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Text Chapter 71 Something is wrong in Xianyue City

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    "She may have discovered something too."

    As Chen Kuo said, he put an object that looked like a grass plant from his pocket on the table.

    "This is?" Weizhi picked up the "little grass" with some surprise.

    "I found a very special gadget at Ye's house. It is somewhat similar to the 'wooden nail' you found in the suburbs, but not exactly the same." Chen Kuo said.

    The upper end of the "little grass" is artificial leaves and stems, and the lower end is a few very thin copper wires, which are connected to a small button battery and a small chip, "encapsulated" with green insulating tape  , wrapped around a thin iron wire, which is inserted into the soil and mixed into the real grass.

    Chen Kuo asked Weizhi to tear off the tape to look at the structure inside, and said: "Did you see those copper wires? They are copper wires that have been anodized, but the yin aura contained in them is very weak, so they are hidden in the grass.  When it is integrated with the environment, it is difficult for even a highly inspired person to perceive it. Its aura response is much smaller than the 'wooden peg' you found in the suburbs, almost nothing."

    Weizhi and Fuchong's master and apprentice got together and stared at it for a while. The structure of the "grass" was actually very simple, but they just couldn't understand what it was for.

    Chen Kuo also saw their doubts and explained: "If my guess is correct, this thing is actually the same as the 'wooden nail' you found in the suburbs, it is embedded in the surrounding aura environment and monitors the aura in real time.  Changes, just more insidious, and the way of conveying information has changed."

    Fu Chong asked in amazement: "This little thing can convert changes in aura into electrical signals?"

    Chen Kuo smiled and said: "That's not true, it just sends out a fixed signal all the time, and the sending distance is also very short. The structure of this front-end is too simple, I have to see the objects received by its back-end to know what it is  The principle. I guess it has some kind of magic weapon, which can judge the changes of the surrounding aura according to the signal situation."

    Converting changes in aura into electrical signals, digital processing, and then using computers to perform various interpretations and calculations is something that several top sects and sect-related companies have been investing resources and energy in research and development.

    After all, program spells, magic weapons, magic tools, and spirits, use big data to analyze where "evil spirits" and "evil spirits" may be born, and use AI to calculate the most suitable combination of magic tools and spirit spells to deal with different monsters and spirits.  Think about it with emotion.

    It has been proven that Reiki can directly affect and even control electronic devices.

    "Evil spirits" create fear and affect people's emotions by affecting people's mobile phone signals, the screen displays of various electronic devices, and the brightness and brightness of lighting equipment. It is already a basic practice to find opportunities for possession.

    However, this kind of influence is limited to pure spiritual bodies, whether it is "demon spirits", "evil spirits" or "evil spirits", only pure spiritual bodies can do it.

    As for human spiritual cultivation, whether it is art cultivation or qi cultivation, or even the legendary top cultivator at the level of a true king, no matter how exquisitely he controls aura and how powerful and powerful spells he can use, he cannot be like a pure spirit body.  Manipulate and influence electronic equipment.

    As for the research on the digitalization of Reiki, there have always been many problems that cannot be overcome, and the progress has been slow.

    Naturally, this little "camouflage grass" did not solve this problem, but just used a tricky way that could probably be guessed.

    But this can already explain some problems. That "Master Xiaobai" is obviously not an ordinary "wild cultivator". He should have a very systematic understanding and study of the knowledge of spiritual practice and spiritual energy, and he has a good family background-  Nice magic weapon.

    "From this grass, it can be seen that she is capable of discovering the feng shui problems in Yejiayuan's house. Maybe she, like us, is investigating 'Mr. Zhai'." Chen Kuo expressed his judgment in a deep voice.

    "Then why did she run away when she saw us yesterday?" Weizhi scratched her head in puzzlement.

    Chen Kuo said: "She may have regarded you as accomplices of 'Mr. Zhai' at that time, judging from the phone call she had with Ye Shujie, she seemed to be investigating me during this time, probably something made her think that I and Ye Shujie  'Mr. Zhai' is also involved."

    "Then shall we continue to look for her?" Fu Chong asked.

    "Look, she might have information we don't know, we can compare the two." Chen Kuo said.

    Weizhi was gearing up and said excitedly, "Then I will proceed to the second step of the 'Seven Devouring Trace Mystery Technique'?"

    Chen Kuo said with a smile: "Since we know that Ye Shujie invited the person, let's start with her first"

    Just as he was talking, Chen Kuo's cell phone rang suddenly. He picked it up and looked at it. It turned out to be an unfamiliar number, and it was a landline.?

    After picking it up, Chen Kuo was surprised by the identity of the person on the other side. He was actually a member of the "Jingshan Sect" sect. The caller was on a mission for him¡ªsomeone in Xianyue City asked for help through the "Jingshan Sect" channel.  Need help dealing with "Evil Spirits".

    After Chen Kuo asked about the situation and recorded the information of the help-seeker, he took over the task.

    However, he was still a little surprised that the Zongmen sent out tasks directly - in Xianyue City for so many years, the number of cases where the Zongmen sent out tasks directly can be counted on one hand.

    Moreover, those who contacted him to send missions before were all acquainted uncles and uncles, which is different from the official mission dispatching department of this sect this time.

    Because generally speaking, those who have channels to seek help from the sect usually also have the contact information of the local spiritual practice.

    Suddenly there was such a thing, Chen Kuo took over the task, so the matter of finding that "Master Xiaobai" naturally had to be slowed down first.

    After hearing that Chen Kuo wanted to get rid of the spirit first, Weizhi immediately offered to help.

    Of course, what he said was to "learn", to learn from experience.

    In his eyes, Chen Kuo seemed to be a superstar in the world of spiritual cultivation. In the past two days, when he recalled the "exorcism" that night at Xianyue Vocational and Technical College, he still had a soul-stirring feeling.

    Chen Kuo thought about it for a while, but he didn't refuse. Weizhi's "Hunyuan Zhengfa Sword" is quite interesting, and he also wants to study it again to see if he can "copycat" it later.

    But what I didn't expect was that after the three of them ate several baskets of soup dumplings, several baskets of chicken feet, several baskets of siu mai, and one pineapple oil each, they were just about to pay the bill and leave when Fu Chong also received a call from Yang Ningpu.

    There is actually a mission of "eliminating spirits" from the sect!

    You must know that Yang Ningpu himself is also "eliminating spirits" today!

    The three of them looked at each other, not only Chen Kuo and Fu Chong, but also the youngest Wei Zhi, who also had a dignified expression - he also realized that something was wrong in Xianyue City

    An old residential area on Binhai Road, Xianyue City.

    In one of the suites on the top floor of a six-story staircase house.

    Bai Ying is sitting on the sofa in the living room, with a laptop on her lap, a bottle of Red Bull in her left hand, and a mobile phone in her right hand, frowning in thought.

    It has only been a few days since she arrived in Xianyue City, and now she looks much more haggard than when she first arrived, with heavy dark circles, bloodshot eyes, and no blood on her lips.

    Over the past three or four days, she has slept less than five hours in total, and basically stayed in the wild. After renting this house, she only came back to take a shower twice and sleep once.

    For the rest of the time, she followed the clues she found, all the time, day and night, feeling that her body was reaching its limit.

    But Bai Ying believes that all this is worth it.  </div&gt
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