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Text Chapter 31 Mr. Zhai

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    Not long after, Lao Li came over with the latest quarterly product information.

    Chen Kuo asked him to not only sort out the information and quotations of the "Five Elements Exorcism Formation Set", but also asked him to sort out some non-spiritual supplies this season, such as Taoist robes, incense, wooden mobile phone cases, gloves,  The inventory of masks, eyeglass frames and other products are listed.

    According to the general definition, such things as "magic circle clips" can be classified as magical weapons, but in actual use, they are similar to consumables such as magic charms-not only will there be loss of failed products during refining, but also  The loss in the process of use is also very large, and it is even easy to be completely reimbursed after a battle.

    Therefore, if the set of "Five Elements Exorcism Array" can be promoted in such a large sect as the Profound Qi Sect, there will definitely be a great demand in the future.

    And if the negotiation can be concluded this time, no matter how many sets the Long Qizong wants, he will also give away a large number of other non-spiritual products on the basis of the discounted supply of the magic circle set.

    The "Five Elements Exorcism Formation" set is a boutique that Chen Kuo has carefully prepared for a year and a half. He believes that it will definitely make the cultivators of the Long Qizong use it well.

    Once they have established a preliminary impression of Duobao Company because of the "five-element exorcism circle", they will naturally position it in a high-end and powerful direction, and those products such as magic robes will also rise with the tide, attracting the attention of cultivators.

    Although the profit of these non-enchanted products is far less than that of products such as magic circle suits, the key is that those non-enchanted products are not only produced quickly, but also have a very rich product line. From design to production, they can be handed over to others  , without Chen Kuo doing it himself.

    Unlike those blanks of magical instruments, ritual utensils, and spell-casting props, Chen Kuo had to personally calculate the structure that carries the aura, and try the ratio of various materials. The production process also had to pay attention to quality control.  , If there are really a large number of orders, there may not be enough product supply.

    Moreover, there is another important feature of non-possessed spirit products, that is, not only cultivators can use them.

    After Lao Li sorted out the materials and quotations, Chen Kuo directly forwarded them to Yang Ningpu¡¯s WeChat, he put his legs on the desk, and summoned Wang Weichan and Shen Sigu in the bracelets to accompany him, sing  "We ordinary people, I'm so happy today"

    It's a pity that Chen Kuo is always out of tune, and the two demon spirits who are professional musicians are manipulating the instruments under the spiritual vision.

    Zhu Li, who was sitting outside the office, also had super inspiration, so she could also hear Wang Weisun and Shen Sigu's performances under the spiritual vision.

    Originally, Zhu Li was still amazed at how Chen Kuo played the music under the spirit vision world, but when Chen Kuo's out-of-tune singing sounded, she immediately "break the defense", and her serious and serious expression in front of the computer screen almost collapsed.

    Fortunately, Chen Kuo just got excited, sang a few words casually, and soon accepted the "supernatural power".

    There was a new message on WeChat. Chen Kuo picked it up and found out that it was the designer who had been contacted in the morning and provided by Ye Shujie for the renovation of her house.

    No matter what decoration and design company it is for, the Ye family's house must be a big project, so the friend Ye Shujie introduced, the designer is also very enthusiastic.

    When he learned that Chen Kuo had a friend's house that was going to be repaired and wanted to consult, he became even more enthusiastic.

    Naturally, Chen Kuo didn't ask about Fengshui right away, but consulted in various aspects like that, and then praised the Ye family's Fengshui layout by the way.

    The designer knew that Chen Kuo knew Ye Shujie, and he didn't hide it. To be honest, the Feng Shui instructor was a friend of Mr. Ye. He was wearing a long gown, and he spoke in a low voice and slow speed, but he was very convincing.  .

    From the conversation with the designer, he also learned some details about the on-site guidance of Feng Shui layout, and Chen Kuo once again confirmed that the person's level is very high.

    However, the designer didn't know the full name and identity of the "Feng Shui Master". He just heard the old man of the Ye family call him "Mr. Zhai", so he called him "Old Zhai" along with him.

    Then Chen Kuo contacted the garden designer from Pingjiang. The result of the exchange was similar to that of the previous designer. The Fengshui layout was all controlled and guided by that "Mr. Zhai".  Mr. Zhai admires him a lot.

    After finishing communicating with the two designers, Chen Kuo sent Ye Shujie a WeChat message, asking if she had asked her grandfather if she could introduce the Feng Shui master "Mr. Zhai" to him.

    Chen Kuo believes that under normal circumstances, as a disciple of the "Jingshan Sect" and the general manager of Duobao Company, he is absolutely qualified to meet any "feng shui master".

    After a while, Ye Shujie called directly, and after Chen Kuo picked it up, it was Mr. Ye who spoke to the other side.

      Mr. Ye also now knows that his family can "eliminate spirits" without major destruction and demolition, thanks to Chen Kuo invited by Ye Shujie.

    Moreover, Chen Kuo is also a disciple of the "Jingshan Sect" and a "famous orthodox sect", so Mr. Ye has a very good attitude towards him. Knowing that he wants to know the Feng Shui master, he called him specially.

    However, from Old Man Ye, Chen Kuo got a piece of news that made him even more disturbed. That "Mr. Di" was met by Old Man Ye in a teahouse he frequented.

