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Text End of this speech

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    Although there are all kinds of disappointments and struggles, this book is finally finished.

    Thanks to my editor in charge, A Fei, who has been trying his best to communicate with me before opening the book.

    Thanks to all the new and old readers who subscribed, voted, left messages, and tipped. Without your support, it is estimated that 500,000 would not be able to finish writing.  Especially the old faces of the blood race, thank you again.

    Like the book friends who often speak, I basically remember all the ids, True Blood Twilight, Juicy Squidward Brother, Shengxiao Yiwei, Wild Vegetable Nanako, Jindenglong, Zhan!  , Big Cat 007, mp3 loss, at2001, Ge Shu forgot to bring a knife, soul. Ji, Bao Xianzi, s dolphin, wind and rain talk about the setting sun, light shines on the strings, South Bank calls Martians, banoon baboon, egg Dingshu,  You are too slow 2, I am a cat warrior, Zhuo, recently fell in love with black tea, two rituals 5583, owl l, Ye Mei, my dream Jiangnan, dr Pope, ilovekasai, mark07709, Yongye Xiaosaonian,  , yun, and that book friend who has tipped many times 160709052306541 (brother, you should change your nickname anyway I almost memorized your numbers), a lot of them I have seen in the last book  old faces.

    There are many, many book friends. Basically, as long as you often post articles, I can remember your id. I may not remember it for a while now, but I can know who it is as long as I see the nickname¡ª¡ªHamburg head big memory  good.

    Of course, I also have to thank those "silent majority" readers who just read books, subscribe, vote, and give rewards silently, and don't like to post articles and comments.  big tree.

    ?Special thanks to Chang Shi, Undersea Walker, and Grenade Afraid of Water, for their chapter push during the most difficult period when there was no recommendation in the new issue of this book.

    Thanks to my three operating officers, I don¡¯t look back, I don¡¯t know the autumn, Boer¡¯s ancestor, Floating and chaotic world Wuhen Zhifeng, they worked very hard to organize activities and distribute rewards every month, and devoted a lot of time and energy to help me manage the book for free.  friend zone.

    Thanks to the book friend artist Shiwumi for drawing many fanarts for this book, I like the painting style very much~.

    Speaking back to the book itself, to be honest, even if this "My Secret Fox" is not considered an achievement, I am not very satisfied with the book itself, as far as I am concerned-it has not improved much compared to the previous one.  Even in some places, it has regressed.

    This is also the reason why this book ended in just over one million words. I cut off most of the branch lines, leaving only the main line to advance.

    And it is precisely because the main line advances too fast that the high-level spiritual cultivation, especially the real monarch's force system, has become too "vulgar", without the "immortal" and "mysterious" temperament, and there is no magical power.  A more three-dimensional display can be obtained.

    Also, in terms of character creation, there is also a lack of a lot of support, which seems a bit thin.

    In fact, at the end of the blood race, the new pit that I first thought of was not this book, but after writing the new pit with confidence, no matter whether it is a friend who has read it or the editor in charge, all the evaluations are very poor, so  After I modified it several times without any qualitative changes, I started to write a new beginning.

    But one after another, the beginning of one, one theme after another, the feedback I got is not very good, the state is getting worse and worse, and it has been almost a month since the originally promised book opening date, and my mentality is getting worse and worse.  More and more urgent.

    In the end, when the beginning of "My Secret Fox" came out, at least it got a barely moderate review from everyone, so I didn't care about other things, so I wrote this book first.

    However, judging from the results, this book is obviously worth it.

    ?From the beginning of the new book, I have not been able to break out of the division, and I have not been able to get recommendations such as Sanjiang, Strong Recommendation, and Fenfeng, and finally ran naked on the shelves.

    I thought it would be better in the middle and late stages, but judging from the results, it didn't.

    On the whole, I kind of wanted to deliberately please readers and take shortcuts, but I didn't find the readers' g-spot, nor did I really let go of my hands and feet. Instead, I restricted some of my specialties.

    In the words of General Fan, it is:

    "You said at the beginning of the hamburger, how many themes have been changed one by one? Have you changed it? Change the soup but not the medicine!

    Other readers also have reason to say, what kind of book am I reading? I am reading squid elbow and eagle tomato.

    What book did you write in Hamburg, you asked me to subscribe to vote?

    What is Hamburg's current level? I have only written so many books. You can put everything in the city with supernatural powers, can he put it?  Can't let it go, he doesn't have the ability to integrate, you know?

    If I go any further, I will not recommend it.

    pk But I didn't recommend it, I'll put it on the shelves again, and then hit the street.

    There is no way to sign a contract.  "

    "On the other hand, Hamburg is the earliest author to prepare for the 2028 rookie king"

    the"Oh, congratulations on getting rich~

    I have already said that a novel like yours does not have a solid foundation.

    Can you guarantee to me that it is 190,000 words or 200,000 words, so that he can recommend such key points?

    Be more pragmatic, I advise Hamburg to understand his writing style and the idea of ??the novel first.

    The urban writing is quite good, why did you replace him, you tell me.

    You don't even have a boutique badge after the full book, but you tell me, how can you explain it?

    I didn't eat any food!  "

    (©¤=¡Ô¦²(((¤Ä??w??)¤Ä is purely a joke, don't take it seriously)

    The preparation of the new book will start soon, and there are many themes.

    Going back, I may put a few beginnings on the official account (same as the author's name), and I will also post some extra episodes, usual chats, etc. Welcome to pay attention.

    I speculate that the new book should be released within a month, or it may be faster.

    Well, see you in the next book.

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