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Volume 12 Chapter Twelve Dao Disorder

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    Finally, Chen Kuo calmed down, stopped leaning on the desk, stood up straight and stretched.

    Except for a quick glance at Zhu Li when he first came in, his eyes almost never fell on her the whole time.

    But there is no way, just a glance at the door, her figure is still deeply burned into my mind.

    It seems that I have to tell Sister Yang later that I should change to a secretary, preferably a man or an older woman.

    It's not that Chen Kuo fell in love with Zhu Li at first sight, but one of the side effects brought about by the Qi of the Sun.

    After the qi of the most yang gradually merged with him, it not only brought spiritual sensitivity, but also made him, the "nine-life virgin body", have a stronger physiological germination than other teenagers since puberty.

    As long as there is a little bit of sensory stimulation, he will have a big reaction, it is easy to imagine something wrong, and his thoughts will turn "yellow".

    In layman's terms, one of the side effects of Zhiyang's aura is that it makes him particularly "lusty".

    Of course, Chen Kuo did not do any lewd or obscene acts, and the idea of ??"lust" just kept popping up in his mind.

    But it also made him very uncomfortable, so since junior high school, when he talked to girls, he never dared to look at girls, and always looked at the floor or looked in other directions.

    As time goes by, naturally there will be no women's popularity.

    So although he can be said to be handsome with sword-browed eyebrows and star-eyed eyes, and his figure is even taller and muscular with a simian-armed wasp waist, but in his entire student days, he had never been in a relationship¡ªhe dared not take the initiative to contact girls at all.  .

    For his situation, the old Taoist priest has no good solution. He can only let him adjust his mentality more, do more physical activities, exert his strength, and don't let Zhiyang Lingqi run in that direction.

    As for when facing girls, let him learn to "be passionate and end with courtesy", do more self-examination, and use spiritual vision to see the world more.

    There is no way, his "ninth virgin body" meets this "spiritual energy of the most yang", once he opens the door to indulge, it is possible to finish the game and directly become a super lewd thief.

    Therefore, the old Taoist priest told him not to try sex between men and women until he could truly control Zhiyang aura freely, avoid its negative influence, and be able to control his desires by himself.

    Over the years, his self-adjustment has been very good. Now he can basically restrain his desire when he sees young and beautiful girls in cool clothes on the street, or sees sexy and revealing pictures on his mobile phone or computer.  Surge, turn your attention away just in time.

    But today, Zhu Li's appearance, figure, clothes, and even voice all fit his aesthetics too well.

    Especially those long legs, just a glance, directly let his "Tao Xin" fail, and almost made a fool of himself.

    The last time the "Tao Heart" was messed up was more than half a year ago, when facing Qin Ruizhen.

    Because of this, every time Qin Ruizhen invited him to dinner or meet him, he always refused for various reasons.

    But in comparison, when facing Qin Ruichen, he can still maintain his state of mind if he is well prepared and adjusted.

    Zhu Li's words are too shocking.

    If he was his secretary and wandered around every day, then he would really be in a mess, unable to do anything, and could only fight against lust with all his heart.

    But how to say it still has to think carefully, Zhu Li will definitely be hired, and she has to think of a better job arrangement, or let Sister Yang take her and arrange to go to the personnel department first.

    Chen Kuo looked at Zhu Li's resume and information sent by Sister Yang on the computer, and sighed as he read it. Not only is his appearance perfect, but his education is also excellent.

    985's undergraduate and master's degree, and the companies I worked for before are all top-notch companies in the industry. It seems a bit condescending to come to their company.

    "I like her smell."

    Under the spiritual vision, Qianfanniu was riding on his neck, holding his head with both hands, and said while looking at the screen.

    Chen Kuo laughed and said, "She's not a demon spirit, and you can't eat her."

    ? While talking, I feel wrong, it seems that Ganfanniu is not talking about "taste", but "smell"?  Are you talking about the scent of Zhu Li's spirit?

