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Text Chapter 99: Thank you to the old suzerain

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    "Don't thank the old suzerain yet?" Chen Kuo slapped Yu Ran on the head again.

    Not only Yu Ran, but also several other disciples who were with him hastened to salute to the gate of the house: "Thank you old suzerain, old suzerain is magnanimous"

    "Get out!" Chen Kuo scolded.

    After a few people got up and ran away, Chen Kuo opened the door and walked into the courtyard where the old suzerain master Xuanting Zhenren lived.

    Passing through the simple courtyard with only a marble table and a few pots of flowers and plants, Chen Kuo pushed the door and entered the side room, and saw the old suzerain Xuan Ting Zhenren meditating in the study.

    Compared with An Zhengyuan, who is in his fifties, Master Xuan Ting looks much older, with white beard and hair, he really looks very old.

    However, just from the sound that was full of energy just now, penetrating the two-story courtyard wall, one can know at will that Master Xuan Ting is definitely not the level of cultivation and physical degradation that Yu Ran said that he can't hear it without a hearing aid.

    Of course, Chen Kuo knew that Master Xuan Ting's lifespan was indeed about to run out, and his life was coming to an end. If there was no major breakthrough in cultivation, there would basically be only a few years left.

    And Daoist Xuan Ting is not a qi cultivator, so it is almost impossible to increase his lifespan by improving his cultivation.

    "You, you, you are still so impulsive. You want to beat people as soon as you return to the sect. It's too rude. Anyway, you also went to university outside. In ancient times, you were a scholar, a Jinshi, and a scholar. You have to reason with people  "

    As soon as Chen Kuo entered the room, the old suzerain started the chanting mode.

    Chen Kuo poured a cup of tea by himself, drank it all, and said with a wry smile: "It's not because of the old suzerain, who is too good at playing dead, if you hear them chatting in private, you will turn on your loudspeaker  Spray them with a loud voice, how many people do you think dare to take you so seriously and talk like crazy?"

    He is very clear that Master Xuanting's cultivation base has indeed degenerated and his body has deteriorated, but he is far from being as old as he appears. The old suzerain is deliberately pretending, and even the hearing aid is a "prop" for camouflage.

    Master Xuan Ting smiled and said, "How can I do that? How can I hear those interesting words? How can I know what people think? Hey, it's all your fault, brat. Just now, to stop you, I exposed, exposed.  , I'm afraid I won't be able to eavesdrop so comfortably in the future"

    Chen Kuo smiled wryly and shook his head: "No wonder you don't want me to give them a hard beating and teach them a lesson. How dare you point at them to 'make a comeback' again? Don't you get angry when you hear those words?"

    "You, you still don't get home in your practice. In the words of the Buddhist school, you are too smug. Don't be led by those words, and listen to the things behind those words. The amount of information is rich."  Master Xuan Ting said with a smile, and couldn't help stroking his long white beard while speaking.

    Chen Kuo smiled bitterly and said: "That won't work. I really don't cultivate my mind thoroughly enough. If I hear them viciously arranging my master, then it won't work. If I don't beat him to death, it's already 'my heart is merciful'."

    Master Xuan Ting sighed: "Oh, I guess I will have a good life for the past two years. After I go, I can't control what you want to do."

    As he said that, he couldn't help but smile bitterly: "Many people in the sect are waiting for me to die. They think that if I die, no one can protect you. If I die, you won't be able to protect you for much longer."  Treasure company. Alas, fools, they are all fools, how do they know that I am alive, I am not protecting you, but protecting them."

    If it was in the past, when Chen Kuo heard this, he would definitely smile wryly and say, "Old Sect Master, you think highly of me too much", "If you are not here, I will go back to the sect to offer incense to you and the master, I am afraid I will be beaten  Sap", "How can my honest boy fight against those old fried dough sticks", "You have to leave me twenty or thirty tips to save my life".

    But after Elder Chu Zhenyan of "Hongyanmen" told him the words "You underestimate yourself too much", he began to really and seriously examine himself and his abilities.  system.

    Then after a horizontal comparison and a comprehensive analysis, Chen Kuo finally knew that he might not be very strong in terms of "absolute strength", but because of the various special abilities and tools he developed based on his own yang aura, it made him stronger  There is a natural restraint ability when facing all kinds of spirits, monsters, spiritual cultivation, magic weapons and magic weapons below a certain level.

    Just like just now, facing the group of spiritual cultivators headed by Ran, relying on the spiritual body of the halberd-wielding general behind him, he can deter other spiritual cultivators from rebelling.

    If other spirits have the intention to use spiritual spells and spells, his spiritual vision ability can detect them in advance, and then through the control of his various spirit puppets, interrupt the use of other spirits and spells, and even make them  Backlash.

