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Text Chapter Thirty-Four: Preparing to Catch a Demon (Part 1)

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    Naturally, Chen Kuo didn't talk about the doubtful points he observed with Mr. Wang, Mr. Ye, Ye Shujie and others, but just followed their words to praise and flatter "Mr. Zhai", and then stimulated their conversation and told more  "Feng Shui Stories" to get the information you need.

    Several people had dinner together, and they didn't go back until after nine o'clock.

    But Chen Kuo did not go home, but drove his old Corolla back to the area where they went during the day, where "Mr.  near home.

    Chen Kuo wandered around, sneaked into a construction site, and secretly climbed up a tall building that had just been topped out, and then used the height to observe the lower old buildings in the distance.

    At night, the yang aura from the sun dissipates, and the yin aura hidden in various things is more clearly revealed.

    Chen Kuo realized during the day that if he wants to understand the true purpose of "Mr. Zhai"'s actions, he should not be limited to individual Feng Shui cases, but should jump out, find commonalities and analyze connections among his many actions.

    Sure enough, when he came to a high place, from a larger perspective, the flow route and distribution of spiritual energy made Chen Kuo understand the role of "Mr. Zhai"'s "useless arrangements".

    Those few seemingly useless and superfluous arrangements turned the two houses into key "dharma circle clips" in the entire large area.

    Yes, that "Mr. Zhai" is actually setting up formations in this area!

    Not only the two houses that "Mr. Zhai" pointed out in Fengshui that they visited today, but also the other seven houses are all obvious "magic circle clips". The giant magic circle formed by them has quietly changed the whole  The direction of aura flow in the area.

    The other few "fa circle clips" may only need to make simple changes to the environment, or they are not in people's homes, so they can be arranged more concealed outside, so there is no "feng shui anecdote".

    Chen Kuo squinted his eyes, followed the direction of the aura in the entire area, and looked towards Heyuan Mountain in the distance¡ªthere was the real target of "Mr. Zhai".

    Chen Kuo drove to the foot of Heyuan Mountain. This is not the real road into the mountain, but a small road around the back. It is deserted during the day, let alone at night.

    Going further into the mountains, let alone street lights, there are no paved roads. They are all dirt roads with potholes, and the roads are getting narrower and narrower as far as the naked eye can see. It is estimated that his car can't drive 500 meters at all.

    It was already past one o'clock in the morning, and the spirits in the mountains were flourishing, and under the blessing of the large "magic circle" created by "Mr. Zhai", it was even more eerie and strange.

    Chen Kuo couldn't help being a little hesitant. Although he said that he was a bold man with a high degree of yang, and he was not afraid of any ghosts and evil spirits, but after all, he didn't have any preparations when he came out this time. He didn't bring any "guys" with him.  Just a bracelet and a bowl.

    But it's all here

    Chen Kuo pondered for a while, and counted with his fingers.

    Of course, he didn't count on his own safety during this trip, it involved his own major events and fortune, let alone him, the top "Qi Cultivation" of the true monarch level may not be counted, and the price it would cost would be huge  .

    He didn't calculate what's going on in the nuclear park, it was too complicated, and he didn't have the "computing power".

    He is considered a dry rice girl, and this bowl of demon was born directly from his job, and it was born because of his Zhiyang aura. The origin is clear and clear, and there is little connection with the surrounding creatures.

    What he counts is not fate, safety, etc., but the emotions of the girl.

    Although the only major thing this bowl demon cares about is "eating", and "what to eat", "how much delicious food" and "when to eat delicious food" derived from "eating".

    But no matter what, she and Chen Kuo depended on each other for life. Past history has proved that if Chen Kuo is injured or in danger, she will panic, fear, get angry and even go berserk¡ªalthough it is usually useless.

    According to Chen Kuo, people who keep cats usually laugh at themselves as "shit shoveling officer".

    If the "Bowl Holder" dies, the girl who cooks rice will be extremely desperate and indignant when she thinks that she will not have food to eat in the future.

    Such a simple, direct, and clearly related emotion is still a spirit body, so it is naturally not too difficult to calculate.

    Therefore, after some calculations, Chen Kuo basically concluded that this trip will not be crying, then he will not die, so he stopped the car by the side of the road and went into the mountains with his schoolbag on his back.

    In the distance, Chen Kuo could only tell that "Mr. Zhai"'s magic circle guided the flow of spiritual energy within a certain range, and the main direction of Yin spirit gathering was the corner of Heyuan Mountain, but the specific purpose was still unclear.  Not sure.

      But as he went deeper in this direction after entering the mountain, some special smells gradually appeared, which made him quickly realize the purpose of "Mr. Zhai" - he was raising a demon!

    "Mr. Zhai" is artificially creating an environment suitable for the rapid growth and cultivation of monsters.

    However, he immediately felt that something was wrong. With the level of Feng Shui layout displayed by "Mr. Zhai", there are many ways to cultivate monsters and create a suitable environment for them to practice, so why go around in such a big circle?

    Isn't this a temporary pit digging to repair the toilet for shit?

    However, Chen Kuo didn't have time to think about it, because there was a strong evil spirit in front of him, the branches and leaves rubbed and snapped, and a "big thing" was running towards it.

    At this time, the sky was covered with overcast clouds, and the stars and the moon were not visible. Here, the forests were dense and the branches and leaves were lush, so the visibility was extremely low.

    However, Chen Kuo was able to see the aura directly through inspiration, so he could clearly see the long giant with a heavy Yin aura swimming quickly from the thick grass.

    is a boa constrictor.

    Or to be precise, it is a boa constrictor.

    There is only one criterion for judging from "spirit" to "demon spirit", that is, whether a complete spiritual wisdom is born.

    However, if it is an animal, it has a certain amount of wisdom. To judge whether it is a demon, it depends on whether its wisdom helps it realize the practice of spiritual energy.

    Judging from the abundance of aura around this snake monster, it should have just "enlightened" not long ago. Although it is big, it can only be regarded as a "little monster".

    Chen Kuo backed away quickly, first took off his backpack and coat, threw them aside, then slammed the shirt apart, ripped off the vest inside, left his upper body naked, kicked off his leather shoes, and only wore socks  Step on the ground, bend your knees and hips, raise your hands slightly, as if preparing to wrestle.

    There is no need to mention the bowl in the bag, the suit jacket was given by the senior sister, as for the other shirts, vests, shoes, etc., I will buy it later.

    Normal boa constrictor hunting is mainly based on ambush. When the prey enters the attack range, it ejects directly, bites the prey with a mouth full of barbs and long teeth, and then begins to coil and strangle.

    But the snake demon obviously considered itself a monster, and wanted to attack Chen Kuo head-on.

    This kind of viciousness is not common in little demons.
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