    Sure enough, Ganfanniu said: "She smells very good."

    This is strange. This is the first time Chen Kuo has heard a Ganfan girl praise a person. Isn't she usually only interested in eating?

    He couldn't help thinking, could it be influenced by himself?

    After all, in a sense, the big rice bowl is an extension of his Zhiyang aura, a part of him.

    So he asked: "Then what do you think sister Qin smells?"?How about it?  "

    Ganfan girl was stunned: "Where did Sister Qin go?"

    "It's Qin Ruizhen. Last time we went to help her get rid of spirits in her hometown, and later she introduced us to the work of getting rid of spirits a few times. She also introduced that house yesterday Hey, it was the first time we met and invited us  Eat crispy roast duck, the one who invited us to eat roasted whole lamb when we meet for the second time!"

    Hearing the last sentence, Ganfanniu's bewildered face finally showed an expression of enlightenment: "Oh, it's her, I remember, she is a very good big sister, she is very nice! She is very nice!"

    Well, of course, if you eat delicious food, you are a good person, and if you eat especially delicious food, you are a very good person.

    Chen Kuo couldn't help complaining in his heart, but Ganfanniu's answer also showed that she didn't think Qin Ruijin's smell was particularly pleasant.

    Then why did she treat Zhu Li's smell differently?

    Chen Kuo knew to keep asking, but Qianfanniu couldn't answer why, she was just an instinctive feedback.

    However, this also made Chen Kuo think of something, so looking at Zhu Li's very beautiful ID photo on the computer screen, he changed his mind and decided not to change his secretary for the time being.

    Back then, he didn't complete the Fuyang of the bracelet, but instead attached his job to Yang, and after the birth of the "Bowl Demon" Ganfanniu, for a period of time, under the influence of Ganfanniu, he became extremely greedy, overeating and eating too much.  not come down.

    Even if you're not hungry, you can't help but take a few bites when you see something delicious or something you like.  Obviously I feel my stomach is full, even bloated, but I still want to eat a few more bites, and eat more.

    The old Taoist told him not to be led away by the emotions of the "bowl demon", but to control his emotions, otherwise not only would he become more and more gluttonous, but the "bowl demon" would also become more manic, which would in turn prompt him to overeat.

    At that time, Chen Kuo was still young, but he couldn't figure it out. What's wrong with liking food? Isn't it a blessing to be able to eat?

    However, he still listens to the old Taoist priest, so the old Taoist priest asked him to control his diet, and he forcibly controlled it.

    In order to train his control, the old Taoist put some of his favorite dishes or snacks next to him every time he ate, but he didn't let him eat. He forcibly endured it and ate other things.

    After such a long period of time, the restraint of food has increased a lot, and in turn, it has also affected Ganfanniu, making her mood and state much calmer.

    And now Ganfan girl also knows how to judge by Chen Kuo's hunger, just like last night in the Ye family's mansion, when she found chocolate ice cream in the refrigerator, she would act like a baby and pretend to be pitiful and wanted to eat it. First of all, she knew that Chen Kuo  I'm not full yet, I can eat.

    In the past, if Chen Kuo hadn't finished eating the whole bucket of ice cream in the refrigerator, the girl who was cooking rice would not give up, and would keep making noises, which would affect Chen Kuo's strong appetite.

    But now, it is more Chen Kuo who dominates the appetite of the two of them, and often the girl who cooks rice makes a fuss because she also feels that Chen Kuo wants to eat.

    Obviously, the old Taoist priest's training method was very effective.

    So Chen Kuo couldn't help but think, if he could keep Zhu Li who was so attractive to him by his side, and he could control his mind like water, then he should be able to restrain the side effect of Zhiyang Spiritual Qi.

    Can't escape, the more you escape, the easier it is to develop knots and become weaknesses.

    Have to face it and get over it.

    Chen Kuo secretly decided
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