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Text Chapter 42 "The Best Chance"

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    After she thought she had confirmed that there was collusion between Yang Ningpu, Chen Kuo, and the young Qi Xiu of the "Long Qizong", Bai Ying made a phone call.

    "Senior Sister!"

    "Well, let's talk, what can I do for you"

    "No way, why are you so direct, why can't I just call my senior sister and chat with her?" Bai Ying said angrily.

    "Hehe, I can't." The "senior sister" on the other side of the phone obviously knew Bai Ying's behavior style very well.

    "Senior sister really misunderstood me, I really just called to say hello." Bai Ying said with an aggrieved tone.

    "Okay, I'm fine, that's it?"

    "Uh, wait a minute, Senior Sister, I have a question to ask by the way"

    "Ask." "Senior Sister" said indifferently, obviously expecting it long ago.

    "Um Senior Sister, do you know that there is a very young qi cultivator in the Long Qizong? He looks about ten years old, looks fair and clean, and there is a fat Taoist next to him, maybe his master  " Bai Ying asked.

    "A qi cultivator in the early ten years of the Long Qizong? Oh, I guess it is the only one. The talent is very good, but it is still very young and has not yet matured. What, you have conflicts with them?" "Senior Sister" said.

    Bai Ying pondered for a while, and then said: "Senior sister, if the disciples of the 'Long Qi Sect' and the 'Jing Shan Sect' colluded in private and deceived ordinary people together, what kind of crime would it be to make the sect masters of the five major sects open a large sect?"  can you?"

    "Senior Sister" said strangely: "The foundations of the 'Long Qi Sect' and the 'Jing Shan Sect' secretly colluded to deceive ordinary people? Why? To cheat money?"

    "Although there is money cheating, butbut I don't think cheating money is the main purpose."

    "What's the purpose of that?"

    Bai Ying simply told the "Senior Sister" the cause and effect of the whole incident, including the information she found and the possibility of speculation.

    "Senior Sister" said after listening: "The Chen Kuo of the 'Jingshan Sect' you mentioned, since he is the actual controller of Duobao Company, it should not be surprising that he knows people from other sects.  Wu Ling', maybe Chen Kuo has some secret technique of the 'Jingshan School' that is unknown?"

    Bai Ying immediately replied: "If Chen Kuo and Weizhi are friends normally, why bother to have a sneaky meeting in the downtown area while his master is queuing up to buy things?  Why would he only charge 100,000 yuan to solve the "house spirit" that Yang Ningpu and others could not solve in one night under the premise of the house? Could it be that dealing with such a "house spirit" is only worth 100,000 yuan to him? If he really  Qiang, why was he sent by the "Jingshan Sect" to Xianyue City to run the company? Besides, I have seen him with my own eyes, and I am sure that he is not a Qi cultivator, and his cultivation level is not very advanced! Sister, here  There are so many details that are wrong, believe me, they must have colluded, and there must be a big conspiracy in the background."

    "Senior Sister" was silent for a while, and then sighed softly: "There are indeed some doubts, but I think you are still a little too stubborn. Sakura, do you hope that they are planning a big conspiracy. In this case,  If you expose or destroy this conspiracy, will you be able to make your father and the people of Hongyan Sect look at you with admiration?"

    This time, Bai Ying fell into silence. After a while, she closed her eyes and took a long breath, and said, "Senior sister, I trust my intuition. My intuition has always been accurate. There must be something wrong here in Xianyue City. They must be here."  What are you planning"

    "Senior Sister" interrupted her: "If your judgment is wrong, then at most it will waste some time or offend someone, nothing. But if it is right, have you ever thought about how big it might be?"  danger?"

    "Don't worry, Senior Sister, I am very careful not to let them find out that I am investigating. Senior Sister, you should know my abilities. I may not be able to compete in fighting skills and removing spirits, but the ability to pretend to hide myself and secretly investigate and spy is generally good.  Spiritual cultivation is also inferior to me. When I find more convincing evidence, I will stop and hand over these to more powerful people to take over."

    "Sakura, no matter what kind of judgment you make, whether I believe your judgment or not, I am on your side." "Senior Sister" said, "When I am done with the matter at hand, I will go to  Xianyue City helps you, whether there is a conspiracy or not, I will find out the result together with you, so don't act rashly."

    "Well, don't worry, senior sister, I won't mess around, I'm very afraid of death."

    However, after hanging up the phone, Bai Ying immediately prepared to set off to investigate the addresses of the three Xianyue cities.

    The "Senior Sister" who just called is not a senior sister in the strict sense. The two of them do not have the same master, but her deceased mother and the "Senior Sister" have a very close relationship with the same sect.So the two of them often played together when they were young, and they had a good relationship.

    In fact, from the perspective of the sect, Bai Ying can be regarded as "born in a famous family".

    Her father is a well-known spiritual cultivator of "Hongyan Sect", one of the five major sects. Although the sect "Niewang Sect" to which her mother belongs is not one of the five major sects, it is not one of the five major sects, but it is similar to "Jingshan Sect".  "Famous and authentic" with a certain reputation and background.

    Unfortunately, Bai Ying's mother passed away when she was very young, but her father soon married a new wife and had a new child.

    Bai Ying has been very interested in spiritual arts, spells, and practice since she was a child. Because of her family background, she is also able to get in touch with these knowledges. She has always wanted to become a very powerful spiritual practitioner, and she will go everywhere to "subdue demons and eliminate spirits", just like  She was the same as her mother back then¡ªalthough she didn't have much impression of her mother.

    But what she didn't expect was that when she applied to her father at the age of sixteen to officially join the "Hongyanmen", her father told her that it was too late at this age, and her talent was not enough to be a spiritual practitioner.

    But when she wanted to join the "Hongyan Sect" when she was ten years old, her father told her that she didn't need to enter the sect so early, and wait until she was sixteen?  !

    What made her even more angry was that when she was studying in university, her half-brother managed to become an official disciple of "Hongyanmen"!

    This incident caused Bai Ying to completely break with her father. She dropped out of university and directly started her own path of spiritual practice.

    Therefore, "Senior Sister" is not wrong, she is really holding back her energy to prove to her father that she is absolutely as good as her half-brother in spiritual cultivation, and she wants to show her face in the entire spiritual world,  She wants all sects to notice her existence.

    And now, is the best opportunity.

    She trusts her own judgment.

    So next, Bai Ying spent two full days confirming the three addresses in Xianyue City one by one.

    Two of the three addresses can be pinpointed to the specific household or unit, and the other address can only be located to a certain building.

    However, through various methods, she still got the information she wanted, and she was basically sure that Yang Ningpu had indeed brought three apprentices to these three addresses to carry out despiritual activities.

    Because a long time has passed, Bai Ying didn't expect to find the kind of clues that could tell something was wrong at a glance.

    In fact, this is indeed the case. In these three places, there are no obvious traces of exorcism, and there is no abnormal aura situation like Ye's house.

    She wasn't discouraged, she was going to collect enough aura information, and then compare it with the Ye family's house, and slowly search for the abnormalities in it. If she couldn't find it, maybe there is no problem with the removal of spirits in these three places.  She will find a way to start from those addresses in Haihong City or from Chen Kuo.

    But what she didn't expect was that near the third address, she found some "surprises" that she didn't expect.
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