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Volume 10 Chapter 10 Mirrorless Elder Brother

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    Ye Shujie couldn't sleep all night, and she had to pick up her phone to check it from time to time while lying in bed.

    She added Chen Kuo's WeChat in the afternoon, and has been looking through Chen Kuo's circle of friends since then.

    However, although Chen Kuo's circle of friends does not have half-year or three-day visibility, they are basically all kinds of reposts, such as weather conditions, new policies issued by the city, product catalogs published by the company's official account, and the like.

    So she went to several social platforms to search for Chen Kuo's account, but she couldn't find it.  Go to their company's website and official account, and the introduction to his boss is very simple, without even a photo.

    She also recalled that when the third aunt introduced Chen Kuo, she mentioned the name of the other sect, so she went to search for information on "Jingshan Sect".

    However, there are various official and brief introductions about Zongmen on the Internet.

    Then she searched everywhere on the Internet with various keywords, and found some forums and communities built by spiritual lovers.

    Although these communities do not have a real sect background, the people who post and are active in it do not seem to be real sect masters, they are all self-taught and researched netizens, but chatting about some inside stories, chatting about various sect spiritual skills  When he was a reporter, he always seemed to be well-informed.

    In the past, seeing these contents, Ye Shujie must have felt that it was a place where a group of hysterical patients exchanged their illnesses, and she was very disdainful.

    But she has experienced it herself, especially after seeing the miraculous methods of the "Long Qizong" before, and now she really believes in these things that cannot be understood by conventional cognitive methods.

    She browsed the forum for several hours, trying to search for information about "Jingshanzong", but found that her new user was not allowed to use the search function within 48 hours of registration.

    So she could only continue to browse the forum, and then found that there was a user who had posted a lot of essence "popular science" posts, and the ID was "Brother Wujing". He often replied to other people's inquiries in the forum.  Objections will also be answered by @ him.

    It seems that this is an "authoritative person" in the forum.

    So Ye Shujie, with the idea of ??giving it a try, sent a private message to that person, briefly describing the strange things that happened at home before.

    She thought it was already late, and that person might not be able to reply, but she didn't expect to send a private message, and within 5 minutes, there was a reply:

    "The preliminary judgment is that there is a ghost at home. Judging from your description, the spirit is getting stronger and worse. It is recommended to move out for the time being and ask someone to deal with it before going back to live."

    Some of these words were similar to what the people of "Long Qizong" said before, so Ye Shujie immediately replied:

    "Then according to you, how do you deal with this kind of spirit? Do you have a way to deal with it?"

    Brother Wujing replied: "If you want to deal with it, there are ways to deal with it, but the degree of difficulty is different, the level of practitioners you are looking for is also different, and the fees are also different. This depends on the state of the trouble spirit. It is an ordinary spirit.  Or an evil spirit, or a demon spirit. Whether it¡¯s an object, or a creature, or the whole house.¡±

    "It should be the whole house. My house is quite big, about five or six hundred square meters. There is also a yard, but the yard should be fine."

    Ye Shujie thought about it, and then sent a few pictures of her house just after it was renovated this year.

    After a while, there was a message over there:

    "Which city are you in? I can go over and check it out for you. Depending on the city you are in, it will cost about 5,000 to 20,000 door-to-door fees. You can see if it is acceptable. But how did you determine that the trouble is the whole house?"  ? If it is the whole house, according to the size and structure of the house in your picture, the problem is very big and troublesome."

    Ye Shujie: "My grandfather invited people from the 'Long Qizong' to come and see it."

    Brother Wujing: "Oh, that's no problem, the famous family is authentic, and the level should not be bad. It's strange, since you invited the people from the 'Long Qizong', why did you send me a private message to ask me? Didn't they handle it for you?  ?¡±

    Ye Shujie: "Yes, they said it's very troublesome and they can't handle it. They need to ask the elders of the sect to come and deal with it."

    Brother Wujing: "That seems really troublesome. Why, do you think the price quoted by the elders of their sect is too high? I see the picture you sent. The appearance of your house should be economical.  Not bad, I personally suggest that if you really want to deal with this matter, you still have to invite someone from a famous and authentic family like the 'Long Qizong' to do it, and the more expensive it is, the more expensive it will be."

