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Text Chapter 72: You Are My Little Tribulation

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    Previously, when Bai Ying was investigating several addresses obtained from Yang Ningpu's apprentice, she found some abnormalities.

    At that time, she didn't find anything at a specific location of a certain address, but because she didn't give up, she wandered around for a while, but accidentally discovered an area nearly two kilometers away from the investigation address, where the aura flow was a little abnormal.

    Bai Ying is not like Chen Kuo, Zhu Li, and Wei Zhi, who can directly see the spirit body and perceive the spirit vision world.

    To judge the situation of aura, she can only use auxiliary instruments, props, and talismans.

    Fortunately, she has a lot of these things, and most of them are self-made. In terms of "exploring spirits", she is even better than ordinary "well-known and authentic" children.

    So Bai Ying arranged a bunch of spiritual weapon plug-ins around, and then ran to a high ground to observe condescendingly.

    She unexpectedly discovered that a "Ten Directions Gathering Yin Formation" and a "Three Gates of Ascending Shame" had been set up in that area.

    Yin spirit energy is gathering in a concealed but obviously abnormal manner, and various types of "yin spirits" may be born at any time.

    Moreover, this feng shui formation is very concealed, and there are no deliberately set feng shui elements, but some changes have been made to the original objects.

    If she hadn't been observing with a skeptical attitude and looking for conspiracy, she might not have found it at all.

    Bai Ying felt that she had made a major discovery, but at the same time felt that something was wrong - the area where she found the anomaly was two kilometers away from the address where Yang Ningpu had dealt with "Yin Ling" before, which was a bit too far away.

    Bai Ying didn't think too much about it, anyway, now that she has found the clues, she should "walk" along this road first.

    So that night, she stayed directly in the wild and observed from that high place all night.

    After the sun goes down, the yin and spirits flourish, and many specific aura operations can be presented more clearly.

    Bai Ying didn't have enough inspiration to peek directly into the spiritual vision world, so she could only make a layout during the day and observe carefully at night.

    Throughout the night, Bai Ying used her various "spiritual detection" tools to stare at the changes and flow patterns of the aura in that area, making records every ten minutes, and stayed up all night.

    When the sun was rising, she discovered the Yin-gathering formation in that area, which seemed to be echoing something faintly.

    She knows that her ability is limited, and if she sees it at night, it must be more difficult to see it during the day.

    So she ran to Nanshan again, made some arrangements near Lin's house, and found a high place to observe.

    After another night of hard work, Bai Ying compared the data of the two sides, and finally confirmed that her intuition was right!

    There is also a problem with the feng shui layout here. The previous "house spirit" of the Lin family must have been artificially inspired!

    Moreover, whether it is on the Nanshan side or the side that has just been investigated, there are people who have arranged the "Yin Gathering Array" and other "bad situations" through subtle changes to Feng Shui.

    After comparative observation, she found that the Fengshui formations on both sides have a hidden "door" that seems to have not been "activated" outside their respective formation eyes.

    That "gate" is connected to a huge area that Bai Ying can't cover or observe.

    It's like finding the main pipe along your own water pipe, and then finding a bigger pipe along the main pipe, and you can only see a small area connected to it.  Where, I don't know anything.

    But this is enough for her to make a preliminary judgment:

    These feng shui formations that can stimulate "house spirits" and catalyze "evil spirits" are just a corner of a larger formation that she still cannot see the whole picture of.

    The people behind the scenes are setting up a big, big game.

    Then in the next few days, she wandered around the city during the day, setting up her own spirit detection spots in places where she was slightly suspicious.

    In the evening, go to the highest point in the area such as the top of the mountain or the roof of a skyscraper, and observe overnight.

    So she discovered several "yin-gathering formations" formed by Fengshui in Xianyue City, including Xianyue Vocational and Technical College.

    When she looked at a mountain a few kilometers away from Xianyue Vocational and Technical College, and judged that there was one of the "Yin Gathering Arrays", she discovered very violent Yin spirit fluctuations that night, so strong that she once  I thought it was the birth of an "evil spirit" above the Qisha level.

