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Text Chapter 57 Very Reasonable

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    Chen Kuo took the spirit puppets, but Wang Weisun and Shen Sigu still kept them, and let them continue to play music, and replaced them with "Kyushu Tong".

    Accompanied by bgm, only this fledgling Xiaoqixiu can be more courageous and confident.

    Of course, Chen Kuo didn't really completely let go and hand it over to Weizhi. He still held the boning knife in one hand and stood behind Xiaoqixiu, looking like a puppet spirit of Xiaoqixiu.

    Although there were some problems in this scene of exorcism, Wei Zhi was in a hurry, but under Chen Kuo's guidance, it was finally resolved without any risk.

    Moreover, it was the only way to solve it by himself, which only cost a few more magic symbols. Chen Kuo watched the battle with a boning knife in his hand, and did not make a move.

    Of course, what they didn't know was that when they were concentrating on eliminating spirits, a boy who got up to pee in the middle of the night in the boys' dormitory not far from the small forest to the west of the school happened to see two people by the forest through the window.  , and immediately called up everyone in the dormitory.

    A group of people gathered around the window, looking at the moonlight, a very tall man with bare arms and tattoos all over his back, holding a black knife, standing next to a small man in a long robe, talking from time to time  What.

    This picture, no matter how you look at it, is not normal!

    "What's the situation? Want to kill someone?"

    "These two don't look like normal people, do they?"

    "Why is that little man dancing, what is he shouting?"

    "Shall we call the police?"

    "Notify the security first. It may be too late to call the police. That guy has a knife. When the police car arrives, he will probably take hostages first."

    "Let's go!"

    "That guy has a knife, what shall we use?"

    "Fuck, there are so many of us, what are we afraid of? He has three heads and six arms?"

    "Take a picture with your phone and leave evidence!"

    "I'm going to wake up the dormitory next door, and kill everyone in the whole dormitory"

    "Wait a minute, I'll go to my live broadcast number."

    However, when more than a dozen boys rushed downstairs with chairs, mops, and brooms to arrest them, they were stopped by the dormitory guards and security guards who had already been ordered.  He rushed back to the dormitory again, and strictly ordered not to spread the news tonight.

    The boys returned to the dormitory in a daze, but no one took the "strict order" not to spread it seriously. Immediately, someone posted the video to the Wechat group of the hometown association, so in the middle of the night, the Wechat group  There was a lively discussion.

    Zhang Xiaofei and others who were waiting downstairs in the girls' dormitory also saw the news in the WeChat group, and found that when a boy asked whether the guy with the knife behind the little man in the robe was a ghost, they couldn't bear it.  Live and start to distinguish in the group.

    "He is here to help us solve the supernatural incident in the dormitory!"

    "Those two are Taoist priests, they are both very powerful!"

    "Be careful what you say, they were invited by Teacher Gao!"

    After Chen Kuo dealt with the evil spirits in the forest, he actually noticed the change in the boys' dormitory, but he didn't take it too seriously. This kind of thing will inevitably happen when the spirit is eliminated, and he will report it to the sect later.  After a while, someone will naturally handle it.

    When he and Weizhi finished dealing with the "evil spirits" in the campus, it was already past three o'clock in the morning.

    Chen Kuo first approached Gao Zhe, explained to him some follow-up matters such as fishing for tires in the lake, and then asked about the construction of the pavilion in the middle of the lake.

    "It was donated by an alumnus, and it was built about a month ago. Is there a problem with this pavilion?" Gao Zhe and Chen Kuo asked standing by the lake.

    Chen Kuo said: "Has this alumnus ever said why such a pavilion was built?"

    "That's not at all." Gao Zhe shook his head and said.

    "Tomorrow, after the tires below are fished out, let's dismantle this pavilion together. If you think it doesn't look good, just rebuild it."

    Chen Kuo led Gao Zhe to the middle of the lake pavilion through the erected stone bridge, pointed a flashlight at the top of the pavilion and said, "Did you see those logs? They were made from coffins."

