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Text Chapter 261: The Ideal Life of Leisurely Door

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    My secretary is Chapter 261 of the main text of the fox demon. The ideal life of the idle door. From Xiao Chengfeng, Chen Kuo and Zhu Li learned more about the secret method of the previous case.

    Chen Kuo even knew the reason why the last Mingjia True Monarch and several True Monarchs joined forces to besiege the Hidden True Monarch many years ago, the year his master passed away.

    The Hermit True Monarch, who knew what Mingjia Zhenjun and the others were doing, came to question him.

    True Lord Mingjia and the others seemed to be unable to give a strong reason to persuade the True Monarch Hermit, and the conversation between the two sides collapsed, so True Monarch Mingjia gathered a group of True Monarchs, Gao Xiu, and deceived the True Monarch Hidden World into one  Surrounded and killed in the execution circle.

    However, even with one more fight and the benefit of the magic circle, the besieged Zhenjun still suffered heavy casualties. Mingjia Zhenjun was even beaten to the point of falling, and he directly retreated to cultivate, and even the position of suzerain was replaced by others.

    Chen Kuo had heard Bai Ying and her senior sister Tang Yuan talk about this hidden world true monarch before.

    It's just that what they said at the time was that the hidden true monarch didn't know whether he practiced evil methods or his inner demons broke out, went crazy, and became an evil monarch.

    Zhenjun Mingjia and other Zongmen Zhenjun Gaoxiu, in order to prevent the evil monarch from harming ordinary people and causing a huge impact, they worked together to kill him.

    Looking at it now, Zhenjun Mingjia and other Zongmen Zhenjun should be called "evil monarchs".

    The hidden true monarch should be called "the real Daoist high-cultivator".

    Judging from being trapped in the opponent's trap circle, one enemy can be more than one, and eventually many people are seriously injured, this kind of spiritual cultivation that truly breaks through the bottleneck and becomes a true king by relying on strength, and the kind of spiritual cultivation that becomes a true king by relying on the dark secret method  Xiu, in terms of real combat power and strength, there are still some differences.

    Just like when he was dealing with Huang Ding in Taihua Mountain, he had a vague feeling that if Huang Ding's real cultivation base and real strength were 100 points, then what he actually displayed was only 70 points.

    When Huang Ding was casting spells, he always seemed to have a kind of apprehension, with a guilty conscience.

    At the very beginning, Chen Kuo thought it was Huang Ding's intention to keep his strength, and wanted to bully him.

    But when the "Sword of Slaying God" that Huang Ding manifested through the strength of the half-yang god controlled by the Yin god appeared, he realized that Huang Ding really couldn't fully exert his cultivation.

    It was only under Chen Kuo's ultra-high pressure and the environment where the sun-earth aura in the valley of Taihua Mountain was extremely full, that he finally brought out 85 of his 100 strength.

    ?What was robbed, stolen, or cheated, no matter how rich or powerful it is, is still not entirely your own

    Looking at Yu Xiaobai and Ying Shuangxue who were chirping and researching in the living room and arguing about what to eat for a while, Xianmen felt that his head was a bit big.

    Although this crow has no shape, its mouth is very eloquent. If you don't bother to speak, once you start to speak, it will be difficult to stop, chattering non-stop, and what is said is logical, with a part of her own.  Set of logic.

    In the beginning, Ying Shuangxue couldn't speak to her at all, and she didn't refute a few words, but she was dumbfounded, and then she stared stupidly, and said from time to time: "That", "Ah! But", "But  I think", "emmmm" and other words, but they can't grab the conversation at all, and they can't even answer the words, let alone win the argument against the crow demon.

    It's no wonder that the eldest brother often sighs that Yingshuangxue should have been a parrot in her previous life, or she is also a parrot now, but she was dyed wrong.

    But what Xianmen didn't expect was that within a few days after arriving in Xianyue, his silly little white cat was already able to quarrel with Ying Wu Ya.

    Xianmen was a little curious at the beginning, he knew that Yu Xiaobai had never been the kind of person who reacted quickly, had sharp teeth, and spoke very loudly.

    So when cats and crows quarreled and debated, he occasionally eavesdropped as if passing by.

    Then he understood Yu Xiaobai's strategy. This little white cat was naturally no match for Yingcrow in arguing head-on and talking.

    But now she has figured out an invincible strategy, that is, not to have a direct debate with Ying Crow, that is, to only express her own point of view, only to say what she wants to say, and not to listen to what she has to say.

    Just like now, the conversation overheard by Xianmen is like this:

    "Of course you have to eat hot at night in winter! Hot pot is the best!"

    This is Yu Xiaobai's voice.

