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Text Chapter 330 They Do This Every Day

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    Chen Kuo originally wanted to be called "Xiao Zhu" habitually, but felt that it was more formal to call him by his full name on this occasion, so he changed it to "Zhu Li".

    But hearing it from Yu Xiaobai's ears, because she knew Zhu Li's true identity and part of her acquaintance with Chen Kuo, she thought it was Chen Kuo's nickname "little pig pig raccoon" for Zhu Li, and she almost couldn't help it.  Laugh out loud.

    Fortunately, Ying Crow next to her had sharp eyes and quick hands, and quickly reached out to cover her mouth.

    Under the spiritual vision world, the "orchestra" composed of Wang Weisun, Shen Sigu, Bai Ying, Ganfanniu, and Xiao Shitou has already started playing music.

    Everyone in this hall has innate spiritual vision ability, and those who don't have already obtained Chen Kuo's resident "sky eye" ability, so everyone can hear the music played by Chen Kuo's demon spirit band under the spiritual vision realm.

    Amidst the soothing music, Zhu Li looked at Chen Kuo who was looking at him with a smile on his face, feeling the gazes around him falling on him, feeling a little uncontrollable excitement.

    Although Zhu Li has already vaguely guessed what her dog brother is going to do after judging from the inspiration outside the hotel that there is an "inspiration vacuum" in the hotel.

    But when she really saw the scene arranged by Brother Gou, and really saw Brother Gou walking over in a very handsome suit and saying that sentence to her to propose marriage, she recalled the experience of the past twenty years in her mind, and recalled the past.  When I first met Brother Gou, she was a wounded little fox, and Brother Gou was a little kid who recognized her as a "black pig"

    Recalling the scenes of being with Brother Gou in the past two years, from the initial acquaintance, to recognizing Brother Gou's identity later, to when she and Brother Gou revealed everything, to the two fighting against the aura of Zhiyang and exploring the avenue of yin and yang together, and then  Let's take revenge together and build a new spiritual order together.

    They work and do things together, eat and cook together, chat and fight together on the same bed, and study new supernatural powers and spells together

    Unknowingly, Zhu Li's vision blurred, her nose felt a little sour, and for the first time in so many years, she couldn't control her tear glands.

    Brother Gou is still waiting for her response, but she is a little worried that she will cry when she speaks out now, and she will be ashamed when so many friends watch.

    However, Brother Gou couldn't be made to wait without responding, so Zhu Li simply hugged Brother Gou's face and kissed him.




    Surrounded by strange screams, the group of relatives and friends headed by Chen Kuo's sworn brother group were a little surprised by Zhu Li's radical reaction for a while - but they were happy to hear it!

    Amidst the uproar and strange shouts, Chen Kuo threw the flowers and stood up holding Zhu Li.

    The Ganfan girl who was standing in the demon spirit band playing soy sauce looked a little confused. She understood that Chen Kuo was proposing to the secretary, but she didn't have any special feelings about it, and she didn't understand why everyone was so excited.

    Because in her opinion, didn't these two people live together a long time ago?  Cook together, eat together, play games together, beat people together, drive together, go to work together, go home together, sleep together, and often bully her together.

    To propose or not to propose, to marry or not to marry, she doesn't understand the difference.

    Didn't those two people have been called by their husbands and wives a long time ago?

    On the contrary, as soon as she entered this restaurant, she remembered the delicious dishes when she came to eat, and thought that Ah Kuo would finish his work quickly so that he could start dinner.

    Then she saw that Ah Kuo and Xiao Zhu were kissing and stood up. She thought it was over, so she gestured and prepared to change the song.

    As the "drummer", Xiao Shitou received the signal from Qianfanniu and immediately started to play the rhythm. Wang Weichan, Shen Sigu and Bai Ying thought that Chen Kuo had made arrangements, so they changed the song accordingly.

    The result was that when Chen Kuo succeeded in proposing marriage, Zhu Li took the initiative to offer a kiss, Chen Kuo stood up and hugged Xiao Zhu, and everyone applauded for blessings, a majestic "Steel Torrent March" was played under the spiritual vision.

    Not only Chen Kuo and Zhu Li, but everyone in the banquet hall was stunned, looking back at the Demon Spirit Orchestra in surprise.

    "Dry rice girl!" Chen Kuo instantly understood who was responsible.

    "I'm here!" The cooking girl agreed, "Is it time for dinner?"

    "Fuck you! I'm proposing! What kind of music are you playing indiscriminately? It's not to fight!"

    "I'm cheering for you! Come on, please!"

    "Come on, you're big! I'm done asking!"

    "After begging, let's serve dinner, Xiao Zhu must be hungry"

    Chen Kuo was speechless, but there was laughter in the banquet hall

    When the dishes started to be served, Chen Kuo naturally sat with Zhu Li.

    Then everyone? What does that mean.

    Xianmen said with a smile: "Brother Chu, don't worry, the elder brother asked you to 'self-research', in fact he is distributing magic weapons, it's just that you have more than one hand. Otherwise, it is so important for weapon repair  The 'Yang Jue Dharma Artifacts' all come from Duobao Company, then Duobao Company and Jingshan Sect will become too prominent, and my eldest brother obviously doesn't want to attract so much attention."

    Xianmen used the identity of "Meng Bai" to act as one of the big bosses in the Demon League, and he was also replacing Chen Kuo to distribute "Yang Attribute Magical Artifact Seeds" to a group of monsters who cultivated Yang Attribute Spiritual Qi, so they understood the so-called  What is the essence of the "Yang Attribute Artifact", this thing is not something that other people can truly "imitate" or "self-develop", unless they don't follow Chen Kuo's Yang Attribute Avenue, and develop a brand new path by themselves  Come.  (
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