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Text Chapter 118: Big Brother, Younger Sister

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    At this time, Chen Kuo was opening a private room in a seafood restaurant with a good reputation among the locals in Longgang City, but the location was remote, waiting for Qiu Lindong and another fellow Taoist to come over.

    He answered Zhu Li's call first, and then received a message from his cousin Xiaomei. After combining the front and back, he was a little confused for a while.

    Because he suddenly remembered that if Zhu Li heard his aunt calling him "A Kuo" on the phone and pronounced it as "A Dog", then when talking to him on the phone, he accidentally blurted out, it should be "A Dog"  "Ah, why is it "Brother Dog"?

    Did Zhu Li originally want to call him "Brother Kuo"?

    It's strange, the little secretary has never called him that before, and it seems a bit too intimate and ambiguous?

    In addition, during this phone call, the tone of the little secretary was a little bit different from usual, it seemed a little softer?  More a little more verbose?

    If there were no news from his cousin, then Chen Kuo, who had been thinking about the order of communication with other sect disciples just now, might not have noticed the abnormal behavior of the little secretary on the phone just now.

    Xiao Zhu likes me?

    There was a secret joy in Chen Kuo's heart, and the little yellow man seemed to want to jump for joy. Some wonderful and profound pictures appeared in his mind, but they were immediately extinguished by his rationality of "don't think about peaches".

    But soon, another idea popped up:

    I should be good looking. I also received love letters from girls when I was in middle school and college, and I was proactively asked for WeChat several times when I was in school¡ªalthough I didn¡¯t give it every time.  Coupled with the fact that "Duobao Company" is running brilliantly, it can be regarded as young and promising.  When Xiao Zhu encountered the "evil spirit" in the previous paragraph, he aggressively shot to eliminate the spirit, and he was considered a hero to save the beauty.

    If Xiao Zhu likes meit is reasonable!

    No, no, no, you can't be too confident, you have to be self-aware.

    For such an excellent girl as Xiao Zhu, there must be many people who pursue her, and she must have a high vision. She will not fall in love with me that easily. What's more, Xiao Mei just met Xiao Zhu for the first time today. Maybe it is because Xiao Zhu treats their mother and daughter  The hospitality of the two misunderstood her.

    But why does Xiao Zhu call me "Brother Dog"/"Brother Kuo"?

    Just as Chen Kuo was thinking wildly, Qiu Lindong pushed open the box and walked in.

    "Brother! Long time no see!"

    Qiu Lindong still looks like a sunny young man in a baseball jacket, jeans, and white sneakers, and still carries the big piano case on his back.

    "Long time no see, it's only been a day" Chen Kuo didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    "Seeing each other every day is like three autumns! Haha! By the way, brother, I drank a little too much the night before, got a little drunk, and talked nonsense, don't take it to heart!" Qiu Lindong put his  The big piano box was placed in the corner of the box, and he said.

    "Well, I understand, I also think it's too childish for you to say you're going to marry after drinking"

    "Just bean sacks? Brother, I was talking about other drunken words, but the matter of sworn brotherhood is not drunken words. It is quite serious, very serious, and extremely clear! Brother, you can't go back on your word! We have inserted three cigarettes,  Please the hotel land notary at the Sanqing Dao Zujia witnessed it!" Qiu Lindong said solemnly.

    Chen Kuo was speechless and could only nod his head: "All right, brother Qiu."

    "Speaking of sworn sister I came to Longgang this time to get rid of spirits, and I just met my sworn sister! She is my sworn sister, so naturally it is also your sworn sister"

    As Qiu Lindong was speaking, he stretched his head across the door of the box, staring at the two people inside the box with wide eyes.

    Because the head is horizontal, the long ponytail hangs down, looking inexplicably funny.

    "Come on! Sister Yao, come in quickly! Come and meet your elder brother!" Qiu Lindong looked at the girl's head and immediately waved to her.

    The girl rolled her eyes at him first, then walked into the box as she said, and nodded to Chen Kuo with some embarrassment.

    Chen Kuo also smiled and nodded in response to her, and greeted her: "It seems that this fellow Taoist was also forcibly sworn in by Brother Qiu after drinking?"