    "No! You have to eat barbecue at night. Barbecue is the best choice for supper. As a demon, before becoming a demon king, you must eat mainly meat to have the strength to practice!"

    This is the voice of Yingcrow.

    Yu Xiaobai: "For hot pot, it must be spicy.; She looked up and asked curiously: "What is the list of the demon king's combat power? Is it a list voted by various demons? Can I see it online?"

    Ying Shuangxue pouted her crow's beak disdainfully, and said, "What Internet? You must be on the Internet too much! Where is this kind of thing online? I arranged it myself!"

    "Then who are the others, tell me?"

    "Is now the time to pay attention to this?! My lord brought a demon king over here! And what the hell! 'King of the Sky Falcon' is still alive, it is alive" Ying Shuangxue looked at the monster in shock.  The giant eagle lying on the ground said.

    Xianmen was also shocked. Not only did he have a very clear concept of the strength and cultivation of the Demon King and the True Monarch, but he had also met the "Zhetian Falcon King" before he became an undercover agent of the sect, so he understood the power of this demon king.  What a tyrannical existence the king is - even among the several demon kings of that demon clan, Xiao Chengfeng's cultivation is at the first level.

    And such a "Zhoutian Falcon King", who seemed to be completely unharmed, was captured by the eldest brother?

    "Brotheritis it now?" Xianmen looked at it for a long time, but couldn't understand what the state of the "Zhetian Falcon King" was now, and finally couldn't help closing the door of the van again.  Chen Kuo who walked into the room asked.

    "He is sealed now." Chen Kuo said, and couldn't help laughing: "He was sealed in his own body by himself."

    "Huh?" Xianmen was a little confused when he heard it.

    Ying Shuangxue and Yu Xiaobai also looked confused, expressing that they didn't understand.

    Under the spiritual vision, squatting beside the eagle, looking at the giant eagle, the Ganfan girl raised her head and said to them with resentful eyes: "Stupid, just peeled the grapefruit, and then stuffed the grapefruit meat into the grapefruit peel to pack it up again."  !"

    "Oh~~~" Yingshuangxue and Yu Xiaobai suddenly realized at the same time.

    Zhu Li walked over with two bags from the car and said with a smile: "Don't listen to her nonsense, what kind of pomelo meat and pomelo skin It's my rich brother who refined King Falcon's body into a magic weapon, and then his yin  Naturally, God can only be regarded as a 'guest residence' in the body, it can be regarded as a temporary load, and it is simply sealed."

    Xianmen's expression was even more shocked: "When he was still aliveand his body was not damaged, he was made into a magic weapon? Sister-in-law Secretary Zhu Forgive Xianmen for being dull, I really   I don't understand."

    Chen Kuo smiled and waved his hands and said: "It's okay if you don't understand now, you can slowly understand later. Just now on the road, I discussed with Xiao Zhu that I am going to give you this big bird magic weapon, and at the same time I will adapt it to you.  A set of spells, um, when the time comes, I'm 90% sure that I can completely cover your own aura, and you can pretend to be another 'big demon', or even a 'demon king'."

    The idle door was a little confused: "Brother, what do you mean you want me to pretend to be the 'King of Falcon'?"

    Chen Kuo said: "No, it's still very difficult to do, but you can pretend to be the apprentice of King Falcon, pretend to be another monster, and then go back to that monster organization and pass on his orders to do some things.  Things. I learned a lot of information from Falcon King, the things that the Yaozu have to do are not small, and their layout is also quite a lot, these can be used to help us better dig out the cancer in the sect."

    "But the communication between the monster clan is point-to-point. I only know where a few monsters are and how to contact them. I think it's the same with Secretary Zhu. Unless King Falcon cooperates, otherwise"  Xianmen said with some worry.

    "He will definitely cooperate. I will give you this 'magic weapon' later. He is a spirit carrying objects inside. You can call him out to ask questions at any time. Don't worry, he is very cooperative now. I will give him two options,  Either cooperate with you well. Or throw him to the dry girl"

    Leisurely looking at the pouty girl next to her, who looked like she wasn't full, immediately knew what was going on.

    Zhu Li smiled and put the bag in his hand on the tea table: "Come on, let's eat supper first, and then talk after supper. The matter of the magic weapon is actually not so fast, and now the magic weapon is like a host that has just been installed, what?"  Drivers', 'system', 'applications' and the like haven't been installed yet."

    Seeing the various grilled skewers Zhu Li took out from the bag, as well as the grilled eggplant wrapped in tin foil, Yingshuangxue standing on top of Yu Xiaobai's head immediately gave a triumphant "cack", but seemed to remember that she was a crow,  Changed his mouth to "croak" again.
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