    Gao Zhe was taken aback when he heard it. It was early morning, before dawn, and the cold wind was blowing on the lake. Chen Kuo's words made him feel a chill in his heart, his scalp was a little numb, and he subconsciously exited the pavilion.

    I don't know if it was an illusion, but even after exiting the pavilion, he still vaguely felt some stench coming from above.

    "So the problem of the girls' dormitory is also his fault? What is he doing?" Gao Zhe was a little angry.

    Chen Kuo shook his head: "It's somewhat related, but not very direct.system.  And according to some of the situations I found before, there is a high probability that your alumnus was used by someone, and he may not know the truth, so take me to meet him later.  "

    There are not many places to deal with in the school. Chen Kuo directly took Gao Zhe to mark them all. After five o'clock in the morning, the east side was full of white belly, and it was considered that everything was explained.

    Gao Zhe couldn't leave for the time being, and many things to be dealt with here could not be arranged until the leader came to report, so he directly gave the car keys to Chen Kuo, and asked Chen Kuo to drive his car back first.

    So Chen Kuo took his "guy thing" and left the school with Fuchong and Weizhi, the master and apprentice who had been waiting for him.

    In the car, Chen Kuo told Fu Chong again about his investigation of that "Mr. Zhai", as well as his observation and deduction from the place where the serious traffic accident occurred to the school last night.

    Because their master and apprentice have also been to the Ye family's house, they can immediately understand the Feng Shui level of Chen Kuo's "Mr. Zhai".

    "Raising a 'house spirit', a 'demon', and an 'evil spirit', what exactly does this person want to do?" Fu Chong frowned, unable to figure it out.

    "This needs to be investigated further, but the picture is definitely not small." Chen Kuo paused, and added: "If that person deliberately created and raised those 'evil spirits' in order to create a campus gathering spirit formation,  caused that huge car accident, then we have to catch him no matter what it takes."

    Fuchong and Weizhi in the back seat nodded silently.

    Chen Kuo did not directly take the two of them back to the hotel, but first went to a famous duck noodle restaurant nearby for breakfast.

    The three of them were busy all night last night, and they were really hungry.

    Although the location of this duck noodle shop is relatively remote, and the storefront is a bit old, the food is really good, fresh, rich in ingredients, and delicious.

    They came early and didn't have to crowd with others. Each of them brought a large bowl of duck noodle noodles, and added various ingredients such as eggs and tofu skin. Hululu had a great meal.

    Especially Chen Kuo, who still uses his large white porcelain bowl, eats three servings of others, and it tastes very delicious when he eats it.

    While the only one was eating, he couldn't help but glance at the big fat girl with a spiritual body diagonally opposite.

    Under the spiritual vision, this fat girl is also eating noodles, and her movements are basically at the same frequency as Chen Kuo.

    It was the first time he had seen such a "demon spirit", and it was really miraculous.

    Thinking of the scene of the giant spirit descending from the earth last night, Weizhi was curious, but at the same time had a trace of awe and admiration.

    The cooking girl got Chen Kuo's order in advance, so she just buried her head in making noodles and didn't pay attention to Weizhi's gaze. She was also very hungry

    Even though the portion was more than the combined amount of the two masters and apprentices, Chen Kuo was still the first to finish it, not even a drop of soup left.

    He wiped his mouth, and while cleaning the bowl routinely, he said casually: "Last night, you should have noticed that my cultivation method and spell casting method are quite special. I also know the general regulations of the sect.  It is not allowed to take in all kinds of ghosts without authorization, but my method is different from ordinary cultivators"

    At this time, he no longer used the word "this seat", nor did he speak in a condescending and powerful manner, but communicated in a more heart-to-heart tone.

    But before he could finish his sentence, Weizhi's eyes lit up, and he said with admiration: "Senior, you are the legendary 'spiritual descending technique', right? Are you using spirit bodies collected from the world to carry the invitations?"  The gods in the sky? I used to think that this kind of magic at the level of immortality could only be used if you have at least the level of Qi cultivation at the level of a true king"

    Chen Kuo was stunned, this explanation seems to be morereasonable than what he thought?  </div&gt
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