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Text Chapter Thirty-Three: Really a Great Kindness?

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    Chen Kuo has been quietly listening to Mr. Wang's introduction, and Granny Xue interjected a few words from time to time to further prove the authenticity of Mr. Wang's statement.

    The reason why Mr. Wang knew about this incident and met Mr. Zhai was also because Mr. Zhai took Granny Xue to buy paintings and bonsai trees, and happened to meet him who was also shopping.

    Mr. Zhai had a few direct conversations with him, and immediately revealed a knot in his heart at that time, and then told him that if he helped Granny Xue pay for the bonsai tree and paintings, he would give him advice.

    The tree and the painting added up to only a few hundred yuan. Mr. Wang not only helped to pay the money, but also acted as a delivery man and brought the things over.

    Not only did Granny Xue not spend money on paintings and trees, adjusting the position of the air conditioner, changing the layout of the home, moving things, throwing things away, etc., Mr. Zhai directly called the neighbors around to help, even the tools and ladders for drilling walls  , Expansion screws and so on are all brought by others.

    Mr. Zhai confiscated a penny from the beginning to the end, and did not let Granny Xue spend a penny. In one day, he helped her adjust the Feng Shui of the whole house.

    And the effect is very obvious, Grandma Xue's current complexion and state are the best proof.

    "Uncle Wang, did Mr. Zhai help you with your matter later?" Ye Shujie couldn't help asking curiously.

    "If Immortal Zhai takes action, there is nothing that can't be solved!" Granny Xue said with a smile.

    Mr. Wang said: "The matter has not been resolved, and there is no way to solve it. But Mr. Zhai said a few words to me, but it opened my heart. In short, Mr. Zhai is really a god"

    Leaving Granny Xue's house, Mr. Wang took them for another 20 minutes to another nearby house.

    This is a family of three, the male and female hosts are doing small business in the nearby vegetable market, and the only son is just in the second grade of junior high school.

    Originally, their children were doing well in elementary school and first year of junior high school, and their academic performance was also good. They would go to the vegetable market to help out during the holidays.

    But after entering the second year of junior high school, the child didn't know whether he followed a bad boy or what was going on. His rebellion was so rebellious that his parents almost collapsed.

    Not only was he absent from school, fighting, staying out all night, scolding him and talking about him at home, he also went crazy and threw things, refused to accept beatings, ran away as soon as he was beaten, and did not come back for the night after running.

    Not only the parents of the child were so worried that their hair turned gray every day, and they cried in private, the neighbors in the neighborhood also felt that the child was probably useless.

    However, on the second day after helping Granny Xue with the house, Mr. Zhai visited this house and bluntly said that there was a problem with Feng Shui in their house.

    The solution is simpler than that of Granny Xue's house, which is to change some home furnishings, seal the window of the child's room, and let the child temporarily sleep in the living room.

    Another point is that in the next year, I will climb Tianhua Mountain every seven days to watch the sunrise or sunset, and use the spiritual energy on the mountain to wash away the stale air on my body.

    At that time, Granny Xue did not have any "efficacy", but Mr. Zhai's words were really convincing, and the couple also held the last hope and implemented it earnestly.  One person was left to do business in the vegetable market, and the other took the child to climb the mountain.

    Unexpectedly, a month later, Granny Xue's family became healthier, and the couple's children finally stopped staying out all night, fighting and skipping classes, and even went to the vegetable market to help out after climbing the mountain on weekends.

    Chen Kuo didn't need to open his eyes, nor did he use any psychic charms. Relying on his abundant inspiration, he could clearly see Mr. Na Zhai's changes in the Feng Shui pattern of the two houses, as well as the purpose and effect he wanted to achieve.

    On the one hand, there are new buildings under construction not far from both sides of Mrs. Xue's house. When they rise in height, the light here will be affected to some extent.