    But when she went to the school to spy on the next day, she found that there was a spiritual practitioner who came to eliminate the spirits last night, and all the eliminations had been completed.

    The school also dispatched excavators to demolish the Huxin Pavilion of the artificial lake¡ªthe Feng Shui Bureau will be broken.

    letWhat surprised Bai Ying even more was that after her investigation and inquiry, she found that it was Chen Kuo and the "Long Qizong" Xiao Qixiu, who was suspected to be acquainted with Chen Kuo, who were expelling the spirit that night and asked his school to demolish the Huxin Pavilion.  master.

    If according to her guess at the beginning, Chen Kuo and the others colluded together to "create" evil spirits and "eliminate" evil spirits by themselves to make money and earn KPI, then what they did in Xianyue Vocational and Technical College is justified  .

    But now she already knows that these "evil spirits" and "house spirits" come from the "Great Yin Gathering Arrays" set up by various Feng Shui bureaus, and these "Great Yin Gathering Arrays" are super large ones that may involve more than half of the city.  If the array structure unit is not used, the behavior of Chen Kuo and the others makes no sense.

    If you remove the spirit, it will not destroy the structure of the entire super formation, but destroying the Huxin Pavilion directly destroys this structural unit, leaving the super formation missing a corner.

    If they were really the ones who planned it, and were really behind the scenes, they would definitely not do this.

    And not long after, she encountered Weizhi and Fuchong master and apprentice in another place close to the suburbs, and was almost caught by them.

    The next day, Ye Shujie called and said that Chen Kuo had come to ask about her, and even had her surveillance photos.

    Bai Ying speculated that Chen Kuo and the master and apprentice of the "Jingshan Sect" were probably not behind the scenes, but, like her, they had discovered something, were investigating, and had already found some clues.

    After answering Ye Shujie's phone call, Bai Ying hesitated whether to use Ye Shujie to get in touch with them, reveal some information to them, and test it out by the way?

    But after thinking about it, she still put away this plan. On the one hand, she has made great progress in the investigation of the super large formation, and she will soon draw the rough outline and find the core of the formation.  If they cooperate, maybe the credit will be on them in the end - after all, they are disciples of the sect with status, and she is nothing.

    On the other hand, Ye Shujie subconsciously covered her up and did not reveal her information. If Ye Shujie were to help her probe at this time, Ye Shujie would probably be angry

    So after thinking about it, Bai Ying decided to wait for herself to find out the overall outline, structure and function of the super large formation, and then hand it over to the "senior sister" directly to let her sect come forward to investigate, so that her credit can be confirmed.

    So, after the sun went down that night, Bai Ying continued to ride the electric car to go out to the most famous Tianhua Mountain in Xianyue City - this is the location of the super big formation eye that she calculated during this period.

    All the way to the top of the mountain, I found a better location, overlooking Xianyue City from a high position, Bai Ying began her observation.

    The several directions she observed, and the "Yin Gathering Formation" she discovered were almost all covered with spiritual detection points she set up. Now she is in the eyes of the super large formation, and through her various "psychic detectors"  "Recorded, and soon deduced the possible situation once the super large formation is activated.

    "Gathering Yin Birth of Spirit Extinction of Spirit Decline of Yin Prosperity of Yang Gathering of Yang Is this going to"

    Bai Ying lowered her head and used her tablet computer to draw the shape of the super formation she had investigated on the map of Xianyue City. She had already deduced the possible effects of this super formation after it was actually activated, and she was so shocked that it was unbelievable.

    "It seems that the little catastrophe that the king said I would encounter on this trip is you, little girl."

    A pure and gentle male voice sounded behind Bai Ying, startling her into a cold sweat.

    She turned her head slowly, under the moonlight, a middle-aged man wearing a gray robe, looking very chic, with a long beard, was looking at her with his hands behind his back and a smile on his face.

    The little bell pinned to her waist began to vibrate crazily, and the sound of jingling bells could be heard endlessly.

    But Bai Ying could only smile wryly: The alarm came a little too late!  </div&gt
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