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Text Chapter 32 Investigation

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    In the afternoon, Chen Kuo drove alone to the address of the tea room given by Mr. Ye.

    The location of the tea room is not considered a downtown area, but it is not too remote. It is next to the Antique Wenwan Street.

    As soon as Chen Kuo entered, he saw Ye Shujie and a staff member in cheongsam drinking tea downstairs.

    Seeing him, Ye Shujie immediately got up and came over: "Chen Daochang, you are here!"

    Seeing that she seemed a little excited, Chen Kuo smiled and said, "Boss Ye has been waiting here for a long time?"

    "It didn't take long. I would come over to drink tea when I have nothing to do. My grandfather and Uncle Wang are upstairs in the box, and I will take you up." Ye Shujie said, leading him to the stairs, and whispered as she walked: "Chen Daochang  , your cultivation base mana or something, isn't it considered very strong?"

    Chen Kuo knew as soon as he heard it that Yang Ningpu and the others must have commented on the difficulty of clearing the "house spirit" when they passed by.

    He smiled and said: "It's just average. I'm more opportunistic in 'Subduing Demons and Eliminating Spirits', so my actual business ability will be stronger than the general evaluation criteria."

    Entering the box, Ye Shujie introduced Chen Kuo to the two people inside.

    The older man, wearing a dark silk and satin Tang suit, got up as soon as Chen Kuo entered the door. After the introduction by his granddaughter, he smiled and said:

    "Chen Daochang is indeed young, promising, and a good-looking talent. The matter of my house has made the Daoist bother."

    Chen Kuo said with a smile: "I don't need to be too polite about matters in my generation."

    Then he had a few polite words with Mr. Wang, the elegant and easy-going owner of the tea room who looked in his forties, and then sat down at the tea table, took a sip of the tea made by Mr. Wang, and then started to get to the point:

    "To be honest, after staying in Ye's house for one night a few days ago, I was really impressed by the feng shui layout of your mansion. After returning home, I still can't forget it, so I have always wanted to find a master who can help Ye's house with feng shui. Let me say that  Well, it's like drinking a cup of tea with a very unique and mysterious taste, and you must want to find out what kind of tea it is and where you can buy it, Mr. Wang and Mr. Ye should understand, right?"

    When he communicated with Mr. Ye on the phone, he discovered that the old man's admiration for Mr. Na Zhai cannot be reversed by a few words, and he really has no real evidence to prove that Mr. Na Zhai has a problem and "house spirit" attack  It is directly related to his feng shui layout, so it is easier to achieve his goal by asking Mr. Zhai's whereabouts and identity in this way that follows their emotions and opinions.

    Sure enough, after hearing his words, Mr. Wang nodded with a smile: "Understand, understand, indeed, Mr. Zhai only needs a little Feng Shui advice, and he has the ability to turn decay into magic. He is really a god and a master."

    "So this time I came to the door, I also wanted to find out more. Is there any way to find Mr. Zhai, or know his more specific identity. It's not me bragging. I am a disciple of the 'Jingshan Sect', and I run a  A company that specializes in dealing with sects and cultivators, so the contacts and knowledge in this area are still good. Mr. Ye and Mr. Ye should know this. The Daoist Yang of the 'Long Qizong' you invited is actually an old man like me.  Acquaintance. So if I have more information, I may be able to know the identity of Mr. Zhai." Chen Kuo said.

    "I didn't expect Chen Daochang and Yang Daochang to know each other. Alas, Xiaojie didn't say that she knew such a high-level cultivator as Chen Daochang. Otherwise, I wouldn't have to look for the contact information of the 'Long Qizong'." Mr. Wang laughed.  The person who invited to the "Long Qizong" was actually the one who made the bridge.

    Ye Shujie was a little embarrassed and said: "I didn't know Daoist Chen before. It was after my third aunt heard about my family that she introduced him to me"

    "It's a pity that Mr. Zhai was no longer there at that time, otherwise he should be able to solve it." Mr. Wang said with a sigh.