    Of course, if hundreds of people in the entire "Jingshan Sect" don't, directly rushing up to beat him up, then the only thing he can do is run away.

    But that kind of situation is inevitable, and he is not the big villain of the "Jingshan Sect", so that everyone will not be disgusted and abandoned, and everyone will shout and beat him.

    ?As for the sect disciples alone, at least 20% of them have a good relationship with him, about half of them are melon-eaters or little ones who can't understand his behavior, and only about 30% of them are really unhappy with him and have conflicts of interest.

    If he is unlucky, maybe more than 30% of them will hurt him, but those who usually dare to face him with fists and kicks may not have 100% of them, it is a handful of a handful.

    As for the "staff" of the sect, they didn't dare to participate in the struggle among the disciples of the sect. Even if they really wanted to participate, they would choose a side. As long as the suzerain didn't say anything, 90% of them would take Chen Kuo's side.

    If it was really a fist fight, Chen Kuo didn't say "I want to hit ten", it would be no problem to hit six or seven disciples whose spiritual skills were restricted.

    Even a qi cultivator like Shen Zimu in the early stage of qi refining, after Chen Kuo restricted the use of aura and supernatural powers, was just an ordinary strong man in front of him.

    So Chen Kuo knew that in the sect, as long as he took advantage of the reason and competed in force, he would not be afraid of anyone.

    In the field of spiritual cultivation, he should be close to the level of a "real person" in Qi cultivation in terms of actual combat power.

    As for the "True Monarch", after all, he has never met him before, so it is not easy to make a judgment.

    However, he has also figured it out these days. His master, senior sister, and senior brother have warned him to be careful and low-key when he is out walking and dealing with the spiritual world since he was a child.  It wasn't all because he was afraid that his hot temper would cause trouble and suffer losses, so he deliberately hit him.

    But when the master, senior brother, and senior sister were still by his side, the application methods of Zhiyang aura, such as the spirit puppet, had not been fully developed, and they had not been fully applied.  The following devotionals have this crushing advantage.

    Chen Kuo didn't say much about this matter. Anyway, the current situation of "Jingshan Sect" is generally within his expectations, and there are no variables beyond his control. This time he returned to the sect is not for these reasons.

    He took down his backpack, took out a few boxes and put them on the bookcase by the door: "Old Sect Master, this is a new magic circle kit I developed, you can try it to adjust the aura environment in this yard, borrow it from our sect  Let¡¯s try to refine Qi.¡±

    If Master Xuan Ting wants to prolong his life, he has no other choice but to break through the barrier of Qi refining and forcefully step into the field of Qi cultivation the day after tomorrow.

    However, Master Xuan Ting smiled and shook his head: "Don't worry about it. The remaining one or two years are just reading books, writing books, concentrating on learning, and thinking about some problems that I didn't have time to think about before. I'll go later.  After you finish it, remember to put away my manuscripts, find a predestined person, and pass on the manuscripts and my magic weapons to him."

    Chen Kuo smiled wryly and said: "Your own successor, of course you should search for it yourself. There is no reason for me to search for it. I don't know who is destined."

    Master Xuan Ting smiled and said: "It doesn't have to be the successor. When the time comes, people can enter the 'Jingshan Sect' if they want to. It doesn't matter if they don't want to. Since it is destined, there is no need to deliberately look for it. You will know when you meet  It¡¯s fate, if you don¡¯t meet, it¡¯s not the time yet.¡±

    "Old Suzerain, you should shave your head bald, you must look like an eminent monk." Chen Kuo laughed.

    "You brat"

    "Then if you don't meet someone with a predestined relationship, wouldn't your magic weapon manuscript or something become mine? Then look at me, old suzerain, am I a predestined person?" Chen Kuo said with a hippie smile.

    "If you really think that you are a destined person, then it doesn't matter if you accept it." Master Xuan Ting didn't seem to care.

    "Forget it, I'm afraid that when the old suzerain comes to me in a dream to order me to do this and that, I can't bear the shortage of manpower." Chen Kuo laughed.

    "Don't be poor. When you return to the sect at this time, you kid, shouldn't you come here specially to offer incense to your master or to see me, an old man? What else is there?"

    "Oh, that's right. I have a question I want to ask the old suzerain." Chen Kuo put away his smiling face, sat down on the futon in front of Master Xuan Ting, and said slowly.

    The smile on Master Xuan Ting's face also slowly disappeared, his eyes narrowed, and he sighed leisurely: "Ah Kuo, I know you are very smart and also very emotional, but there are some things that should be let go or forgotten.  "</div&gt
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