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Text Chapter 158 Here Come Come Come Come!

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    Sitting in the back row, Li Shiyou blinked, looked at Secretary Zhu, then at Chen Kuo, and couldn't help asking: "Then big brother What are we doing now, just waiting?"

    "Wait a moment."

    As Chen Kuo said, he got out of the car and came back with a bag of things in the trunk. He sat directly in the back seat, put the things in the middle of the back seat, and asked Zhu Li, the co-pilot, to turn around and look at them together.

    "Isn't this the things that big brother brought back from He Kuiyun last night?" Li Shiyou asked in surprise.

    "Well, later on, the spiritual consultants in Haihong City will use it to investigate the source of He Kui's ability to control spirits, so let's see if we can find any clues first." Chen Kuo said.

    There are a total of eleven objects in it, all of which are small bottles, small porcelain, metal ornaments, accessories, etc. These are most likely to be the original "evil spirits", after the "evil spirits" were subdued and coerced by He Kuiyun, they were placed  After going to the various bicycle cushions, he tried to reforge these original loads into magical instruments and the like.

    However, He Kuiyun's refining skills are very scumbag, and the spirits carried by these artifacts are very weak, let alone Chen Kuo, any spiritual cultivator from a sect would look down on him.

    There is only one high-quality magic weapon, which looks good and can be of some use, and it is obviously not made by He Kuiyun.

    However, what attracted Chen Kuo's attention was not this magic weapon, nor those semi-finished products, but a bicycle seat cushion that had no spiritual body or aura.

    This cushion is the load that carries the "evil spirit" of the bull-headed person. Of course, now that the "evil spirit" has been removed, this load has been abolished.

    However, there was a mark on it that made Chen Kuo a little concerned.

    "Look here." Chen Kuo picked up the bicycle seat and turned it over, pointing to the metal part on the base and said, "Have you seen this pattern? What do you think this pattern is used for?"

    Zhu Li obediently shook her head according to her "character design", expressing that she didn't understand.

    After Li Shiyou looked at it for a while, he said doubtfully, "I didn't feel any aura fluctuations, at least right now, it doesn't seem like there are any aura-like seals and talismans, but it's specially engraved on the load, He Kuiyun is definitely not doing useless work  are there any other normal 'Blue Knights' bikes on the seat cushion?"

    "No, I confirmed it yesterday, but there are 'Evil Spirit' load cushions at the operation and maintenance point of Hekui Yun." Chen Kuo said, "I actually thought this mark was a bit familiar last night, but I couldn't figure it out.  Where did I see it, today I finally remembered"

    "Brother has seen this mark before?" Li Shiyou's spirit lifted, feeling that his elder brother was going to lead him to uncover some conspiracy and find out who was behind the scenes.

    This time, if he hadn't met his eldest brother in tracking down the "Fanwei Evil Spirit" that invaded from abroad, he probably wouldn't have been able to track down Gao Linjue's "Drowning".

    Chen Kuo said: "Some time ago, I went back to the sect, and that's when I met my third brother. When we were in Lucheng, we happened to stay in the same hotel, and then met an 'evil spirit' who wanted to harm my third brother."  ¡¯. Oh, the ¡®evil spirit¡¯ is quite famous, it¡¯s called the ¡®evil king with thousands of forms and transformations¡¯¡±

    Chen Kuo briefly described how he and Qiu Lindong dealt with the "evil spirit" in the hotel, and finally sealed it into his bone token.

    "Among the people who were possessed by the spirit nuclei and spirit seeds of the 'Thousand Shapes and Myriad Transformations Evil Monarch' at that time, I judged that the No. 1 carrier should be the woman in red I saw first, because she seemed to be affected.  The deepest and the longest. But now it seems that I may be wrong"

    As Chen Kuo recalled, he said: "At that time, besides a few possessed people, there was also a thin and thin raccoon cat. There was a similar pattern on the cat's buttocks. I didn't pay much attention at the time,  I thought it was just an ordinary pattern, so I didn¡¯t take any pictures.¡±

    "Could it be that the 'evil spirit', that 'thousand-shaped evil king' is also controlled by He Kuiyun?" Li Shiyou frowned and said, but just after he finished speaking, he shook his head and denied: "No, it's impossible Would that be possible?  Willthey are both members of a certain organization, is this an identity mark?"

    Chen Kuo said: "Probably not. It's a bit too ostentatious for demons and heretics, evil spirits and evil things to put their identity marks on the objects and temporary carriers."

    "Could it be part of some magic talisman, but without the spirit body on it, the effect can't be seen?" Zhu Li said cautiously, "I'm talking nonsense, don't scold me if I make a mistake"

    Chen Kuo smiled and said: "Your 'nonsense' coincides with me, and I also think it may be related to some special spiritual art, and it should be a way to hide the characteristics of the spiritual energy and hide the evil spiritual energy.

