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Text Chapter 41: Changing Tactics

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    After being dragged away by the master for two steps, Wei Zhi whispered: "Master, I will use three steps, uh, two steps, two steps are fine, generally speaking, two steps won't cause too much backlash.  It¡¯s too dangerous. Or I¡¯ll just use one step, and there¡¯s no danger in one step, let¡¯s see the situation.¡±

    Fu Chong smiled wryly and said: "Although I don't know the 'Seven Devouring Trace Mystery Technique', I have heard many seniors in the sect say that once you use this thing, it is not so easy to stop. Then  It's hard to refuse the feeling that you are about to find a clue, that it seems to be right in front of you, that you may be able to find it in the next step"

    Weizhi smiled and said: "It's okay, I have a master watching over me."

    Fu Chong said with a bitter face: "I think it's useful, I won't let you use it, can you listen? Disciple, why do you have to find that person Let's tell you Uncle Yang and a few senior brothers to pay attention to it."  Alright."

    Wei Zhi frowned and looked at the ground, and whispered after a few seconds: "I don't know why, but I always feel that I should find that person, that demon spirit. It's a kind of intuition."

    Fu Chong sighed, hey, his intuition came out, then there is no need to discuss this matter.  For "Qi Cultivation", intuition is better than heaven.

    Fu Chong pointed out two fingers to his apprentice: "Two steps, no matter what, you can't exceed two steps. If you dare to continue counting after two steps, I will I will I will not recognize you as a disciple!  I will ask the suzerain to arrange another master for you!"

    "Yeah, okay, don't worry, master!" Weizhi nodded excitedly.

    Then they returned to the grass just now and continued to squat on the ground.

    Wei Zhi's fair and immature face was full of awe, and he quickly pinched a few tricks with his hands, then flipped his hands, and slapped a talisman in front of him, as if there was an invisible object in front of him.

    The talisman seemed to have been photographed on some object, and it was directly suspended in the air.

    Weizhi's hands kept on, closing his eyes, and quickly said in his mouth: "The world is boundless, the vast and strange method, searching for traces and spirits, asking one step at a time, revealing!"

    As he opened his eyes, the dangling talisman in front of him burned and dissipated.

    Under the spiritual vision, several talisman seals quickly appeared and hit Weizhi's forehead.

    When the apprentice was performing the "Seven Devouring Trace Mystery Technique", Fu Chong had been staring nervously at the side, for fear of any accidents. Then he would see that Wei Zhichang breathed out his work and finished casting the spell, and he too  Followed by a sigh of relief.

    "How about it? What is the result? Which direction should we go?" Fu Chong asked carefully.

    Weizhi frowned and said, "It's not about which direction to goit's about ourselves."

    "Ah? On me?" Fu Chong's round face was full of question marks.

    Weizhi went over to search the master's backpack, and found a box of "Qingshen Incense" after a while, which was used by them to calm their minds when they meditated or encountered evil spirits.

    After thinking about it, only to light the incense, the master and the apprentice stared at the side for a long time, but their faces were confused, and they couldn't figure out what the reminder was.

    Do you mean let them settle down and think about it?

    Or is it that the demon spirit is related to incense?

    When the master and apprentice were trying to ponder this reminder, they suddenly found two patrolmen walking towards them under the leadership of an aunt.

    It seems that an enthusiastic aunt who went to the park noticed that the two Taoist priests in Taoist robes were squatting in a remote place, setting off some cigarettes and lighting some kind of fire furtively. She became suspicious and went to report the situation to the police.

    The master and apprentice hurriedly took their things and left quickly. Although they had done nothing wrong and had all kinds of documents in place, it was still not easy to answer when they were caught and interrogated

    When Fu Chong and Wei Zhi's master and apprentice were thinking about how to find that "big man haunted by demon spirits", Bai Ying had already changed the target of tracking.

    Although she felt that the very young "Qi Cultivator" of the Profound Sect should have colluded with Chen Kuo of the "Jingshan Sect", and the older round-faced and fat cultivator might not know about it, but she did not dare to contact the round-faced  Fat Xiu may continue to follow. After all, the inspiration of "Qi Xiu" is usually very strong. It's okay for her to follow and snoop a few times in crowded places. Once in a place with few people, the possibility of exposure is very high, and she doesn't think  Continue to track what substantive evidence can be obtained.

    So she shifted her target and went to follow the other cultivators of the "Long Qizong" - Yang Ningpu's apprentices.

    Bai Ying believes that Yang Ningpu must have colluded with Chen Kuo, otherwise their plan to jointly create a "spiritual" to deceive the Ye family would be impossible, after all, the "Qi Xiu" had just arrived in Xianyue City.

    She is going to change her strategy. Stalking and snooping are not only easy to expose, but it is also difficult to stand up at present.?Get useful information that can substantively prove something.

    So she intends to look for clues from their past "spirit removal" activities. No matter what their purpose is or what conspiracy they have, it is unlikely that the Ye family will be the beginning, nor will it be the end.

    You may not be able to see anything from the Ye family alone, but if you combine the "spirit removal" activities they have done in the past, you may be able to find some commonalities, so as to find out the purpose of their collusion, and then find some evidence.

    At noon, Bai Ying was wearing a black bobo wig, and her clothes were changed into a shirt and suspender jeans. She looked like a good girl.

    She waited on the road for a while, and saw a tall and thin man in a Taoist robe holding a mobile phone in one hand and a takeaway in the other. After walking out of a restaurant, he walked up quickly.

    "Xiao Daoist Excuse me, may I ask May I borrow your mobile phone?"

    Bai Ying walked up to the tall and thin man, and asked in a timid voice.

    "Huh?" The tall and thin man raised his head in surprise and looked at Bai Ying, but he didn't react for a while.

    "My mobile phone is out of battery." Bai Ying raised her hand to show him her mobile phone with a black screen, and said anxiously: "My friend asked me to meet at Sunny Restaurant. I just used my mobile phone to navigate, but there is no  The battery is offcan you borrow my phone to look at the map? Thank you, our family goes to the Taoist temple every year"

    "Uh, I'm not actually a Taoist, I'm well, you can check." The tall and thin man saw Bai Ying's little hand stretched out, and subconsciously handed over the phone.

    After taking the phone, Bai Ying said words of thanks, and quickly opened the map app of the phone, checked it, handed it back to him, bowed again, and thanked him.

    After saying goodbye to the tall and thin man, Bai Ying quickly left the street, turned a few corners, stopped, took out another mobile phone from her pocket, opened it, and quickly recorded a few addresses.

    The tall and thin man just now was one of Yang Ningpu's apprentices. Based on Bai Ying's several observations, this apprentice drove Yang Ningpu every time he went out.

    Generally speaking, when Lingxiu receives an entrustment, he needs to go on a survey or carry out activities to subdue demons and eliminate spirits. If he goes there for the first time, unless someone picks him up, he will mostly use a mobile phone map to navigate.

    So just now she clicked on the search bar of the mobile phone map, and quickly wrote down those historical search addresses.

    At this time, after checking the recorded addresses one by one, Bai Ying found that 1/3 of the addresses were in Haihong City, and a few were in other provinces.

    After finding and confirming the list of addresses in Xianyue City, Bai Ying ruled out the addresses where she could go to eat and stay at first glance, and the address of the Ye family's Taihua Road house, leaving four addresses.

    Among the four addresses, one caught her eyes and lifted her spirits, but she was not too surprised¡ªit was the location of Duobao Company, and even the search name was "Duobao Stationery Co., Ltd."

    Once again, Yang Ningpu and Chen Kuo are connected and colluded!

    And the other three addresses are what she is going to confirm.
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