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Text Chapter 69: I'm Pretty Strong

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    It was the first time for Chen Kuo to meet a living person who knew real "mysterious arts", which aroused his great interest.

    "After using this mysterious technique, will it definitely bring backlash?" Chen Kuo asked.

    Although he is very curious about the effect of this mysterious technique, if there is a big backlash, it is impossible for him to let a child take the risk to try it.

    "It's just a certain chance, and the danger brought by the first two or three steps should not be too great." Wei Zhi said quickly.

    Fu Chong was still worried: "Whether the danger is great or not depends on the strength"

    He didn't finish his sentence, but the meaning was very obvious. He felt that the apprentice was too weak now, and he had only reached the second step of the "Seven Devouring Trace Mystery Technique", and he was somewhat unable to handle it.

    Weizhi seemed to be planning to refute the master, but Chen Kuo spoke first: "Fellow Daoist Fu, fellow Daoist Xiaowei, does the backlash of this mysterious art act on oneself immediately after use, or on every step it gives?"

    "The first two steps should be used for prompting, but for the next few steps, if the performer does not participate, maybe the result will not be obtained?" Fu Chong looked at his apprentice, and he felt that there should be restrictions normally.

    Weizhi scratched his head and said, "I don't know what will happen in the next few steps. I haven't tried it. But the first two steps should be used for prompts. If we don't follow up on the prompts given, there must be nothing wrong."  No."

    Judging from the two steps they took to find Chen Kuo before, the first step can be said to be risk-free, and if they don't follow the prompts to go to the bus station in the second step, they will naturally not meet Zhang Xiaofei and the others, nor will they  He will be invited to the school to "eliminate spirits", and he will not meet Chen Kuo who comes over at night, nor will he be in danger.

    Chen Kuo smiled and said: "Then it will be easy to handle. Fellow Daoist Xiaowei uses mystical techniques and gives hints. I will investigate."

    "Hey, what can I do" Weizhi said anxiously.

    "If the first step is less risky, we can work together. If the first step fails and you need the second and third steps, then leave them to me."

    Chen Kuo boasted with a smile: "My cultivation base is quite strong, and my life is relatively hard. I am born to restrain all kinds of demons and monsters. I can withstand any backlash and crisis. There is no problem."

    These words are naturally a bit bragging, but Chen Kuo's performance at Xianyue Vocational and Technical College that night before has established an extremely tall and powerful image in Weizhi's heart, so Weizhi treats him more than himself.  Have confidence.

    As for Fu Chong, he is most concerned about the safety of his apprentices. As for Chen Kuo, he believes that this "high-level cultivator" of the "Jingshan Sect" has rich experience in subjugating demons and eliminating spirits, and his strength is not low.  Only because he is so reckless, he will fully consider the risks before making a choice, so he doesn't need to worry about it.

    After clarifying the risks of this mysterious technique, Chen Kuo asked:

    "What are the conditions for locking and tracking the target? Is there a way to find 'Mr. Zhai' directly?"

    Weizhi scratched his head: "At least I have seen it, or there are some items directly related to him, such as worn clothes, watches and so on."

    This is normal, otherwise it would be too bad to be able to find someone without distinction.

    "Is there a time limit for using it? How often can it be used, and the interval between each step?" Chen Kuo asked again.

    "You can only set the track and position of one target at a time. Before the end, you can't track the second target. I haven't tried to find it again after the end. Is it possible to continue? There may be some restrictions"  Weizhi scratched his head again, obviously he had used this "Seven Devouring Tracking Mystery Technique" very rarely, and he couldn't figure out many characteristics.

    This is normal, if it can be said clearly, it will not carry the word "Xuan".

    In the world of practice, as long as there are mysterious characters, it is not easy to "grasp".

    After Chen Kuo asked some more details, he asked Weizhi to start looking for the woman they almost caught that day.

    During the process of Weizhi performing the spell, Chen Kuo has been closely observing the changes in the aura around him.

    But the change of aura is the same as the name of this technique, with the word "Xuan" in it. The exchange and change of aura comes from all directions, and there is no formed outline at all, and there is chaos everywhere, no source can be found, and no law can be found.

    Other types of spells Chen Kuo can barely imagine some principles, but this kind of "measurement" type of spells is really elusive for him, and he can only use them with awe.

    Seeing Weizhi with confusion in his eyes after performing the technique, Chen Kuo asked, "How is it, friend Xiaowei, what is the first step hint given by Xuanshu?"

    Weizhi looked up at Chen Kuo and his master, and said in confusion, "I saw a woman"

    "Women? You mean, you see the one we're looking forWhere is this woman?  What is the scene around?  " Chen Kuo asked.

    "There is no environment, I only saw her alone, and there is nothing around." Weizhi said, looking at Fuchong: "Master, what I saw was the big brother of the Ye family who came to pick us up at the airport with his uncle and the others."  Miss."

    "You meanMiss Ye?" Fu Chong asked in surprise, "Could it be that Miss Ye is the person we found yesterday? No, although she was far away yesterday, judging by her figure, she shouldn't be"

    Chen Kuo said: "Is it Ye Shujie from the Ye family?"

    Weizhi nodded: "Yes, the reminder I just saw was her, nothing else."

    Fu Chong guessed: "Chen Daoyou said before that the sudden activity of the Ye family's 'House Spirit' is related to the Feng Shui pattern arranged and changed by 'Mr. Di', and the woman we are looking for is 'Mr. Di'.  Is it a connection at this level?"

    Because of the reminder of Chen Kuoshi's "clear fragrance", Fu Chong now knows how to diverge his thinking and think about what the prompted information might be related to.

    "So the information prompted may be in the Ye family's house?" Weizhi guessed.

    Chen Kuo shook his head: "I don't think so, we still need to find the connection from the person you saw, that is, Ye Shujie. She may not be the person you found, but she may know or have some connection with that person  .¡±

    Weizhi asked expectantly: "Well, what did the senior say we should do?"

    Chen Kuo said: "We 'divided into two groups', fellow Daoist Xiaowei and fellow Daoist Fu, you two will go to the route where the woman escaped yesterday to see where there are cameras, mainly to see if the roadside shops can take pictures  Go to the camera at the door. If you are inconvenient to check it, write it down, and I will check it later. I will contact Mr. Ye first and go to the Ye family's house to have a look. Maybe that woman also arranged a similar one at Ye's house later.  Aura monitoring collects objects."

    After the task was assigned, the three of them did not separate immediately. Instead, under the leadership of Chen Kuo, they called a car and went to a nearby delicious restaurant to have a full meal.

    Although it is only early eleven o'clock, Chen Kuo and Weizhi still have a lot of appetite and eat happily.

    Especially Chen Kuo, when the big white bowl was put out, he seemed to want to have a big meal.

    In fact, Fuchong is quite edible, but looking at the "combat power" of the apprentice and Chen Kuo, I still feel a little ashamed.  And judging from their concentrated appearance and movement frequency when eating, they are more like master and apprentice or brothers.

    Fu Chong couldn't help feeling a little bit in his heart, if only he had an older and more capable apprentice who could help guide Weizhi and support Weizhi.  </div&gt
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