    "When I dealt with the 'thousand-shaped evil king' before, I said it had a hidden 'evil spirit'.??¡¯ aura relies on a magic weapon.  And it did spy on me and my third brother under our noses, sneaking into the hotel.

    "Last night, I asked He Kuiyun why the 'evil spirit' possessed by Gao Lin Jue was looking for him, and his answer was that he could make the 'evil spirit' get rid of our pursuit and make it 'change its appearance' and continue to live in the world."  live in the country.

    "Besides, those 'evil spirits' and 'evil spirits' of it are ridden all over the city on the bicycle seat cushions, and it is impossible for them to remain undiscovered. It is not that there is no Zongmen Lingxiu in Haihong City, they are not blind  of¡­¡­"

    Li Shiyou suddenly said: "That is to say, brother, do you suspect that the mark on the cushion and the mark on the cat's buttocks may be a means to hide their aura?"

    "Well, I do have this kind of guess." Chen Kuo said, "The 'Thousand Forms and Myriad Transformations Evil Monarch' said that it uses magic weapons to hide its shape, but I think that's just a rhetoric to seduce me. There is a high probability,  Its hiding method is the same as that of the 'evil spirit' that He Kui brought to him to hide."

    "The evil king of thousands of forms and transformations is now?"

    "It has been dealt with." Chen Kuo said, "It's the same as those evil spirits transported by He Kui."

    Li Shiyou immediately thought of the picture of the giant dry rice girl sitting on the roof eating octopus. He froze for a moment, frowned and said, "Then our clueis broken. We can only see if we can find it in He Kuiyun's house."  What's up?"

    "There is a clue." Chen Kuo said, "Gao Linjue received those photos of shared bicycles, most likely they were sent to him by some news broker in the spiritual world. If you find this broker, you should be able to know more  information."

    While chatting, Chen Kuo received a notification of a new WeChat message on his mobile phone. He picked it up and looked at it, and proudly raised his eyebrows at Zhu Li and Li Shiyou: "As I expected, I have already seen that she is not patient.  If you really have a plan, since you have added my WeChat, you will contact me within half a day!"

    After opening it, Han Xiaofei sent a voice message: "Mr. Chen, how is your car repair, is two thousand yuan enough?"

    Under the watchful eyes of the little secretary and Li Laosi, Chen Kuo straightened his throat, and said in a casual tone: "I haven't repaired it yet, but normally it's enough, it doesn't matter if it's not enough, I'll make it up myself,  Miss Han is so happy, I can't be a stingy person."

    A few seconds later, judging by the time, the person on the other side should have just heard Chen Kuo's past voice, and immediately replied:

    "Mr. Chen, are you a local? Can you introduce a place to eat, which is more delicious and special. I was put on pigeons by my friends. I don't know where to eat at noon."

    "It's coming, it's coming!" Li Shiyou immediately said excitedly after hearing the news: "The bait is here!"

    Pulling the back of the passenger seat, Zhu Li, who was kneeling on the seat and looking at the back seat, also nodded with wide eyes: "I will definitely invite you to lunch next time!"

    Chen Kuo made a booing gesture, and then said: "Then you have to see where you are, if it's near the place where you bumped into me, you can go to 'Baocheng Restaurant', the dishes there are very delicious  , and there are a few local specialties, you just ask the waiter to order their signatures for you. If you are by the sea, go to 'Amei Food Stall' to eat seafood, which is fresh and affordable."

    The other side quickly replied: "I don't know where these places are, Mr. Chen, do you have an appointment at noon? If not, can you go to eat with me, I invite you, I will hit your car in the morning and apologize!  Otherwise, I¡¯ll be alone, and it¡¯s hard to order no matter where I go.¡±

    "I've won, I've won!" Li Shiyou said excitedly, "Brother agreed" But he thought of something, looked up at Zhu Li, and then changed his words: "Brother, do you want to say no again? Don't look too easy  Hooked?"

    Unexpectedly, Zhu Li said: "Just agree, how can I have time to play games with her!"

    Chen Kuo also smiled and said: "Yes, I don't have time to drag her around, just go over and see what she is going to play, you guys will call another car to follow later, be careful, and see if she has any accomplices, especially spiritual accomplices  .¡±

    After finishing speaking, Chen Kuo replied to Han Xiaofei, asking where she was and which restaurant she was going to eat.

    After arriving at the coffee shop she mentioned and picking her up, Chen Kuo found that this coffee shop was opposite their company, and he could even see it from the floor-to-ceiling windows of his office.

    "Will you drive me there?" Han Xiaofei asked by the car window, revealing a white gully.

    Chen Kuo didn't look at her, and said: "You can park your car here, so as not to have to drive, just take mine."

    "Oh, that's fine." Han Xiaofei opened the co-pilot's door and sat in.
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