    Mr. Wang, the owner of the tea room, is an old friend of Mr. Ye for decades. Mr. Wang highly respects "Mr. Di".

    "Mr. Zhai" followed Mr. Ye to visit the house a few times, and also met with the designer a few times, pointing out the key points of feng shui in the design of the house.

    Moreover, "Mr. Zhai" never received a penny from the beginning to the end, and even Mr. Ye wanted to send some expensive but low-key antiques, tea, wine, etc., but was rejected.

    But now that "Mr. Zhai" is no longer in Xianyue City. According to Mr. Wang of the tea room, "Mr. Zhai has continued to travel around the world."

    Chen Kuo's uneasiness is not only that Ye and Wang don't know the whereabouts of "Mr. Zhai" now, but even Mr. Wang who admires "Mr. Zhai" so much doesn't know the full name and specific origin of "Mr. Zhai".

    What made him even more suspicious was that "Mr. Zhai" didn't confiscate any money.

    If ordinary people hear "Mr. Zhai" instructing Feng Shui to confiscate money, they will most likely think that this is a real "superior" and not a liar for money.

    However, Chen Kuo knew that for a cultivator with a certain level, there would be a "price" whether it was subduing demons, eliminating spirits, diagnosing diseases, fortune-telling, or looking at Fengshui.

    This "price" is not fixed, and will be judged differently according to different situations. In many cases, the "price" is 0, that is, free, which is very normal.

    The fundamental core of pricing is a comprehensive self-judgment of the corresponding event, one's own cultivation, and the bearing capacity of the parties.

    In other words, "how much do I think it's worth doing" is the real pricing criterion.

    So when Chen Kuo expelled the spirit of the Ye family, even though he knew that the price of "Long Qizong" must be much higher, Qin Ruizhen also told him that Ye Shujie and the others are very rich, so they can charge a higher price, he also joked  The house was very big and "needed to pay more", but in the end the price was still only 100,000. Even Ye Shujie offered to increase the money, but he refused "righteously".

    It's not that he has a company in his hand, and he no longer looks down on the income of "subduing demons and spirits", but his judgment on this matter, and the price is 100,000.

    If it is an ordinary family with little money, even if it is to carry out the same level of spiritual removal activities, he will probably only charge a few hundred dollars for transportation fees or simply free of charge-because he is different from other cultivators.  There is no cost to Ling, and there are additional "rewards". He will do it even if no one asks him.

    At the executive level, when faced with powerful "evil spirits", "demon spirits" and monsters that can affect people's psychology and desires, once they have "the reward this time is much more than I originally wanted, I will earn more money."  "It's over" or "This time the reward is too low and the loss is big", once the main purpose of removing the spirit is for money, when it is for profit, greed dominates the emotion, and it is easy for the "spirit" to take advantage of it and fall into danger.

    For the "Subduing Demons and Eliminating Spirits" activity organized by the Dazong sect, practitioners at the executive level will not care about how much money they will be charged this time. Anyway, they do their own thing well, and the reward is fixed.

    What kind of class is facing, what kind of fees are charged, there are dedicated people to be in charge of contacting - they are responsible for considering profits and costs.

    Of course, there are also some spiritual cultivators who are not from sects who do not understand the pricing principles at all, or they have figured out a pricing system that is suitable for them in ignorance, or they are just lucky and have not encountered a "spiritual cultivator" that can disturb the mind.  ".

    There are also some "intermediaries" among the people who specialize in looking for clients who have encountered ghosts, and then connect with free spiritual practice, or even Zongmen spiritual practice to "eliminate spirits" and make money from this practice.

    They will "set the price" for spiritual practice, and they will bear this "greed", but they will not face the stronger "spirit" by themselves.

    These price-setting methods are not considered general knowledge of spiritual practice, and not everyone knows them, but according to Chen Kuo's judgment, the thickness and breadth of Feng Shui knowledge that "Mr. Zhai" embodied in Yejiayuanzi should be  Know.

    Generally speaking, with the background of the Ye family and the demonstrated strength, Mr. Zhai went back and forth several times, and even personally explained the details of the designer's various layouts. It should not be free of charge.

    Unless he thinks that his friendship with Mr. Ye is worthy of his free advice, or he has already gained enough in the process of giving advice on the Feng Shui of Ye's house.

    After Chen Kuo and Mr. Ye had a brief conversation, they believed that the latter possibility was more likely¡ª¡ªYe and Wang admired and respected "Mr. Zhai" very much, but apparently "Mr. Zhai" didn't take them too seriously.  .

    This "Mr. Zhai", all kinds of behaviors, are really a bit wrong.

    Chen Kuo made an appointment with Mr. Ye, and wanted to visit the teahouse opened by Mr. Wang in the afternoon.  </div>??The old man's friendship is worthy of his free advice, or he has gained enough in the process of giving advice on the Feng Shui of Ye's house.

    After Chen Kuo and Mr. Ye had a brief conversation, they believed that the latter possibility was more likely¡ª¡ªYe and Wang admired and respected "Mr. Zhai" very much, but apparently "Mr. Zhai" didn't take them too seriously.  .

    This "Mr. Zhai", all kinds of behaviors, are really a bit wrong.

    Chen Kuo made an appointment with Mr. Ye, and wanted to visit the teahouse opened by Mr. Wang in the afternoon.  </div&gt
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