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Text Chapter 97 Wishing you a long life

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    Chen Kuo arrived in Lucheng City by plane, then transferred to Linyuan Town, and found the Zongmen's pick-up point in the town. It was already past four o'clock in the afternoon.

    Chen Kuo found a staff member of the sect with ease, drove an SUV, and drove him to the depths of "Quiet Mountain".

    He has to go back to the Zongmen once or twice a year, one is to discuss the customization details of various blanks with the Zongmen, and the other is to offer incense to the old Taoist priests, so although he is away all the year round, he is very friendly to the Zongmen staff and disciples.  cooked.

    The location of "Jingshan Sect" is not on the top of "Jingshan", but halfway up the mountain.

    From the main road, you need to turn into a dense forest, walk on a bad non-paved road, and then turn into a one-way trail to reach a group of buildings.

    "Jingshanzong" does not look like a Taoist temple. It looks like a very ordinary mountain dwelling group. If you don't know it, you will think at first glance that these are houses built by the villagers themselves.

    However, these private houses are unique, and they are very different from ordinary houses in terms of layout.

    Almost every house has an incense burner, a futon, a bookshelf full of books, and various magical instruments, props and refining equipment that are unknown to ordinary people. Many people only have a futon in their bedrooms.  no bed.

    In addition to the traditional sect furnishings, there are also some rooms that are arranged like a hospital. Not only is there a pharmacy, but it is also equipped with various advanced examination equipment, and even ventilators, ECG monitors and other equipment.

    The society is progressing, technology is developing, and the sect is also constantly changing. It is hoped that it can be embedded in the entire social system and play its role.

    There are staff guarding the intersection here. Generally, cars that are not from the Zongmen will not drive on the dirt road that is obviously difficult to walk on. Even if they drive over, they will be stopped and cannot pass at all.

    The entire "Jingshan Sect" has a permanent population of two to three hundred, of which more than 70% are peripheral "staff". In fact, there are very few real sect disciples, and most of them are outside.

    People walking around the "Jingshan School", whether they are young or old, whether they are staff members or direct disciples, greeted Chen Kuo with a smile when they saw him.

    No way, although Chen Kuo does not have any official position or title in the sect, and his superficial cultivation is mediocre, all the spiritual practitioners and even non-spiritual practitioners of the "Jingshan Sect" will inevitably  Use the products of Duobao Company.

    Not to mention other things, the Taoist robes and shoes of ordinary disciples, the uniforms and accessories of the staff are all customized by Duobao Company.

    Every year, Duobao Company also distributes dividends to senior management and elders, and distributes red envelopes to all disciples and staff, as well as small gifts during the Chinese New Year. The sense of presence is too strong.

    Knowing Duobao Company, it is naturally impossible not to know the actual helm of Duobao Company, Chen Kuo, who has taken most of the shares from the vested interests of the sect.

    "Ah Kuo is back?" A black-haired middle-aged man in his fifties, wearing a loose robe, stood on the side of the road with his hands behind his back and looked at Chen Kuo with a smile.

    "Yes, how has Elder An been?" Chen Kuo saluted respectfully.

    "Okay, although you can't break through the lifespan limit, it's not a problem to live another ten or twenty years." The middle-aged man laughed.

    "Then I wish Elder An a long life."

    "Oh, Ah Kuo can really talk." The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes and said.

    When the two were communicating, no matter the disciples or staff of the sect around them, they dared not show their atmosphere and watched quietly.

    At first glance, it seemed that Chen Kuo and Elder An respected the elders and cared about the younger generation, and they exchanged pleasant greetings.

    But everyone in the sect knows that Elder An has always been upset that Chen Kuo has complete control over Duobao Company, all profits and sales channels of Duobao Company, as well as the cooperation with other sects.  Feet, share Chen Kuo's power.

    However, although An Zhengyuan is the elder of the sect, he never took advantage of the various open and secret battles with Chen Kuo.

