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Text Chapter 329: Open the door

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    The first chapter pushes open the door

    Ganfanniu does not have a physical body, so even if she plays with a handle, she can't pick up the handle, just move the joystick and press the button. If she wants to play, she can only trigger the circuit inside directly through the aura.

    Just like when she usually uses her mobile phone, tablet, or even operates a computer, she often does this.

    However, while playing, Qianfanniu often directly skips the peripherals, controls them on the host, and directly controls the internal signals.

    Especially after she followed Chen Kuo to "eat sweets and drink hot food", she had a breakthrough in the control of yin and yang aura, and after the aura reserve was full, she could control all kinds of electronic devices and even all kinds of wireless signals in space.  Interfering with or even modifying the ability to perform these operations without knowing it.

    When playing fps games, the operation of peripherals is naturally the most important.

    Playing with the handle itself is not as good as the keyboard and mouse.

    Now the opponent directly controls the mind, so what's the point?

    When she first discovered that Ganfanniu was under brain control, Duanmuyuan also tried to interrupt Ganfanniu's control through interference at the spiritual level.

    Anyway, she is also the Demon King who has condensed the Yin God!

    Now her cultivation has recovered long ago, even much stronger than it was in its heyday.

    Because she also got the "True Inheritance" of Chen Kuoyang's magic weapon, and she has been able to use Yang magic to a certain extent.

    So in the face of a little bowl demon, no matter what, you can't let the other party "play" on the level of magic!  ?

    What she didn't expect was that she couldn't find a way for Qianfanniu to cast spells, and she couldn't find a way to interfere, influence, or cut off.

    It's like knowing that the enemy is attacking from all sides and has already attacked, but the radar is fully turned on, and after the weapons are ready, I find that I can't lock on a single enemy target, as if the enemy's attack channel is not in the same dimension as myself.

    Then Duanmuyuan suddenly remembered that the little bowl demon next to her was not an ordinary little bowl demon, she was Chen Kuo's little bowl demon.

    The real king and demon king that this little guy swallowed could not move with both hands.

    In addition, the growth of her aura is said to be directly linked to Chen Kuo's appetite. If Chen Kuo can control the yin and yang avenue of the world, then it is probably normal for this bowl to control the food, food, and esophagus of the world.

    Thinking of this, Duanmu Yuan felt relieved.

    Therefore, Duanmu Yuan directly chose to ignore the majestic and majestic Ganfan girl who killed all directions in the game, and just played along numbly.

    Anyway, this bowl demon came here by chance, and she is "serving a sentence in prison".  Wan Yao and Chen Kuo are almost inseparable, as long as Chen Kuo doesn't come, Wan Yao can't come.

    Unexpectedly, for some reason, Chen Kuo has been running to this building twice in the past three days, so as soon as he comes over, the girl will go to her room to find her to play games, and she always plays fps or fighting battles, which are more tests  Action game.

    After being abused several times in a row, Duanmu Yuan finally decided to turn the table and not play, and turned her face directly!

    This is my cell!

    Under the spirit vision world, standing on the sofa, staring blankly at Duanmuyuan's dry rice girl, slowly lowered her head, and twisted her hands together: "Spicyspicy, I also play according to the rules in the game! If you cheat  Cheating doesn't count as modifying the dataI'm not doing that"

    Duanmu Yuan said angrily: "Isn't this cheating? Do you really want to modify the data? Then you might as well play with the man-machine, why come to me to play? Even the response speed of manipulating and controlling the character is different, others still play it  Ball! Do you really think that you play well?"

    She has also been held back for several days, and she didn't show any sympathy for this output.

    Ganfanniu lowered her head, looked at her feet, waited until Duanmuyuan finished speaking, then said "oh", and then disappeared.

    Duanmuyuan, who originally thought that the little bowl monster would fight back and even became angry, was a little surprised to see that she disappeared directly.

    ?Looking around, checking for inspiration, Duanmuyuan made sure that the little bowl demon was gone, so she sat back on the sofa, raised her feet, picked up the handle and started to choose her favorite game to play.

    But unexpectedly She couldn't continue playing, she kept thinking about the little bowl monster just now.

    Obviously, she hated her for coming before, and she always hoped that this troublemaker would disappear quickly and not come again.

    Duanmu Yuan put down the handle and frowned.

    Um?  She should be worried about the revenge of the little bowl demon, right?

    If this bowl demon plays tricks and cuts off her internet, or even cuts off the electricity, then she will really be "in jail" in this room, life would be better than death!

    And with the strength of that bowl demon??Why are you laughing so happily?  "

    Chen Kuo said: "After she learns Yangxian, do you think she, who watches all kinds of food videos, recipes, and tutorials all day long, will resist cooking by herself?"

    Zhu Li suddenly said, "It makes sense! We won't have to cook anymore!"

