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Text Chapter 30 Win-Win

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    Chen Kuo shook his head: "No, my senior brother hasn't sent any news since he left, and no one in the sect has seen him."

    Yang Ningpu opened his mouth slightly, as if he wanted to say something, but finally shook his head and left with his two apprentices.

    Standing at the entrance of the company, looking at the slightly stooped figure walking into the elevator compared to the tall and straight one ten years ago, Chen Kuo felt a little emotional for a while, and couldn't help but think of his senior brother who hadn't heard from him for nearly ten years.  .

    "Brother, brother, where are you now?" Chen Kuo sighed softly in his heart.

    A few years after the senior brother left, the senior sister also told the Zongmen that she would go on a leisure trip, and there has been no news since then.

    In fact, he didn't spend much time with his senior brothers and sisters, but the senior brothers and sisters treated him just like their own younger brothers, caring and caring, even doting, and basically responding to requests.

    When he was a child, every time the old Taoist priest had to go back to the Zongmen or to deal with things, he would call at least one of his senior brothers or senior sisters to take care of him.

    He treats his brothers and sisters like his own brothers and sisters, and loves to confide in them when encountering anything.

    He also thought of looking for his senior brothers and sisters, but the world was so vast that he didn't have any clues, and he didn't know where to start.

    In the past few years, he has calculated the hexagrams many times. Both the senior brother and the senior sister are still alive, but where they are is a mess, and he can't figure it out.

    He can only comfort himself, the brothers and sisters may have found some "blessed place" suitable for cultivation, isolated from the secrets, or their strength has greatly improved, and they have already stepped into the high level of "Qi Cultivation", so he can't figure it out.

    At the beginning, he sometimes felt that he was abandoned by his brothers and sisters, but he soon realized that this was an illusion.

    The brother and sister's love for him is the same as that of the old Taoist priest, it is genuine and cannot be faked.

    They must have some unavoidable reasons, and they can't come back for the time being, and they don't have time to contact him.

    When they finish the task at hand, or break through the bottleneck of cultivation, they will definitely come back to him.

    At that time, he can show them the Duobao Company, which has been running well, and let them see that he has realized the unfinished business of the old Taoist priest

    Back in the office, Chen Kuo first tore off the magic seal on the box where the bowls were placed, and then took a gulp of the cold tea made for him by the secretary on the desk.

    After drinking tea, Chen Kuo lowered his head, only to find Ganfanniu standing at his feet looking up at him eagerly.

    Chen Kuo was stunned for a moment, then looked at the teacup in his hand, and said in surprise: "No, I'm drinking tea! Do you want tea too?"

    Ganfanniu nodded firmly.

    "When did you even love tea? This is not like you, Ganfan girl?! Wait, it can't be because this is Xiao Zhu's tea, so you want to drink it?" Chen Kuo didn't drink anything expensive.  good tea.


    "What a silly joke!" Chen Kuo frowned and said, "Be honest, why do you like Xiao Zhu so much? What's so special about her."

    Ganfan girl scratched her head: "It smells good"

    "Apart from the good smell? Is there anything different from others, such as Is there anything unusual about her aura?"

    Ganfan girl was stunned for a moment, then climbed onto Chen Kuo's shoulders two or three times, sat on his neck, and raised her head to think, as if a higher position would facilitate her thinking.

    "Because you like her too!" Qianfanniu replied loudly.

    "It's true that I like her, but I like her because she is good-looking and has a good figure. I like a lot of beauties, and I haven't seen you treat others like this?" Chen Kuo said.

    He had asked Ganfanniu before if she thought Qin Rui and Sister Qin smelled good, and the answer he got was negative, which proved that Ganfanniu's judgment on whether the smell smelled good or not in the spiritual vision world was not based on hue or Chen Kuo's desire  value.

    "Anyway, I like her smell." Ganfanniu put her chin on top of Chen Kuo's head and gave up thinking.

    Chen Kuo also gave up asking her. He should have known that except for the strong subjective initiative in eating, other aspects of this bowl of monsters are only confused and forced to use their brains.

    "Xiao Zhu, please bring me another cup of tea." Chen Kuo said to Zhu Li at the door through the landline.

    "Alright Mr. Chen, wait a moment." Zhu Li's crisp and clear voice came.

    Chen Kuo smiled inexplicably. He has been in charge of Duobao Company for several years, but the moment just now was the moment when he felt the most "boss".


    After a while, Zhu Li soaked for a while.??The hot tea came in, put it on the table, and put away the previous cup.

    Seeing that Chen Kuo took out the big white bowl, as if he was about to pour the tea into it, she couldn't help but wonder: "Mr. Chen, will the tea taste better if you pour it into that bowl?"

    "I don't know, just try, ha ha." Chen Kuo was also a little helpless, "My bossisn't it strange."

    Taking a sip of tea from the big bowl, Chen Kuo glanced at the girl sitting in the corner of the desk who was also holding a big teacup and sipping tea. Looking at her expression of squinting and enjoying, it seemed that she really liked drinking this tea.  Tea.

    "No, everyone has different habits, it's normal." Zhu Li said.

    "Well, please inform Lao Li to come to my office." Chen Kuo put down the bowl and confessed.

    "Okay! Mr. Chen, have you just negotiated a business deal with the people from the Great Qizong?" Zhu Li also asked happily.

    "Not yet, but there is a high probability that it will be fine." Chen Kuo said, "The Long Qizong is one of the five major sects. If we win it, it will improve our business quality."

    Chen Kuo knew that Yang Ningpu might not believe that he used the "Five Elements Exorcism Array" to solve the "house spirit" of the Ye family, but the fundamental purpose of Yang Ningpu's visit was not to pursue the truth, but to test how he did it, whether  What is the secret method? Does Duobao have any products that can help practitioners achieve this, and can they be obtained through transactions.

    It is Yang Ningpu's fundamental purpose to improve his own team strength and be able to deal with similar problems by himself next time.

    Although Chen Kuo didn't use this magic circle tool to deal with the Ye family's "House Spirit", or even a magic circle at all.

    But in theory, the way to deal with the "house spirit" is the same.

    The set of "magic circle clips" has been refined by experts, embedded in a suitable magic circle system, and then activated by a powerful and experienced spiritualist. It can indeed drive away the "house spirit" for a short time.  , Inject into other bearing objects, eliminate or suppress, and minimize the demolition of the main structure of the house.

    Of course, the time and material consumption must be much more than Chen Kuo's method, but after all, it is a leap from being unsolvable to being able to be solved.

    So at this meeting, Chen Kuo got a chance to sell products, and Yang Ningpu saw the possibility of improving his strength. It can be said that both sides are a win-win situation.
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