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Text Chapter 70 Monitoring

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    During the meal, Chen Kuo contacted Ye Shujie and asked about the situation of her house. After learning that they were planning to move back, he proposed to visit again.

    Ye Shujie naturally welcomed this very much, so Chen Kuo took a taxi to Taihua Road after eating.

    Several housekeepers were cleaning and tidying up the house. Ye Shujie also just rushed over from the company, showed Chen Kuo around, and then asked if the "Wu Ling" was "clean".

    "Don't worry, the previous 'House Spirit' that may have brought negative effects has been cleared away. It is natural and necessary for you to have spirit energy in your house now. It is like the dirty air in the house.  After it is dried, it will naturally be replaced by fresh air." Chen Kuo explained patiently while observing around the yard.

    Although Chen Kuo spoke very positively and explained clearly, Ye Shujie was still a little uncertain.

    In fact, both Chen Kuo and Yang Ningpu have already told her similar things, but after experiencing all kinds of supernatural events before, she is really a bit "supernatural ptsd".

    So she asked again: "That Daoist Chen, I heard from my third aunt that you are selling tools for 'eliminating spirits'. I don't know if there are any tools suitable for ordinary people like us that can temporarily deal with this situation.  "

    Chen Kuo said with a smile: "If there is a 'spirit' that ordinary people can deal with with just a tool, it will basically not cause any major threat. You only need to have enough time to consult a 'professional' after you realize something is wrong. If it is  That dangerous 'spirit' is not easy for 'professionals' to deal with, so how could it be possible for you to deal with it casually with a tool?"

    "Then how aboutis there any tool that can detect this kind of thing? The price is good, and it's okay if it's a little expensive." Ye Shujie still didn't give up.

    "Well, I'll send you a few boxes of 'Qingshenxiang' later." Chen Kuo thought for a while and said.

    Ye Shujie cheered up: "Okay, thank you Daoist Chen. Does this 'spirit-clearing fragrance' have the effect of expelling spirits or can judge whether there are bad spirits?"

    Chen Kuo: "No, it mainly allows people not to be afraid and maintain a calm state of mind when encountering supernatural beings."

    Ye Shujie: ""

    Chen Kuo stayed at Ye's house for more than 20 minutes, took a symbolic "occult talisman" to check, and was about to say goodbye and leave.

    At this time, his mobile phone received a WeChat message from Weizhi, which was a picture from several surveillance videos.

    Judging from the angle and the scenery next to it, it should be a surveillance camera of a shop that shines on its door and a part of the road.

    Although the picture is not very clear, you can still roughly see a woman driving by on an electric bike.

    The woman did not wear a hard hat, but only sunglasses, a black overalls with many pockets, a backpack, and half-finger gloves on her hands.

    But the most conspicuous thing is her hair. Her short gray hair looks very individual, and her recognition is not low.

    Obviously, Wei Zhi, Fu Chong and his apprentice found the surveillance camera that captured the woman, and successfully saw the picture.

    After Chen Kuo thought about it, he directly showed the screenshots to Ye Shujie who was next to him.

    "Mr. Ye, look at this person, do you know him?"

    "This is I don't know who this is."

    Ye Shujie said, and handed the phone back to Chen Kuo.

    "Oh, we are investigating a case involving supernatural beings. This woman is related to the case. We are looking for her. Then we found that she appeared on Taihua Road in Nanshan, so I would like to ask Mr. Ye  I haven't seen it before." Chen Kuo said.

    "The supernatural case did this person create any supernatural cases?" Ye Shujie asked.

    "I'm not sure about her relationship with the case yet, hehe, maybe there is no real connection." Chen Kuo said.

    When going down the mountain, Chen Kuo was driven by Ye Shujie's driver.

    However, as soon as he arrived at the foot of the mountain, Chen Kuo slapped his forehead and said to the driver with annoyed expression: "Master, please turn around and go back again, I forgot to take my bag."

    Returning to Ye's house, after picking up his backpack on the stone chair in the corner of the yard, Chen Kuo greeted Ye Shujie again, got into the car again and left.

    Chen Kuo didn't ask the driver to take him home, and asked him to stop the car on the side of the road after going down the mountain.

    Carrying a schoolbag and walking on the road, Chen Kuo looked ahead, as if talking to himself, "How is it? Has she contacted anyone after I left?"

    Under the spiritual vision, Ganfan girl rode on Chen Kuo's neck and shoulders as usual, supported Chen Kuo's head with both hands, and said, "Yes, she called a man namedPeople from "Master Xiaobai" said that "Chen Daochang" was looking for her, and they all came to the door, asking her what she did."

    "Well, please repeat to me the specific content of their call, don't miss it, and imitate the tone. Let's have afternoon tea later." Chen Kuo said.

    When he showed Ye Shujie the surveillance screenshots sent by Weizhi and the others before, he had been observing Ye Shujie's expression and the fluctuation of aura. He used this method to judge the emotional changes of ordinary people and whether they were lying, and the accuracy was very high.

    Especially when the other party is unprepared and does not know his abilities, it is easier to obtain accurate judgments.

    According to his judgment, Ye Shujie should know the woman in the surveillance screenshot, even if the screenshot is blurry and the woman is still wearing sunglasses.

    Therefore, before Chen Kuo left, he deliberately did not take the backpack in the corner of the yard, and told the girl to inquire about the news.

    According to his speculation, after he left, Ye Shujie should immediately try to contact that woman if she has her contact information.

    As she expected, Ye Shujie really called that woman.

    According to Ganfanniu's indiscriminate retelling, it seems that she invited the woman she called "Master Xiaobai" to Xianyue City, and her purpose seemed to be to disturb their house.

    It's just that this "Little Master Bai" started to investigate Chen Kuolai for some unknown reason. Even though the Ye family's "House Spirit" had been resolved, he still stayed in Xianyue City and never left.

    Ye Shujie didn't seem to know what she was doing, so she kept asking her on the phone.

    But "Master Xiaobai" just asked her what Chen Kuo said, did, and asked. As for what she was doing, she didn't elaborate.

    More than an hour later, Chen Kuo sat in a tea restaurant with Wei Zhi and Fu Chong.

    After ordering the food, he briefly shared the news he had found with the master and apprentice.

    After listening, Fu Chong frowned and said: "Miss Ye invited someone other than 'Mr. Di', that is to say She should have nothing to do with 'Mr. Di', so why did she insert the aura-inducing device in that place?
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