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Text Chapter 98 Are you sure you want to fight me?

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    The big hand pressing his head was naturally Chen Kuo's.

    Yu Ran, a thin and tall young man, is also about 1.8 meters tall, so it stands to reason that he is not much different from Chen Kuo.

    But at this moment, it seems that 1.5 meters meets 2.8 meters.

    The way Chen Kuo stretched out his hand and pressed his head was like a chicken being pressed by a tiger's paw.

    Yu Ran didn't dare to speak, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead. He had a feeling that his head was so fragile under these hands that it might be crushed like an egg at any time.

    And from the expressions of the companions in front of him and their reactions just now, he can also guess who is holding his head now.

    However, the few people here have relatively ordinary inspirations. They don't rely on spiritual spells or talismans, and they don't have the ability of spiritual vision.

    So they couldn't see, under the spiritual vision, behind Chen Kuo, a three-meter-high general with closed eyes stood proudly holding a halberd.

    The existence of the spirit body of the halberd-wielding general stirred up the overall aura environment around him.

    Even ordinary people can clearly perceive the real coercion brought by it. Although Yu Ran and other young disciples do not have the ability of spiritual vision, they are still spiritual practitioners after all, and their instinctive perception of this heavy coercion is more obvious than ordinary people.

    "Kneel down."

    Chen Kuo's tone was calm and not very loud, but he had an irresistible oppressive force on several young people.

    Yu Ran, who had been arrogant and domineering just now, was held down by Chen Kuo's big hand, and instinctively knelt on the ground, as if he had never thought of resisting or breaking free.

    And among the several young disciples opposite him, there was one who wanted to kneel down as soon as his knees softened, but was pulled by a companion next to him who reacted, and gave him a look of "I don't want you to kneel".

    "Facing the door, apologize to the old suzerain." Chen Kuo pressed Yu Ran's head slightly, and led him to change the direction of kneeling, facing the gate of the old suzerain Xuanting Zhenren's house.

    "Chen Kuo! What are you doing?!"

    In the distance, a sect disciple with sword-browed star-eyed and imposing aura yelled loudly.

    Chen Kuo looked at the disciple of the sect and knew that this was a rare qi cultivation in the "Jingshan Sect". It was the future "face" Shen Zimu who was highly valued by the current suzerain and was cultivated by the sect with a lot of resources.

    This is not a disciple of An Zhengyuan's sect, but he has spent most of his time in the sect since he was a child, and the current sect master taught him hand in hand and protected him too well, which made him dislike Chen Kuo's "unorthodox" spiritual practice.  used.

    In his opinion, Chen Kuo is probably "arrogant" and bullying others again.

    "Shen Zimu, I caught him on the spot for insulting his elders and making false remarks about the suzerain. Do you want to help him?"

    The halberd-wielding general behind Chen Kuo also faced Shen Zimu, and the coercion spread.

    He knew that as a Qi cultivator, Shen Zimu could also see the existence of the spirit body of the general holding the halberd.

    Shen Zimu's expression changed slightly: "Of course there is something wrong, and it should be interrogated and dealt with by the suzerain and the elders of the sect. Is there any reason for you to be lynched? You are you trying to use force to subdue people in this posture?  ?¡±

    After he finished speaking, he raised his hand, as if he was about to shoot a magic talisman in Chen Kuo's direction, to disperse the spirit body behind Chen Kuo.

    But as soon as he made a movement, the spirit body of the halberd-wielding general behind Chen Kuo suddenly roared, and his whole body continued to swell, from more than three meters to more than six meters, with aura lingering around him, like a ribbon, like  The sky will descend to earth, with a tyrannical momentum.

    At this time, a powerful coercion swept over, and it was so shocking that Shen Zimu got stuck when he was about to cast the talisman.

    It was already past eight o'clock in the evening, and it was completely dark. However, there are street lights on the road on the side of "Jingshanzong", which does not affect the vision.

    But at this moment, all the street lights dimmed a little, and even the light of the entire "Jingshan Sect" seemed to be covered with a layer of veil, and the air became much thicker and lost its fluidity.

    Chen Kuo looked at him, his eyes changed from the previous indifference to a little fierce, and his voice became a little higher: "Shen Zimu, are you sure you want to fight me?"

    From the eyes of the people around, it seemed that Shen Zimu and Chen Kuo had just looked at each other for less than a second, but to Shen Zimu, it seemed as if he had been struggling for several hours - an inner struggle.

    He has quickly deduced the possibility of conflict with Chen Kuo in his mind, will Chen Kuo dare to do it?  Can he beat Chen Kuo?  What will happen if you can't beat Chen Kuo?

    Obviously, no matter from which angle it is deduced, the results are not very good.

