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Text Chapter 68: Tony and Bruce of Jingshan School

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    It sounds like Chen Kuo is investigating a person named "Mr. Zhai" together with the people on the other side of the phone?

    Judging from his tone, this "Mr. Zhai" is obviously not in the same camp as him.

    Is it a cultivator from another sect?

    Probably not, he would not address "Mr. xx" to cultivators of other sects, and she has relatively strong hearing, and can hear part of the voice in the handset of the mobile phone. Judging from the terms described by the other party, "Mr. Zhai" is most likely not  Zongmen people.

    Was it the Yexiu who offended the "Jingshan Sect" or was wanted by the sect for doing something evil?

    It is possible.

    Although generally speaking, Zongmen cultivators are the absolute mainstream, accounting for more than 80% of the total number of spiritual cultivators. Without sufficient inheritance and resource support, it is difficult to step into the ranks of spiritual cultivators, but wild cultivators still exist  .

    And because they are not affiliated with the sect and have no control, many field cultivators have no moral bottom line at all, and it is easy to do some cruel things for profit or revenge, and it is normal for them to be investigated and hunted down by the sect.

    Zhu Li heard that Chen Kuo called the person on the other side of the phone "Xiaowei Daoist", which proves that he is not a disciple of "Jingshan Sect", otherwise he must be called Senior Brother, Junior Brother or something like that.

    That is to say, the investigation they are conducting is a collaboration across sects.

    It proves that "Mr. Zhai" is either very powerful, or the matter involved is very big and involves a lot.

    In addition to "Mr. Zhai", there seems to be a woman among the people they are investigating, who may be the assistant of "Mr. Zhai".

    It seems that the woman was spying on the people on the other side of the phone, and they were spotted and almost caught.

    Zhu Li couldn't help being a little curious, what exactly did that "Mr. Zhai" do to attract a cross-sect cooperation investigation.

    So she began to think about how to ask for the information she wanted to know without arousing Chen Kuo's suspicion.

    She had to imagine that she was an "outsider" and knew nothing about spiritual practice. When she heard Chen Kuo's voice on the phone just now, what kind of curiosity would she have, what kind of reaction would she have, and how should she ask?

    Well, it should also be noted that the only thing she can hear is Chen Kuo's voice. Normally speaking, she should not be able to hear the voice speaking on the other side of the mobile phone, and those information cannot be revealed.

    But what I didn't expect was that before Zhu Li could speak, Chen Kuo asked first: "Xiao Zhu, what are you in a daze for? Why are you still holding your phone when the screen is black?"

    "Ah" Only then did Zhu Li realize that the screen of her phone automatically shut off when she was fascinated by something she had just thought about.

    Chen Kuo smiled and said, "Are you thinking about the call I just answered? Are you curious about what happened, and I have to hurry back?"

    Zhu Li smiled a little embarrassedly, and nodded slightly.

    Chen Kuo said: "When I first answered the phone, I realized that you seemed to be looking down at the menu, but in fact you were not paying attention to the menu at all. You have been 'eavesdropping' all the time, and your ears are almost pricked up."

    Zhu Li was startled, and subconsciously raised his hand to touch his ear, but immediately realized that Chen Kuo was joking, and almost couldn't help but give him a blank look, but he managed to keep the secretary's reserve, and said, "How can I eavesdrop?  Boss, if you call in front of me, I don¡¯t even want to listen.¡±

    Then she took the opportunity to ask: "So boss, what are you chasing a bad guy? What does that 'Mr. Di' do? Aren't you just killing spirits and catching demons? You also care about people's affairs?"

    Chen Kuo said: "As long as it is related to the supernatural, we will take care of it. In fact, from my personal experience, at least half of the culprits in the related supernatural events are people. Whether it is a demon, a spirit, or a human  , In fact, identity is not the most important thing, what you do is what you do. I have seen spirits and demons who are kind-hearted and pure like crystals, and I have also seen people who are cruel and tyrannical and not as good as animals."

    Zhu Li said with some emotion: "Boss, I feel like you are superheroes in the real world."

    "Well, a friend of mine once said that I look like Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne of the 'Quiet Mountain School'." Chen Kuo laughed.

    At first hearing this, Zhu Li was stunned for a while before realizing that Chen Kuo was talking about Iron Man and Batman, and then opened his mouth slightly, but found that he didn't know what to say.

    Chen Kuo originally wanted to make a joke and show his sense of humor in front of the little secretary, but he was embarrassed directly.

    Moreover, Zhu Li's surprised expression and slightly parted red lips once again made the little yellow man in his heart start to rush out of the window.

