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Text Chapter 234: Akuo¡¯s True Monarch Hunting Plan (Part 1)

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    After living in Xianyue City for two months, Fu Chong and Wei Zhi's master and apprentice finally returned to the Qizong.

    The previous power struggle within the Vast Qizong has been drawn to a close in stages.

    ?The party to which Yang Ningpu belongs has gained a huge advantage, while the party that advocates rebuilding the Yunqi Society has lost a lot. Normally speaking, there is no hope of turning the tables.

    Chen Kuo also knew from Wei Zhina, who had returned to the sect, that the plan to rebuild the Yunqi Society could not be carried out, it was completely ruined, and it was actually related to the last order with Duobao Company.

    Originally, one of the main reasons used by the disciple who came back from the MBA to persuade the suzerain master and the elders of the vast Qi sect was that those of the five major sects, such as the last one, could rely on their "righteous culture"  To meet the needs of various equipment in the sect, there is no need to purchase from small workshops of small sects such as Duobao Company, and the spells and magic circles of the sect will not be leaked. After they are made, they can be supplied to other sects in turn  Some standardized props show the strength of the sect and provide extra income for the sect.

    Therefore, the biggest slogan of Yunqi Society is to become the "righteous culture" of the Qizong.  As one of the five major sects, it is impossible for the company they run to become the "Duobao Company" of the vast Qi sect.

    But what I didn't expect was that the "Five Elements Kit" of Duobao Company had already been ordered by sects such as Hongyanmen, Bailanggu, and Fayanzong. After a "Question and Answer Meeting" in Xianyue City, there were more  Dozens of sects ordered.

    Even among the five major sects, except for the Maoqi Sect, the other sects have ordered the "Five Elements Kit" with Duobao Company.

    The most unacceptable thing to Long Qizong is that the last company that had "Zhengxin Culture", which claims to be the strongest spiritual practice product company in the spiritual practice world, even ordered the "Five Elements Kit" from Duobao Company.  What is Zong insisting on?

    Of course, although there are factional struggles within the Maoqi Sect and different attitudes towards the reconstruction plan of the Yunqi Society, the suzerain, elders and other high-level officials are not so short-sighted.

    However, the operation of the last case also made the suzerain and other high-level officials of the Expanse Qizong feel curious and concerned about the development progress of Yunqi Society's own magic circle kit, so they began to ask for specific details and to what extent.

    As a result, during the inquiry, it was found that the few people in charge of this project from Yunqi Club were all hesitant and unable to give a clue.

    The suzerains and elders of the Long Qi Sect are not only old men who have lived longer than ordinary people, and are used to all kinds of intrigues, but they are also spiritual practitioners with extremely high cultivation bases. Real people's cultivation bases are just the beginning, so unless they  Open your eyes and close your eyes on purpose, otherwise it would be almost impossible for the people below to fool them face to face.

    Originally, this plan to rebuild the Yunqi Society also has the support of high-level elders, everyone may save some face, see through it without saying it, and continue to wait for them to come up with a result.

    But even the last case has started to purchase the "five elements kit" of Duobao Company. They said that the finished product that has been out for several months has not been seen yet, and they can't even tell the progress, which is unreasonable.

    So they were continued to question, and after a few times these people couldn't bear the coercion, and they all confided the truth.

    It turned out that their group, under the leadership of the disciple who originally proposed to rebuild the Yunqi Society, stayed in Bangang City for several months.  A lot of cooperation was negotiated, a lot of "key information" was obtained, and some people even got the so-called formula and some molds.

    But when I really started to accumulate complete products seriously, and when I was about to arrange production, I found that this was a bit close, and that was a bit close.

    It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, thinking that all the pieces of the puzzle are in this box, but when I start to put together, I find that there are few of them, and I can't even carry out the first step.

    Even the jigsaw puzzle that has been put in the box is not sure whether it is the one they are going to put together, whether the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are real, or whether it is just a random piece of garbage cardboard.

    At the beginning, I talked to the higher-ups, and now the disciple who is in charge of "rebuilding the Yunqi Club" wanted to struggle again, so he shouted directly at the suzerain:

    "I have bought a complete set of production drawings and material formulas for the Five Elements Kit from Duobao Company. I have bought their spiritual material manager. As long as we need it, they can resell the complete set of spiritual materials to us at any time! The representative of Duobao Company  I have also negotiated with the factory, and it will be directly OEM for us, and the whole production line can serve us! As long as the materials are in place, we can start working immediately, and the finished product will be produced next month!"

    As soon as these words came out, not only the suzerain, but even those elders and high-level officials who supported the reconstruction of Yunqi Society immediately frowned.

    Althoughbsp; On the other side, naturally, they gained an absolute advantage in the internal struggle without fighting.

    It was the internal meeting of the Long Qizong. Weizhi and Fuchong were still far away in Xianyue during the meeting, but Luo An, the disciple in charge of purchasing, was there and witnessed the whole process.

    Luo An and Yang Ningpu are friends, so he told Yang Ningpu the whole process.

    And Yang Ningpu "coincidentally" was also in the sect after Weizhi's master and apprentice returned to the sect, so he told them the whole process vividly, and even learned the dialogue vividly, so that Weizhi, who loves to listen to stories and gossip, followed along  Did not move the ground for two hours.

    After listening to it, Weizhi asked specifically whether these should be kept secret, and if he could tell Senior Chen Kuo.

    Yang Ningpu's words are: "In principle, it must be kept secret, but some friends are still trustworthy"

    Then Weizhi told Chen Kuo all these over the phone, and talked cheerfully for more than an hour, learning Yang Ningpu's tone by 70% to 80%.

    As soon as Chen Kuo heard it, he knew that Lao Yang had relayed those words to him on purpose through Wei Zhi.

    If Xiao Weizhi didn't ask that sentence, he probably would have implicitly hinted that Weizhi could tell Chen Kuo.

    This time, it can basically be said that Yang Ningpu¡¯s faction won a staged victory in the Qizong. He is telling Chen Kuo that their cooperation can start again soon, and at the same time telling Chen Kuo that it was indeed not him who broke the contract before.  pot.

    Chen Kuo didn't expect that Huang Ding's order with obvious ulterior motives hadn't had a real impact on him, but instead directly wiped out the "Yunqi Society" that was being rebuilt.

    Half a month later, Luo An, a procurement disciple of the Long Qizong, contacted Chen Kuo again, hoping to purchase 100 sets of "Five Elements Exorcism Formation Portable and Easy-to-install Kit".

    So far, Hongyan Sect, Shangyi Sect, White Wolf Valley, Daliang Sect, and Mao Qi Sect, the "five major sects" representing the top spiritual cultivation forces in China, have all become customers of Duobao Company.

    Although the Jingshan sect does not have a real monarch yet, and it is still far from the top sect, Duobao Company has faintly surpassed the culture of righteousness, and has become the number one spiritual supplies company in the spiritual practice world.

    Driven by the hot-selling product "Five Elements Exorcism Array Portable and Easy-to-install Kit", other products of Duobao Company are also selling well, and there are many new blockbuster products, which are jointly customized with multiple sects  Exclusive products are also under development.

    When everyone thought that Chen Kuo was busy with the development and expansion of Duobao Company, he and the little secretary devoted most of their energy to a plan that no one would believe even if they said it.

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