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Text Chapter 157: Harmful

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    "Twenty thousand yuan?" Chen Kuo frowned and turned his head, looking at the girl, wondering if he had encountered some new type of scam.

    The girl is very beautiful, with exquisite facial features, fair skin, and a good figure, but the somewhat rustic red dress looks quite sexy on her body.

    Although not as good as his secretary, she is indeed very beautiful, and it also makes the little yellow man in his mind a little eager to move.

    "Ah? Is it not enough? Then fifty thousand?" the girl asked with a frown.

    The little yellow man in Chen Kuo's mind who just wanted to take the lead has been beaten down. He gave the girl a meaningful look, then turned back to look at his car, and said with a smile: "50,000? You are too rich  Miss?"

    But there was no smile in his eyes.

    The girl didn't see Chen Kuo's cold eyes, and said dissatisfiedly: "Youwhy do you call me eldest sister, I'm only twenty-three years old"

    "You can keep two thousand, and I'll refund you if you have more. But if you don't report the insurance, your own car insurance may not be able to repair it for you." Chen Kuo didn't say anything, and took out his phone directly  Scan the QR code of WeChat for her.

    "It's okay, I don't need to fix the car myself." After scanning and adding, the girl looked at her mobile phone and asked, "Chen Kuo? Is your real name Chen Kuo?"


    "My real name is Han Xiaofei, please note it down!"

    Chen Kuo hummed, and after accepting the 2,000 yuan transferred from Han Xiaofei, he waved his hand to let her go first.

    After Han Xiaofei left in her red Porsche Cayenne, Chen Kuo sent a license plate number to a WeChat friend, and then sent a voice message:

    "Uncle Lu, help me check this license plate and see what the owner's name is. I suspect it is a stolen car."

    After a while, there was a message back: "Stolen car? How do you say it?"

    Chen Kuo roughly explained the situation, and after a while, Uncle Lu replied: "I checked, this car is a red Porsche Cayenne, SUV, the owner is called Han Xiaofei, there is no mistake, and she is indeed twenty-three years old  The female, this car has not been reported as stolen."

    "Oh, I guess I misunderstood it. I really met a young lady with a lot of money and stupid people. Please trouble Uncle Lu."

    After Chen Kuo sent the message, he looked at his rear bumper again, thought for a while, and called Li Shiyou.

    "Fourth, are you awake?"

    "Brother, if I haven't woken up, can I continue to sleep?" Li Shiyou's voice sounded weak.

    "Sleep ass, get up and have breakfast, get ready, I will pick you up at ten o'clock."

    When Chen Kuo arrived at the company, he saw the little secretary who was already sitting outside his office, so he couldn't help asking in a low voice:

    "Did you rest well last night?"

    However, I immediately realized that asking such a question seemed a bit ambiguous, so I pretended to be natural and continued:

    "Actually, if you don't get enough sleep, you can call and ask for a leave of absence, and come later in the morning."

    But Zhu Li said with a smile: "Boss, I don't sleep much, four hours is enough."

    Seeing her radiant spirit and bright eyes, Chen Kuo nodded, opened the door and entered the office.

    Zhu Li also packed up the documents, and followed Chen Kuo into the office, as if he was about to report on his work.

    After the office door was closed, Zhu Li smiled and stretched out her hand to pat the dry girl next to her, then walked to the desk, put a document on Chen Kuo's desk, and briefly described the things to be dealt with today  .

    "The meeting with Lao Li and the others will be moved to the afternoon, and you and I will go to the hotel to pick up Lao Si." Chen Kuo said after listening.

    "It's Haihong City shall we cooperate?" Zhu Li asked.

    "No, the investigation over there went very smoothly. It's basically nothing to do with us. It's another matter." Chen Kuo said.

    "Oh, okay, then I'll go out and deal with the few things you explained first."

    "Well, let's go."

    "By the way, Xiao Zhu, did you feel any discomfort when I cast the spell yesterday?" Chen Kuo suddenly stopped the little secretary and asked.

