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Text Chapter 283: Beginning to Tell the "Story"

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    When Chen Kuo went to the study to meet Yang Miaocheng, he had already arranged the sealing barrier of the "Encouraging Heart Palace" complex.

    Not only did he enter the "Encouragement Hall" openly and openly, but he even made arrangements in various places in the building complex without concealment and openness.

    Even most of the spiritual materials used in the layout were directly taken from the warehouse.

    Some are inconvenient to move and the quantity is large, so he directly set the warehouse as one of the nodes, and automatically refined all the spiritual materials.

    So from the moment he went to the study, this world has begun to change.

    Under his arrangement, various yang auras quickly transformed the surrounding environment, but he integrated the effects of various changes with the study so that Yang Miaocheng would not notice it in advance.

    As for the other disciples of the previous sect, by the time they could notice it, the world had already changed and the barrier had been completed.

    At the same time, Chen Kuo also took advantage of the study room, which he created to create an environment where the spiritual energy is isolated and the yin and yang are changing, to further infiltrate Yang Miaocheng's yin spirit, guide his thoughts bit by bit, and give weak hints.  , asking his own question, leaving him with little choice to blurt it out.

    It's a pity that Yang Miaocheng really didn't know where Zhenjun Mingjia was.

    Normally speaking, it is indeed impossible for a true monarch who has already condensed the Yin God to be bewitched or hypnotized by traditional methods.

    However, Chen Kuo's method directly operates on the Yin spirit in his body, and it has already begun to infiltrate him before he manifests the Yin spirit, so it is naturally invisible.

    And when Chen Kuo had a showdown, Yang Miaocheng realized the danger, and after revealing the Yin God, his Yin God was unknowingly dealt with by Chen Kuo through this enchantment.

    When he rushed to the front and his body was crushed by Chen Kuo's manifested "overlord body" giant hand, his yin spirit had been dealt with to the point where the dry rice girl could just bite.

    Everything is within the scope of Chen Kuo's calculation and deduction.

    The current Ganfan girl's "strength" has also risen with Chen Kuo to a certain extent, not to mention other things, but the instinctive talent of swallowing the soul has already been tapped to the peak.

    Basically, no matter how strong evil spirits, evil spirits, or demon spirits are, or the yin gods of Zhenjun Gaoxiu and demon kings, as long as they are pure spirits, there is no "unit" that she needs two bites to solve.

    If Xiao Chengfeng, the "King of the Sky Falcon", came to trouble Xiaozhu now, after Chen Kuo brought him into his yin world, Xiao Chengfeng's yin spirit body would probably be swallowed by Ganfan Niu directly.  It will not be possible to hide in the magic weapon like now, and have the opportunity to surrender and serve.

    Zhu Li laughed and said that there is "One Punch Superman" in other comics, and all enemies can be dealt with with one punch, but we have "One Bite Super Spirit", and any spirit body will be bored with one mouthful.

    Originally, Chen Kuo's plan was to let the other sects deal with the previous case first, to find out the situation of the previous case for him, and to find Mingjia Zhenjun.

    However, Zuo Chongzhe and the others worked too hard, so Chen Kuo simply ended up by himself.

    Of course, more importantly, thinking about the experience of Xiao Zhu's family back then, he couldn't help it.

    According to Xiao Zhu, everyone in the "Encouragement Palace" deserves to die.

    Needless to say, Yang Miaocheng, as the true emperor Gaoxiu of the last sect, he, like Huang Ding, is the biggest beneficiary and main messenger, and it will be cheap for him once he dies.

    As for other people, regardless of whether they have done related "soul transfer" work before, or whether they have actually taken human life on their hands, their presence here proves that they must know what the last secret method is, and they must have  I am ready to become an executioner and do those "dirty things" that "quasi-true monarchs" don't want to do.

    None of these people are innocent.

    Since they are all sect disciples and spiritual practitioners, Chen Kuo naturally has the right to "judge" them.

    Those ghost-like physical figures are not Chen Kuo using the yin spirits of ordinary people who died in the "Encouraging Heart Palace" to endow them with yang bodies to avenge. Those who died tragically were forced to fuse with the demon body  The Yin spirits in the body have long been used as the "material" for those high-level cultivators of real people to condense the Yin God, and they have been completely refined, and there is no trace left at all.

