcon king's disciple who claimed to be Mengbai, the big monster in shape, was a nearly three-meter-tall man with a human body and an animal head, two black giant wings, and black flames all over his body.  horror look.

    The head of the beast is very scary. It looks a bit like a dragon's head and a bull's head. Its eyes are as big as copper bells. Its nose is full of black demon fire, with an evil, powerful and ferocious aura.

    This what is this!

    Although Di Le couldn't tell what kind of spirit it was, he could really feel the powerful spiritual pressure.

    "Your Majesty, calm down! Your Majesty, spare your life! The little monster doesn't know the real identity of your Majesty, so you have offended me so much, so I hope"

    She lay prostrate on the ground, before she could finish her sentence, a big foot had already stepped on her head, and she said in a cold voice:

    "Get all the monster races you know and can mobilize. I have a mission to dispatch."

    "Yes! The little demon obeys! The little demon is going to gather the manpower now!"

    "In addition, help me contact the 'Yunshui Spiritualist' to find out where she is. I will go to see him, or he will come to see me. If there is something important to discuss."

    "This this the little demon has never heard of the title of 'Master of Clouds and Waters'" Di Le said tremblingly on the ground.

    The white-covered big feet suddenly exerted force, and the leopard demon let out a scream, blood began to spurt from the corners of its eyes and nostrils, and the marble on the ground made a sharp sound of being rubbed against hard objects.

    "Why do you think I asked you about the 'Yunshui Spiritualist'?" Meng Bai sneered.

    "The little demon understands! The little demon will contact the 'Yunshui Spiritualist' in a while, but Lord Yunshui seldom cares about worldly affairs on weekdays, and the little demon can't guarantee that she will definitely reply"

    "It's okay, just tell her: the world will be in chaos, the last sect will perish. The magic weapon of immortality will come out, if you want to become a fairy, just look at the present." Meng Bai said with a straight face.

    "Yes the little demon will definitely convey it."

    When she raised her head again, Mengbai had already left the room.

    She looked back at the door, and saw Mengbai's tall back walking towards the door of the farmhouse, followed him, and the two big monsters who were guarding the door of the villa followed closely behind.

    As if sensing her gaze, the two big monsters looked back at her at the same time.

    The eyes of the two demons were cold and murderous, and their spirits appeared behind them instantly.

    One is the aura of a fierce tiger with black flames all over its body and a pair of giant wings;

    One is the ghost image of an unknown bird of prey with two pairs of wings, a huge beak about the size of its head, and red smoke lingering around it.

    They are all demon gods.

    Diller shivered.

    What kind of apprentices did Falcon King accept</div&gt
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