    Chen Kuo not only manages Duobao Company as a monolith, whether it is within the company, or the foundry, suppliers, or various sects that have business contacts with Duobao, they only recognize Chen Kuo, and no one else is easy to use  ¡ª¡ªEven if you borrow the tiger skin of the current suzerain of the "Jingshan Sect", it won't work.

    Moreover, within the "Jingshan Sect", Chen Kuo also has various methods to divide the high-level. When he took back Duobao Company, he had the handles of many people, intimidating and luring, wooing those who could be wooed, and beating those who could not be wooed.  As a result, An Zhengyuan had no way to form a unified will among the high-level sect, and could not use the "zongmen power" to force him.

    ?Of course, more importantly, the current suzerain, or the entire "Jingshan Sect", needs Duobao Company and Chen Kuo, and no one else can replace him.

    So don't look at how respectful he just saluted and greeted Elder Anzheng Yuanan, and wished him a "long life", in fact he almost pointed his nose and cursed at others, which was very hurtful.

    Because Elder An is ninety-eight years old this year

    However, Elder An really can't do anything to him now, whether he is playing dirty or playing hard, he has been crushed by Chen Kuo.

    After "meeting" with Elder An, Chen Kuo continued to walk along the path, and asked the boy guarding the gate in front of a house, "Is the suzerain there?"  Stuffed it into the opponent's pocket.

    "Ah! Brother Kuo! The suzerain is not here, so he should be back tomorrow morning." The little boy at the door hurriedly replied.

    "Well, good." Chen Kuo nodded, turned and went in another direction - in fact, he had already judged that the suzerain was gone directly through his spiritual vision, but it was still necessary to come over and ask symbolically after he came back.

    The main purpose of Chen Kuo's return this time is to meet the old Suzerain Master Xuan Ting - that is, the previous suzerain.

    In the "Jingshan Sect", apart from those guys whose spiritual qi has been cultivated crookedly, who are full of intrigue and fighting for power and profit, Chen Kuo also has some real friends, such as the old sect master Xuan Ting Zhenren.

    When he was about to arrive at Xuanting's house, Chen Kuo saw five or six young sect disciples standing at the gate of Xuanting's house, discussing something together.

    "The old guy has no disciples. I don't know what is the use of those magic weapons and magic tools. After he dies, these things will not be handed over to the sect for distribution?" A tall and thin man wearing a handmade vintage silk shirt  The young man said in a disdainful tone.

    "That's right! After accepting Yu Ran as a disciple, there will be someone who will die later, right?" Another person also echoed.

    The thin and tall young man named Yu Ran snorted coldly: "I think this old guy won't accept apprentices when he's about to die. I'm afraid he's already made up his mind to leave those things to the illegitimate son."

    "The illegitimate child? You mean the one from Duobao?"

    "Who else is there besides him? If he wasn't the old guy's illegitimate son, would a cash cow like Duobao Company fall into his hands?" Yu Ran said.

    "It's hard to say, because of this rumor before, the suzerain punished many people, and the age is not right" A young man said timidly.

    "Age? Is age a problem for spiritual cultivation? The suzerain is not here now, what are you afraid of? Hmph, the suzerain is too generous to them. Back then, the old guy wasted so much of the sect to save his confidant Wu Tiandao  TreasureActually, according to what I said, I shouldn't have done that useless work at the time. Wu Tiandao led the disciples of the sect to hunt down the big demon, but instead killed two disciples, and he fled back alone. This would be a big mistake.  He is dead, he should be dealt with"

    "Yu Ran, stop talking"

    "Yu Ran, it's really inappropriate to say that"

    "No, you guys are so stupid. The old guy's lifespan is approaching, his cultivation base has degraded, and his ears are not working well. Without hearing aids, he can't even hear us talking in the house. Are you afraid of a ball?"

    "Yu Ran, Chen"

    "Are you afraid of Chen Kuo? Don't say that Chen Kuo is not in the sect now, even if he is in the sect, I"

    Before he finished speaking, a big hand was placed on his head.
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