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Main text Chapter 95 The boss has something on his mind!

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    When Chen Kuo was 18 years old and took the college entrance examination, the old Taoist priest was assigned by the sect to hunt down a big demon.

    After Chen Kuo went to middle school, he didn't need the old Taoist priest to follow and stare at him all the time, so he would continue to complete the tasks assigned by the sect.

    After all, the old Taoist priests refined various pills and items for Chen Kuo to suppress the yang aura in his body in those years, and many of them needed to mobilize the resources of the sect to help him find them.

    Of course, whenever this happens, he will arrange for one of his seniors or senior sisters to stay in Xianyue City to take care of him, so as to prevent Chen Kuo from suddenly having the Qi of the sun, and no one will help him.

    Chen Kuo clearly remembers that when he came out of the last subject of the college entrance examination that year, he felt that he had done well in the exam. He was about to ask his senior sister to call the old Taoist priest to announce the good news, but found that the senior sister standing outside the examination room was holding a mobile phone with a dignified face.

    "What's the matter, senior sister? Did someone rude come to strike up a conversation and made you angry?" Chen Kuo joked.

    "Master is dead." The senior sister's voice was a little different from usual, low and hoarse.

    Chen Kuo's first reaction at the time was that the senior sister was joking, thinking that the senior sister who liked to tease him when he was a child was playing a spoof, so he said with a smile: "If the master hears what you said, he will have to deduct your pocket money."

    But then, the senior sister hugged him.

    The senior sister was very strong, and it made him a little uncomfortable.

    Normally, if the senior sister hugged him like this, he would have to blush and fight the little yellow man in his heart.

    But at this time, Chen Kuo's whole body was icy cold, like falling into an ice cave, and he didn't care to break free.

    Because he realized from the senior sister's reaction that what she just said was not a joke.

    Then, his body started to heat up, and a force was brewing in his body, and his emotions rushed from sadness to anger¡ªalthough he didn't know the direction and goal of this anger.

    The senior sister hugged him tightly, and kept repeating in her ear: "Don't say anything, don't do anything, listen to me. Don't say anything, don't do anything, listen to me"

    He didn't know how he calmed down. Anyway, he didn't say a word after that, and followed his senior sister in a daze, taking a plane, a bus, and a chartered car all the way back to the sect.

    After a long time, he heard his senior sister talk about the situation that day, and the Zhiyang aura in his body almost couldn't be suppressed, and burst out.

    When saying this, the senior sister regretted it, thinking that she should not have told him the news of the master's death so directly.

    However, he knew that at that time, the senior sister also just got the news and fell into great sadness.

    When the senior sister brought Chen Kuo to the Zongmen, the senior brother had already come back first, guarding the master.

    It was also from the mouth of the senior brother that Chen Kuo knew how the master died:

    The master and two disciples from the same sect went to hunt down a big demon in form, but fell into the trap of the other party. In the end, two of the three died on the spot. The old Taoist killed the big demon by himself and returned to the sect with serious injuries.

    It's a pity that the injury was too serious. Although the old suzerain Master Xuanting and several elders tried their best to treat him, they still couldn't recover.

    At the beginning, Chen Kuo didn't think about the tricks of the master's death. He only hated that the big monster died too easily, and his anger had nowhere to go.

    After all, the senior brothers and sisters have checked the master's body, and Master Xuan Ting also has a very good relationship with the master, and he is the one who presides over the rescue and burial of the master.

    If they see a problem, they won't let it go, and if they don't say anything, there should be nothing.

    But looking back now, the brother's state at that time was a little bit wrong, not simply sad, but as if he was suppressing something.

    There are still many details that he didn't think were strange at the time, but now they come to mind, but there are strange details everywhere.

    The first step of the "Seven Devouring Mysterious Technique of Tracking and Tracking" is the "spiritual charm" left by the master, and 99% of it is related to the master.

    As for the master, apart from the cause of the master's death, what else could make the brothers and sisters disappear for so many years without a word from them?

    Ever since Wei Zhi used the "Seven Devouring Trace-Tracking Mystery Technique" to help him give him the first step in locating his senior brother and senior sister, Chen Kuo has been recalling all the details of his master's death.

    After thinking about it for most of the night, when he went to work the next day, sitting in the office, he was still sorting out his thoughts.

    Finally, he figured out a route to verify and investigate the cause of his master's death.

    And this road starts from the gate of "Jingshan Sect"

    The boss has something on his mind!

    Sitting at the workstation, Zhu Li, who seemed to be working, was not thinkingI kept thinking about the state of Chen Kuo in the office just now.

    When she walked into the office before, although Chen Kuo often acted as if he was concentrating on the documents in his hands and the documents on the computer screen, she could clearly feel that a large part of Chen Kuo's attention was on her¡ª¡ª  Even deliberately keeping his eyes off her.

    The same goes for the bowl monster "Ganfan Girl", as soon as she enters the office, she leans over and hugs her with a silly smile on her face.

    But this morning, when she entered the office, she instantly felt that Chen Kuo was a little absent-minded, and his attention to her might be less than 10% of the usual.

    It was the same with the "Ganfan Girl", who was sitting on Chen Kuo's big desk, drooping her head, looking unhappy. When she saw her coming in, she just smiled at her, and didn't get together as usual.  Come and smell it.

    What happened here?

    Just when she was about to find another excuse and go into the office to find out, Chen Kuo asked her to book a plane ticket to Lucheng City at the earliest time she could catch up.

    "Boss, are you going on a business trip?" Zhu Li couldn't help asking while holding the phone between her shoulder and cheek, and started booking tickets for Chen Kuo on the computer.

    "Well, it's about the sect."

    "Then as a secretary and assistant"

    "Not this time."

    "Oh, okay, you don't have to worry about work matters, I will help you deal with them, if you have any questions, I can ask you through WeChat?" Zhu Li was very keen to judge from Chen Kuo's tone and his state early this morning,  Now is not the time for her to "mess around".

    "Well, I will get rid of you about the company."

    "This is what I should do. Don't worry, the nearest flight takes off at 12:45. You need to be ready to leave within 30 minutes. Do you think you can make it in time?"

    "Just book this class."


    Zhu Li booked the air ticket in a hurry, but she was more and more curious about what happened to Chen Kuo.

    The gate of the "Jingshan Sect" is in Lucheng City, she knows it, and Chen Kuo also bluntly said that it is a matter of the sect, so there is no doubt that he will return to the sect.

    But what exactly is it?  It can't be the sect's infighting, right?

    If so, it's a bit "early", she has no way to directly influence Chen Kuo, and she can't help even if she wants to!

    However, she immediately thought that when she saw Chen Kuo and Ganfanniu in the office just now, it didn't look like they were going to fight for power and gain, and they seemed a little sad?

    Or, is it because someone close to the sect passed away?

    Is his senior brother or senior sister?

    Thinking of Chen Kuo once saying that the jacket he wears most is given by his senior sister, the car he always drives is left by his senior brother, and the phrase "Because I don't have many, so I cherish it very much", Zhu Li is actually a little sad  Emotions surged.

    But when it was time to get off work in the afternoon, Zhu Li had no time to think about Chen Kuo's affairs, because her mother came to Xianyue City.
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