    The city is constantly under construction, and this old urban area is also facing reconstruction. The pattern is changing every few months. This is the main area where the confluence and decline of yin and aura flow.  Something seriously went wrong and settled down in this place.

    Don't be afraid of Yin Lingqi, and don't be afraid of Yin Lingqi. The most fearful thing is that Yin Lingqi is heavy and unable to flow, then it is easy to cause big problems.

    On the other hand, there were too many people living in Mrs. Xue's house before, and she didn't have the energy to clean and tidy up. Garbage piled up and dust and bacteria grew.

    ?With the help of the inability to flow and dissipate the yin and aura, all kinds of creatures are in it, and it is difficult not to get sick.

    Mr. Zhai's solution is a two-pronged approach, which is indeed clever and effective.

    And the child who just entered the second year of junior high school has nothing to do with Feng Shui circulation. It should be because of something happened to his child at school, and it is the age of rebellion that caused the big change in temperament and such a big change.

    Since the child is still normal in the first grade of junior high school, the problem has just appeared. If the parents can have enough time to communicate with the child, the possibility of solving it is relatively high.

    But the parents of the children are doing business in the vegetable market. They are extremely busy and exhausted every day. They have no time, energy or patience and methods to communicate with their children slowly. They can only simply beat and scold them, but the result is getting worse  bad.

    Mr. Zhai forced them to climb Tianhua Mountain one day a week. The main reason is not to receive any spiritual energy or cleanse any turbid energy, but the process of climbing the mountain.

    Tianhua Mountain is not high, but it is not low either. It takes a few hours to climb up and down once, including the past drive.

    During this process, when children and parents get along, there may still be scolding, quarrels, and conflicts, but there is a big difference between outside, in sports, in open places, and at home, in confined spaces.

    Even if it is still a quarrel, it will promote mutual understanding and thinking between parents and children to a certain extent after a long time and more times.

    Even if there is only a little effective communication, it will enter a virtuous circle, and the communication will gradually smooth.

    And if you find the crux, sometimes you will get through the knot.

    Just like what happened to Mr. Wang, if the knot is cleared up, even if the matter is not resolved, the impact will not be so great.

    The change to the structure of the home is more of an auxiliary effect, further helping to clear the mind or psychological hints.

    Although this kind of thing is not in the category of Feng Shui, for parents with low education level, they will listen to and follow what Mr. Zhai said and explained, because they think it is very serious.

    On the contrary, "family counseling", "teenager mental health" and the like, they will feel too far away from them or too hypocritical.

    Don't look at Chen Kuo's ability to see all kinds of details clearly now, and he can know the purpose of every arrangement, but he mainly relies on his strong inspiration and comprehensive vision, and he can directly look at the answers to reverse the problem-solving process.

    If you really want him to do it, although he can do it, he may not be able to do it so calmly, so efficiently and quickly.

    It's like a lot of small magic tricks. You know the principle and practice it well, but performing it in front of the audience is not as good as a great magician.

    For Mr. Wang, Granny Xue, the couple and others who experienced and witnessed it with their own eyes, calling Mr. Zhai a god and fairy is naturally from the bottom of the heart.

    Let alone them, based on these descriptions alone, Chen Kuo almost felt that this was a model cultivator and a great Feng Shui man.

    But Chen Kuo came here with doubts, so he has been actively looking for doubts. In the two houses, he carefully memorized every change, made new observations, and even released a dry girl to help him remember the distribution of spiritual energy.

    Finally let him find the doubt:

    In these two houses, there are several seemingly unreasonable and necessary changes.

    Some of these changes, in the name of Feng Shui, help the head of the household to solve some problems by the way, or play tricks to make the head of the household believe it more.

    However, these changes are obviously not for these reasons.

    Especially for the family of three, sealing the windows of the children's room is a very constant change to the head of the household, and it does not have any positive effect at all, but damages the overall feng shui.

    Chen Kuo vaguely realized that these "useless changes" might be Mr. Zhai's real purpose.  </div&gt
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