    Zhu Li turned around in surprise, when casting spells?  Wasn't "Brother Dog" in the operation and maintenance point when he cast the spell last night, and she didn't see it?

    Then she suddenly thought of something, raised her hand and tapped her forehead, then pointed forward with her finger, said softly with a "Ŗ›Ŗ›" in her mouth, and said:

    "The boss uses the spell with long eyes and light on the head. It looks scary, and if the eyes see it, it will feel uncomfortable. I dare not look at it."

    She also realized that her reaction yesterday was a little different.??By the way, normally speaking, after seeing Chen Kuo's "Sky Eye Cannon" at the construction site last night, she should have asked curiously.

    But since "Brother Dog" asked directly, it shouldn't be a big problem, and he didn't suspect her.

    "My celestial eyes are really special. Next time you see me using the 'celestial eyes', don't stand in front of me. You can stand behind me. It will be better." Chen Kuo said.

    "Yeah." Zhu Li nodded, "Boss, can I learn this trick?"

    "No one can learn this trick." Chen Kuo shook his head and smiled, "Your boss is my signature secret technique."

    After a while, after briefly explaining the company's affairs, Chen Kuo took Zhu Li to the parking lot and drove to pick up Li Shiyou who had just finished eating buns and soy milk and was wandering on the street.

    "Brother, Secretary Zhu, good morning." After Li Shiyou got in the car and said hello, he immediately asked, "Brother, I just contacted Officer Yang, and he said that Haihong doesn't need us to go there to coordinate?"

    "Well, I'm here to drive you, not to Haihong." Chen Kuo said.

    "Ah, that'sgoing to have lunch? But I seemed to drink a little too much last night, so I probably won't be able to drink today" Li Shiyou hesitated.

    "What time do you have lunch now? Didn't you just finish your breakfast? Are you infected by the dry rice girl, and your mind is full of eating? There is another thing!"

    As Chen Kuo said, he parked the car on the street parking space, then turned around and described the process of being rear-ended by the red Cayenne in the morning.

    Li Shiyou said with a smile: "Brother! The little rich woman is interested in your strong body, and she is hinting that she will take care of you?"

    Suddenly feeling the co-pilot's turn of the secretary Zhu's eyes that seemed to be smiling but not smiling, Li Shiyou's heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly said, "Hehe, brother, I'm just kidding I think there is something wrong with this woman! There is definitely something wrong with this woman."  question!"

    Chen Kuo nodded: "Well, I think so too."

    As he spoke, he opened WeChat on his mobile phone, and clicked on Han Xiaofei's profile picture to show the two of her Moments.

    "I judged by the aura of her body that she was actually very nervous when she was talking to me, and she was obviously lying when she said that she chased after her because she was watching WeChat."

    "This womanwas possessed?" Li Shiyou frowned.

    "No, she is not possessed, she is not a spiritual practitioner herself, and she has no spiritual objects on her body." Chen Kuo shook his head, "But her spiritual state is indeed a bit wrong, and there are traces of being purified, which proves that she should have  I have been in contact with other spiritual practices, and I have to cover up some of the characteristics of spiritual energy."

    "She came here to bump into my brother's car on purpose This woman has malicious intentions? She can't be from He Kuiyun, right? It's strange" Li Shiyou frowned.

    Zhu Li, the co-pilot, was looking at Han Xiaofei's circle of friends while holding Chen Kuo's mobile phone, and at the same time made a query with his own mobile phone, and said, "Boss, I found this woman's social media account, she usually doesn't live in Xianyue  Judging from her post pictures, there is no content related to spiritual practice. But until last week, she has not posted any new content, which does not match the frequency of her previous post pictures, which is a bit strange."

    "Actually, it's very simple to verify this problem, just wait for her to contact me." Chen Kuo said, "If she has a purpose, since she added me on WeChat, she will definitely contact me again. I ask you to discuss it together because I  I think if she is targeting me and has other plans, there must be someone behind her, and you must support me."

    "Understood, boss!"

    "Don't worry, brother!"

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