    He originally thought that the spirit body of the general behind Chen Kuo could not be controlled by him, and was just bluffing, but now it seems that the judgment seems to bealmost wrong.

    So Shen Zimu pointed at Chen Kuo and shouted: "Chen Kuo! If you dare to mess around and lynch the disciples of the sect, when the suzerain comes back, I will report the matter truthfully, and you will definitely not be able to eat it  "

    But when he said this, Shen Zimu's footsteps did not stop, he walked directly from the intersection not far away, disappeared behind the building, and his voice also disappeared.

    The disciples and staff members of the sect watching the excitement were all amused. They all knew that Chen Kuo's "strength" could not be judged simply by his position in the sect and his spiritual cultivation.

    Countless cases in the past two or three years have proved that in the "Jingshan Sect", no one can subdue Chen Kuo except for the suzerain.

    However, since the few of them were arrested and exposed this time, and Chen Kuo took advantage of them, unless the suzerain is here, they can still reason with Chen Kuo, and anyone else will give it to them for nothing.

    Otherwise, Elder Anzheng is not far away from here. With such a big commotion, why didn't he come forward to take a look?  He was even more unhappy with Chen Kuo.

    None of the other elders in the sect disappeared, and the elder Qiu, who was related to Yu Ran by blood, did not come out. Only Shen Zimu, a stunned young man, wanted to "manage things" relying on his own strength.

    Originally, several spiritual disciples who knew that Shen Zimu's cultivation had improved a lot recently still had some expectations. They wanted to see if Shen Zimu could "surrender" by force to win "Duobao Chen Boss", but they didn't expect to be directly told by Chen Kuo.  The words were dismissed, which was really disappointing.

    ¡ª¡ªOthers could not see the drastic changes of the halberd-wielding general behind Chen Kuo, but could only hear Chen Kuo's words, "Are you sure you want to fight me?"

    After Shen Zimu was reprimanded, Chen Kuo firmly held Yu Ran's head with his hand, and cursed: "Are you deaf? I'll make you apologize!"

    Yu Ran's tears burst out. Chen Kuo's strength in holding his head was not very strong, but the psychological pressure on him was unbearable. He was like a chicken being carried to the kitchen by a butcher.  In general, extremely frightened.

    "I I was wrong, I shouldn't talk nonsense, gossip, I really didn't mean itSenior Brother Chen"

    "It's an apology to the old suzerain!"

    "Yes, yes, the old suzerain forgive me for being ignorantI have no brainsI"

    "Speak clearly, speak louder!" Chen Kuo let go of the hand holding his head, but slapped him up: "Insulting the elder, what is said in the school rules, recite it!"

    "II don't remember"

    "You can even forget the rules of the house? How did you get started?" Chen Kuo said, pointing to the few people who were chatting with Yu Ran at the door before, and it seemed that they were going to run away: "You, and you, how many of you  Hey, recite the gate rules!"

    One of them straightened his voice and said, "Junior Brother Chen, you have to forgive others and forgive others, but no matter what he says, he belongs to Elder Qiu"

    "Who the hell is your junior brother!" Chen Kuo interrupted him directly, and scolded: "You guys didn't know how to dissuade him when you heard him talking about his elders and insulting the old suzerain of the sect.  Down!"

    At this time, under the spiritual vision, the halberd-wielding giant rose another half a meter, and it was already close to seven meters.

    At this time, Chen Kuo's clothes were already wet with sweat, but his body was exuding high temperature at the same time. With the naked eye, white smoke was constantly emitting and rising from behind him, and he looked more powerful, like a tiger who loves people, and it was even more terrifying.  .

    The disciple who was reprimanded originally wanted to remind Chen Kuo based on his seniority, but he couldn't support himself after being yelled at, and collapsed with his companions.

    Chen Kuo looked down at Yu Ran, clenched his fists, and prepared to teach him a good lesson and leave a "deep impression" - he already knew that someone was secretly spreading rumors about the old suzerain and his master, and he also knew who it was  Instigated, but the other party was very wretched and operated secretly. Although he had rectified the other party through other methods, it was still not happy enough.

    Now he was directly caught on the spot, taking advantage of it, if he didn't "kill chickens and monkeys", wouldn't it be a waste of this opportunity.

    The master is his reverse scale, no one can touch it.

    At this moment, a pure and kind voice came from the courtyard in front of him: "Ah Kuo, stop making trouble, come in, I should go to bed later."

    In an instant, several disciples, including Yu Ran, felt as if their heads had finally surfaced and they could take a breath of fresh air.

    The surrounding street lights seemed to become much brighter, the air in the whole area was circulated again, and various insects and birds were singing again.
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