    Upon hearing this, Chen Kuo understood that although Mr. Wang, who opened the tea room, had some connections and connections with the spiritual sect, he must not have understood the substantive information related to "subduing demons and eliminating spirits", otherwise he would not have said  Say something like this.

    However, Chen Kuo did not correct him, but asked: "Mr. Wang, I see that there is a camera at the entrance of your tea room. Can you check the previous surveillance video? If I can see Mr. Zhai's appearance, maybe I can  recognize."

    "Mr. Zhai is a master of the dragon, and he acts like a master. He has never revealed his identity and address. Maybe he doesn't want people to find him" Mr. Wang hesitated.

    Chen Kuo laughed and said, "If Mr. Di doesn't want people to find him, then we won't be able to find him."

    These words made Mr. Wang suddenly realize, so he got up happily and took Chen Kuo to watch the surveillance in person.

    Then I checked and found that the monitoring of their tea room was only kept for a month at most, and the last time Mr. Zhai came to the tea room was five years ago.?? months ago.

    Seeing that the monitoring failed, Mr. Wang and Mr. Ye laughed and said, "Mr. Zhai really doesn't want people to find him."

    In fact, Chen Kuo also expected this result, he just tried it, and he didn't bother to reverse the superstition of "Mr. Zhai" that Wang and Ye had.

    Although the two of them have no traces of being controlled by spiritual spells or hypnotic spells, they obviously have received some psychological hints, which made them firmly believe that "Mr.  Kuo also thinks that "Mr. Zhai" is indeed an expert, but the purpose may not be so pure.

    "I heard that Mr. Zhai taught Fengshui to many people, and had a miraculous and immediate impact. Mr. Wang also witnessed it personally?" Chen Kuo asked.

    So, half an hour later, Mr. Wang directly drove Chen Kuo, Mr. Ye, and Ye Shujie to an old urban area with fewer high-rise buildings and older buildings.

    After getting off the car, and following Mr. Wang through several narrow and crowded alleyways filled with various sundries on both sides, a group of people stood in front of a brick bungalow.

    Just as Mr. Wang was about to knock on the door, the door was opened. An old lady in her seventies and eighties with silver hair was carrying a basket and was about to go out.

    Seeing Mr. Wang, the old lady was overjoyed immediately: "Ouch! Boss Wang, why are you here, Boss Wang, come in, come in!"

    This bungalow looks simple and old on the outside, but the inside is not small, there are six rooms in it. Although the layout is messy, it is quite tidy and clean, which is very rare.

    Mr. Wang exchanged greetings with the old lady for a while, and after clarifying his intentions, he took Chen Kuo to watch inside and outside the house, and introduced: "Grandma Xue's family used to live in this house for four generations.  In the past five or six years, the whole family has suffered from illness one after another. From herself, to her wife, to his children, grandsons, and great-grandchildren, all of them have been hospitalized. Granny Xue¡¯s wife died last year. Later, everyone found out  If you live in this old house, you will suffer from various problems, and you will not be able to sleep well. After leaving this old house, your symptoms will gradually get better, so most of the grandchildren have moved away, leaving only Granny Xue, the eldest son, and the eldest daughter-in-law.  live here.

    "Mr. Zhai happened to be wandering around the neighborhood before, and met Granny Xue at the intersection in front of him. He identified her illness at a glance, and then said that the crux of the problem lay in her home's feng shui, and pointed out the location of her home from a distance

    "Mr. Zhai came to Granny Xue's house to give advice on Feng Shui, and asked them to change the furnishings in the house, clear out some things, and change the position of the air conditioners in several rooms, adjust the height and position of the bed boards.  , added a few things"

    Mr. Wang said, pointing to a potted bonsai tree in the corner of the living room and said: "This is what Mr. Wang took them to buy, and so is the painting above."

    Granny Xue brought some water for them, and took over the conversation: "Immortal Zhai is really a fairy-like figure, really powerful, and after that I felt that my house was really different. Within two months, nothing has changed.  Why is there a cough, and the back pain is gone. My eldest son, who used to have severe gout, is fine now and can go to work normally. Immortal, really an immortal.?
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