    Ye Shujie: "That's not true. They said that it would cost 500,000 yuan to invite elders to come over. If it can be solved, we can still accept this price. But they said that the solution is to demolish the house most likely, and our house has just been renovated  Well, I spent a lot of energy and time, so I want to seeSee if there is a way without demolishing the house.  "

    Brother Wujing: "Do you need to demolish the house? It seems to be a big house spirit! Believe me, it is really a big house spirit, and the demolition of the house is necessary. And 500,000 is definitely not enough, it is probably just the basic fee for the door-to-door, the whole  After the ceremony, I guess it will cost about 150. Don¡¯t think it¡¯s too expensive. This is the price you have to directly contact the famous and authentic sect of the ¡®Long Qizong¡¯. If I come to contact you, I will tell you the truth.  Please go to a cultivator with a relatively high coffee rank, and it will take at least 300 to deal with this matter, which includes agency fees, tea fees, and errand fees for myself and some friends."

    Ye Shujie was a little surprised: "Is it so troublesome to demolish the house?"

    Brother Wujing: "That's not an ordinary house demolition. Let me tell you, you'd better not believe in evil and find workers to demolish it yourself. Otherwise, there is really a big house spirit, and there will be a big accident when demolishing the house. And  Maybe the demolition will be in vain, and the whole land will have to be scrapped.¡±

    Ye Shujie: "Then what if this is that kind of skyscraper, has it been demolished?"

    Brother Wujing: "Skyscrapers and houses based on reinforced concrete cannot give birth to such a big house spirit. Normally, only a house with a large amount of wood in the foundation structure can give birth to an overall house spirit. But the main body of the house itself  Structural spirits are inherently few, and the spirits born are even rarer."

    Ye Shujie: "But I found another young Taoist priest. He said that it only cost 100,000 yuan, and it could be done in one night, without demolishing the house or destroying any foundation of the house."

    ?Brother Wujing made a dazed and runny-nosed emoji, and then continued to send messages:

    "100,000 yuan? One night? You don't need to demolish the house? I suggest you call the police directly. If this guy is not a liar, I will cut off his head and play it for you!"

    Ye Shujie stared blankly, judging from the whole chat process, she felt that the words of this Wu Jing elder brother were quite reliable.

    Senior Brother Wu Jing actually said so categorically that Chen Kuo is a liar, which made her hesitate for a while.  But immediately thought that Chen Kuo was introduced by his third aunt, and he was also a well-known and authentic person.

    "It should not be a liar. He belongs to the 'Jingshan Sect', which seems to be a well-known sect. And he was introduced by my relatives, and he also has a local business."

    Brother Wujing replied: "From the 'Jingshan Sect'? There are no particularly powerful cultivators in the 'Jingshan Sect'. Anyway, 100,000 yuan, one night, this alone can basically be judged, or it is a liar  , or it¡¯s a special dish, the dish is as good as a liar.¡±

    Ye Shujie held her mobile phone, bit her lower lip, hesitated for a moment, and sent a message: "Add a WeChat, I'm in Xianyue City, if it's convenient for you, come over tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and help me look at the house, I will  Pay you 30,000. Anyway, whether you are a liar or not, you will know tomorrow morning."

    Brother Wujing: "He said one night, could it be tonight? Did you give him the money?"

    Ye Shujie: "He said he would pay after the incident was resolved, but I already called him the full amount in the afternoon."

    Brother Wujing: "You go there tomorrow. It's best to bring someone under control and don't let him run away. I'm not too far from Xianyue City. I'll check the flight information. It usually arrives tomorrow afternoon."

    After finishing chatting with Master Wujing, she couldn't fall asleep anymore, so she took her mobile phone and went to the living room to sit.  Here is another high-rise mansion of their family in the urban area. When the house on Taihua Road was being renovated, their family lived here.

    When she came to the balcony and looked at the dark sky outside, Ye Shujie looked down at the time on her phone again: "04:15", she wanted to visit the house on Taihua Road a little bit, but thinking of the terrible experience of the previous night, she still couldn't bear it.  Living.

    She wanted to send a WeChat message to ask about Chen Kuo's progress, but she was afraid that it was the critical moment of "subduing demons and spirits" and would disturb him.

    Unknowingly, Ye Shujie fell asleep on the deck chair on the balcony.

    However, she slept very lightly. At around 5:50 and 6:00, the phone buzzed and she woke up immediately.

    She picked up the phone and looked, and found that she had received a text message, which was sent by Chen Kuo:

    "Mr. Ye, the matter has been settled smoothly. I will go back first, and you can move back in. I ate part of the chocolate ice cream in the refrigerator. The erhu and guzheng in the musical instrument room on the second floor may be damaged to a certain extent. You can check them later.  Just a moment. In addition, I have some things I want to ask Mr. Ye. If it is convenient later, we can chat on WeChat or on the phone.?
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