    Fortunately, the waiter brought up the food at this time, and Chen Kuo hurriedly took the bowl from his bag while greeting Zhu Li: "Come on, eat the food quickly, the stir-fried sea melon seeds here are very good.??The taste of the place is different, very distinctive, try it.  "

    Early the next morning, Chen Kuo and his secretary went straight to the airport, and flew back to Xianyue City on the nine o'clock flight.

    The company sent a car to pick them up, Chen Kuo first asked the driver to take Zhu Li home, and then went to find Wei Zhi and his apprentice.

    Because Chen Kuo answered another call from Weizhi in the car, Zhu Li knew that he was going to find them soon, and couldn't help being curious, so he deliberately left his mobile phone in the car, planning to go home  Afterwards, he used the location of his mobile phone to see where Chen Kuo had gone.

    As a result, as soon as she got out of the car, Chen Kuo found her cell phone carefully hidden in the seam of the seat.

    "Xiao Zhu, you left your cell phone in the car. Alas, I just saw you put your cell phone on the side of the seat after finishing reading in the car. I was a little worried that it fell into that seam, but it turned out Sister Yang's phone fell into that seam  I¡¯ve been here several times, it¡¯s called the Bermuda of mobile phones¡­¡± Chen Kuo picked up Zhu Li¡¯s mobile phone and handed it over.

    "Ah! Thank you boss, I didn't even notice that I didn't take the phone" Zhu Li took the phone in "surprise".

    When he just picked up the phone, the screen turned on. Chen Kuo glanced at the phone wallpaper. It was a colorful hand-painted little boy and a little girl playing. He couldn't help laughing:

    "Which anime character is this? It looks cute."

    "Oh, I drew this myself, a painter like me"

    "I'll go, Xiaozhu, you're still a big hit. You're amazing. Although I don't know much about painting, it looks very good. When our company changes its new trademark, you can also help me to refer to it. Hey, let me first  Let's go, thank you for your hard work this time, you don't have to go to the company in the afternoon, just rest at home."

    Looking at the car driving away, Zhu Li, who was holding the suitcase, put away the smile on her face, bit her lower lip lightly with her white teeth, and flicked her mobile phone resentfully.

    More than half an hour later, Chen Kuo arrived at the place where Weizhi's master and apprentice found the "wooden nail".

    When Chen Kuo got out of the car, he saw Weizhi and Dive who were waiting for him, so he closed the door and asked the driver to go back directly.

    Taking the "wooden nail" from Weizhi, I actually felt it in my hand. Through the inspiration of spiritual vision, I can judge the function and principle of this "wooden nail" more intuitively.

    Same as what Weizhi said on the phone before, Chen Kuo also thinks that this is a small object that collects aura information to judge the abnormal fluctuation of aura in the area.

    Its structure and refining method are quite thoughtful, but the production is relatively rough. It can be seen that the producer's own cultivation level can even be said to be relatively poor, but he has a relatively deep understanding of the overall flow of aura in nature.  .

    Chen Kuo inserted the "wooden nail" back to its original position, closed his eyes and felt it, nodded and said: "I inserted it after I discovered the situation here."

    Weizhi immediately cheered up and said: "They know that the seniors found this place, so they are in a hurry? So they sent people to monitor the changes in the spiritual energy here, are they afraid that we will ruin their business?"

    However, Chen Kuo shook his head: "This thing doesn't look like Mr. Zhai's handwriting." Then he looked at Fu Chong: "Did Lao Yang find the surveillance camera that took pictures of that person?"

    "Junior Brother Yang has an 'exorcism' today, so he can't help us to investigate for the time being." Fu Chong said.

    "Well, it's okay, we can check it ourselves." Chen Kuo said.

    Weizhi suddenly said: "Senior, I actually have another way to track down that person directly."

    "any solution?"

    "When I saw senior for the first time on Zhongshan Road, I thought that senior was haunted by demon spirits, so I wanted to find senior and help senior exorciseOf course, I don't know much, so I thought it was wrong. But in the end we  I still used a secret method to find the senior. I was guided by the mysterious technique when I was in that school with my master that day. So I think this mysterious technique is quite useful"

    As Weizhi said, he introduced to Chen Kuo the effect of the "Seven Devouring Tracking Mystery Technique" and also explained in detail the process of finding Chen Kuo in two steps.

    Fu Chong was a little worried: "It's better to use less of this mysterious technique. Although it is indeed effective, the backlash is also quite terrifying. That night, if Chen Daoyou hadn't arrived in time, we, the master and the apprentice, might not have escaped so easily.  .¡± </div&gt
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