    But just now, when Chen Kuo was using the yin-yang method he controlled to transform this area and build his closed barrier, he unexpectedly discovered that it might be because of how powerful the protection array is in this area, and because of the particularity of the secret method,  The aura related to Yin Ling has a special curing effect, so there are many traces of aura that are very clear even after decades.

    These traces of aura are almost invisible to ordinary spiritual practitioners, even real people and true emperors, and it is difficult to see them.

    Even if?Not in the 'Encouraging Heart Palace', could it be that I am playing tricks on mysteries?  "

    Zhao Qian said: "Lin Zhenjun, isn't your Yan Qizong the best at divination and divination, why don't you do the math to see if you can find Ming Jia's whereabouts?"

    "If a real monarch wants to hide, he can't easily 'calculate' it. Besides, don't forget, the last sect is also good at 'calculating'. Ming Jia is even famous for being able to calculate. He must have  The method of evasion. And if you want to say 'calculation', there is also Zhenjun Nie and his Hongyan sect, who can also calculate, their 'mysterious number' is one of the top ten calculation scriptures." Lin Baoyan said.

    Although she also wanted to find Zhenjun Mingjia, based on her knowledge, the only way that the Long Qizong could possibly find Mingjia's spell was the "Seven Devouring Mysterious Technique of Tracking", and what happened to Huang Ding came first.  She was almost sure that if she used the "Seven Devouring Trace Mystery Technique" to track Ming Jia, she would almost certainly become the biggest cannon fodder, and once she started tracking, other True Monarchs would not allow her to stop unless someone was found.  of.

    "Why don't Zhenjun Nie come?" Zhao Qian looked at Nie Xiangrong.

    The latter said with a wry smile: "'Mysterious Numbers' is not easy to learn, and the price of using 'Mysterious Numbers' is not small"

    "If you want to see the secrets, there is no price." Xue Zhenjun said with a curled lip.

    "Okay, what Lin Zhenjun said is correct. From what I know about Ming Jia, since he wants to hide, he cannot be found by ordinary mystical techniques or secret techniques. It is difficult to find him, but it is not easy to force him to come out by himself."  No way." Zuo Chongzhe said.

    All the true monarchs discussed for one night, and on the second day, after setting the basic regulations, they began to leave one after another. Only Zuo Chongzhe, Xue Zhenjun, Lin Baoyan, and Nie Xiangrong were left in Yaogu Town to guide the various sects  The disciples who came, go to the "Encouraging Heart Palace" to hand over, and at the same time, take advantage of this opportunity to attack Yang Miaocheng again.

    Now the suzerain of the previous sect is Daoist Liu Fei, who is still a bit older than Yang Miaocheng in terms of cultivation base and qualifications.

    If Huang Ding is still there now, then Yang Miaocheng is naturally honest and honest, but now he is the only true monarch who is still in the sect

    Zuo Chongzhe is very aware of Yang Miaocheng's personality. He is a man of great ambition and talent, but also has a good face.  The number one person, even if no one does anything, after a long time, he will definitely conflict with the real person Liu Fei.

    And if someone pushes now, then this conflict will definitely come earlier.

    When the time comes, give real Liu Fei some material to make him a sect traitor, a despised degenerate, and the previous case will naturally fall into chaos.

    Ming Jia may be able to endure the temporary decline in status, the encroachment of resources, and even the loss of disciples and a large reduction in staff in the last case, but he must not tolerate the stigmatization of the last case and become a complete laughing stock in the spiritual world.

    In that case, the previous case would never be turned around.

    But what they didn't expect was that when they came to the location of the "Encouraging Heart Hall" again after one night, they saw ruins.

    There is no need for anyone to order, Zuo Chongzhe and the other six true monarchs are all facing the enemy, pulling their inspiration to the highest level almost at the same time, and even sacrificed their own magic weapons and magic weapons.

    Then they discovered that this place was already a dead area, and Yang Miaocheng and the dozen or so disciples from the previous sect could be said to have disappeared, or they could be said to be "present" everywhere.

    They could clearly feel that the bodies of Yang Miaocheng and others had completely disintegrated and dissipated in all directions, just like what happened to Huang Ding in the valley of Mount Taihua back then.  (
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