    The girl in the back seat yelled: "Impossible! I can't cook! I only play games! I don't cook!"

    Chen Kuo didn't care about her "declaration", he laughed and said, "I'll see if you can bear it."

    Ganfan girl whispered: "Even if I make it, I will eat it myself"

    "Hey, brother dog, where are you going to eat? Why did you get on the elevated road?" Zhu Li suddenly looked at the scenery outside the car window and asked in confusion.

    "Go to Wenhe Restaurant for dinner." Chen Kuo said.

    "Why do you suddenly want to eat there?" Zhu Li asked strangely.

    "Wenhe Restaurant is delicious! Prawn rice is the best, as well as roasted yellow croaker and mushroom soup!" Ganfanniu said loudly.

    Zhu Li looked back at her with a smile: "Well, Brother Gou, you are right, the girl who is doing rice has no troubles, and this has been resolved before a meal."

    Zhu Li was talking, thinking of something else, and said to Chen Kuo: "By the way, brother dog, my mother asked me if I would go back for the Spring Festival this year? He also asked about you, and asked if you want to go to my house together for the New Year."

    Chen Kuo smiled: "Well, I'll tell your parents after dinner today."

    Zhu Li asked strangely: "Why do you have to talk about this after dinner? It doesn't matter whether we go back to celebrate the New Year or not. Brother Gou, you make the decision, and I can just talk to my parents. Anyway, I will definitely follow you."


    Hearing Brother Gou's somewhat perfunctory hmm, Zhu Li frowned, feeling a little vigilant in his heart.

    After a while, the car drove into the parking lot of Wenhe Hotel, and Zhu Li immediately noticed that there was a "vacuum" of inspiration in the hotel. Her inspiration was isolated, and she couldn't even detect the situation inside!

    Alarm bells rang in Zhu Li's heart, and subconsciously wanted to grab Brother Gou who was about to open the door.

    But when her hand landed on Brother Gou's wrist, she remembered, with her inspiration that can penetrate Yin and Yang, is there anything that can block her exploration?

    Moreover, if she can't detect the aura in the restaurant, can Brother Gou detect it?

    With Brother Gou's strength, it is impossible to have any "inspiration vacuum". Even if there is, it will definitely arouse Brother Gou's vigilance, and he will not be as calm as he is now.

    So This "inspiration vacuum" was created by Brother Gou?

    This is aimed at her?

    Deliberately not letting her detect it?

    "Huh? What's the matter, little Zhu?" Chen Kuo turned his head and looked at Zhu Li, the co-pilot who was holding his arm with a smile, and asked.

    "Oh, it's nothing, let's get out of the car, I'm so hungry." Zhu Li glanced at Brother Gou with a half-smile, opened the door and got out of the car.

    Zhu Li quickly glanced at the other cars in the parking lot, then naturally followed Chen Kuo, and walked into the lobby of Wenhe Hotel with him.

    After Chen Kuo told the waiter the name of a box, the waiter led them forward.

    However, Zhu Li, who had been to Wenhe Hotel before, could tell at a glance that this direction was not to the box area, but to the banquet hall area.

    Sure enough, the waiter brought the two of them to the door of a banquet hall.

    "Xiao Zhu, you go in first, and I'll go to the bathroom." Chen Kuo said to Zhu Li.

    Zhu Li held back a smile and looked at him: "Well, brother Gou, hurry up."

    Seeing Chen Kuo turn around and trot away, Zhu Li felt a little nervous, took a deep breath, and pushed open the door of the banquet hall.

    The moment the door was pushed open, the spiritual energy that had been isolated was finally opened.

    She immediately felt countless familiar auras, including senior brothers and sisters, Xianmen, Yu Xiaobai, Ying Crow, Qiu Lindong, Li Shiyou, Guo Wei, Mi Huajun, Xiao Jiamiao, and Weizhi.  , Fuchong, master and apprentice, and even her best and almost only friend in Yaozu, Sister Baa!

    The corners of Zhu Li's mouth turned up unconsciously, putting on a smile.

    The light in the room suddenly dimmed, and she found that she had an extra black gauze dress on her body, which was very beautiful.

    In front, under the spotlight, Chen Kuo, who was wearing a black robe, walked towards her with a smile on his face, holding a bouquet of the same black flowers.

    Even the Ganfan girl under the spiritual vision changed into a gorgeous black dress that had never changed for thousands of years.

    Chen Kuo walked towards her step by step, under the moving spotlight, under the gaze of all his friends, brothers and sisters.

    Chen Kuo knelt down on one knee, presented the bouquet, and said with a smile:

    "Little ZhuZhu Li, will you marry me?"p;Chen Kuo knelt down on one knee, presented the bouquet, and said with a smile:

    "Little Zhu Zhu Li, will you marry me?"
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