    Wearing a gray robe and carrying a backpack of the same color, the girl in her early twenties, with handsome features and clear eyes, nodded repeatedly when she heard this - obviously she was indeed forcibly sworn by Qiu Lindong.

    "Brother, look at what you said, what is forced to be sworn brothers? This is to show your true feelings after drinking, and express your feelings! No matter what other drunken words I say after drinking, the sworn brothers are absolutely sincere!"

    Qiu Lindong introduced with a smile: "By the way, big brother, let me introduce to you.Xiao, there is Jia fish in the south, covering that Jia, the dust produces warm-colored herbs and new seedlings"

    Seeing the threatening look from the girl, Qiu Lindong quickly stopped reciting poems and continued:

    "Our Yaomei is a spiritual practitioner of the 'Fa Yan Sect', majoring in 'Silence Mantras'. She basically doesn't speak, but when she speaks when she is subjugating demons and spirits, tsk tsk, it's really awe-inspiring  , Words follow the law"

    Xiao Jiamiao directly took the tissue on the table and threw it over this time, then smiled at Chen Kuo with some embarrassment.

    Chen Kuo also responded with a smile of "it's okay, I'm used to it".

    After Qiu Lindong caught the tissue, he continued:

    "Yaomei is not a qi cultivator, but her strength is quite powerful, much stronger than the average qi cultivator. I try my best, and I may be able to fight her to a tie. Of course, if you make a move, big brother, then Yaomei will naturally  Not an opponent."

    Chen Kuo smiled and said to Xiao Jiamiao: "Fellow Daoist Xiao, don't listen to Brother Qiu bragging. I'm not as powerful as he said."

    "Brother, I'm not bragging, I'm describing it truthfully. But brother, you're not kind, you're called Yaomei, and you're still called 'Daoyou', do you look down on our Yaomei?" Qiu Lin moved  laughed.

    "Don't blindly recognize your sister, don't you care about Xiao Daoyou's own thoughts." Chen Kuo scolded.

    To be honest, although his impression of Qiu Lindong is not bad, after all, he has known each other for a long time, and caught an "evil spirit" together, making him really take that nonsense sworn brother seriously, and really pretend to be sworn brother, he   For Qiu Lindong, he can still barely act as a big brother. For Xiao Jiamiao, who just met for the first time and looks relatively normal, he really can't pretend to be a big brother.

    "Hey, otherwise let Yaomei choose by herself." Qiu Lindong said, and said to Xiao Jiamiao: "Yaomei, if you don't want us to call you 'Yaomei', you want us to call you 'Daoyou Xiao' or 'Xiao  Sister', just say it. If you want us to call you 'Yaomei', then don't say anything."

    Then I saw Xiao Jiamiao staring at Qiu Lindong with wide eyes, and two seconds later, Qiu Lindong laughed and said to Chen Kuo: "Look, brother, Yaomei didn't say anything, she just asked us to call her Yaomei!  "

    Chen Kuo heard it a little funny. When he saw Qiu Lindong for the first time outside the sect, he thought that this guy was a little arrogant, aggressive, and bad-tempered.  Funny?

    But with him here, I really don't have to worry about the atmosphere.

    Although Xiao Jiamiao had another expression of wanting to beat Qiu Lindong to death, he still took out his mobile phone and typed a line with a sticky note to show Chen Kuo:

    "Brother, although Lao Qiu hates it very much, I have indeed become sworn brothers with Lao Qiu. I have no objection to him calling me Yaomei. If you don't mind elder brother, you can also call me Yaomei."

    Qiu Lindong stretched his neck to look over, and then smiled at Chen Kuo: "Look, brother, it's not that I bully others and forcefully worship you!"

    Chen Kuo smiled and shook his head: "I said, brother Qiu, do you want to find someone to worship every time you get drunk?"

    Qiu Lindong said: "That's not true, but it is true that the most sworn brothers are after drinking. Oh, yes, I have to tell my elder brother first, there are seven brothers and sisters who we swore including elder brother."

    Chen Kuo, who was picking up his teacup to drink tea, almost didn't spit out when he heard the last sentence.
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