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Text Chapter 28 Let me show you a baby

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    Although "Mao Qizong" is not a regular customer of Duobao Company, Chen Kuo knew Yang Ningpu before.

    When he was fourteen years old, he went out with his senior brother to get rid of spirits, met Yang Ningpu by chance, said hello, and even worked together to get rid of "evil spirits".

    Of course, at that time, Chen Kuo was just following the junior brother who went out to see the world, and he didn't make a move¡ªeven if he made a move occasionally, he still used the traditional method of driving magic tools and using spiritual skills, and he hadn't formed his own full set of "before"  "Spirit attacking spirit" method of subduing demons and eliminating spirits.

    Yang Ningpu and Chen Kuo's senior brother Zhang Miao have some friendship. They also have a group of young practitioners. Occasionally, when they are in the same city, they will invite them to have dinner or something.

    On one occasion, Chen Kuo also had supper with his brother and Yang Ningpu.

    At the dinner table at that time, Yang Ningpu boasted that their "Long Qizong" was among the top five sects, how awesome and powerful they were, and how masterful they were, and how exquisite and powerful their "Long Qizong"'s spells and spirits were.  "It's a pity that you are not disciples of the Long Qi Sect, so I can't tell you about it in detail," the emotion was beyond words.

    It was the rebellious period of youth, and Chen Kuo, who suppressed his desire every day and relied on super-intensive exercise to relieve it, couldn't bear it. Immediately, he launched the yin and yang strange gas mouth cannon Dafa to spray Yang Ningpu who had drunk some wine so much that he couldn't speak.

    So anxious Yang Ningpu said that he wanted to fight Chen Kuo one-on-one, and he wanted to teach this impolite junior a lesson.

    That didn't hit Chen Kuo's arms, and he jumped up to accept the appointment.

    Chen Kuo, who was fourteen years old at the time, was not nearly 1.9 meters tall as he is now, but he was already 1.75 meters tall, and he practiced with the track and field team and Sanda team every day when he was in school. He was as strong as a calf  like.

    So without any suspense, Yang Ningpu couldn't hold back for five seconds without using spiritual skills, and was beaten by Chen Kuo on the ground.

    If it weren't for the brother who was almost laughing at the side and pulled Chen Kuo away in time, Yang Ningpu would probably be beaten and cried.

    However, a few years later, the old Taoist priest passed away, and the senior brother said that he wanted to find a place to practice. Since then, there has been no news of him, and the sect does not know his whereabouts.

    And when the senior brother was away, Chen Kuo never saw Yang Ningpu again, and he didn't expect to see Yang Ningpu again, but here he was.

    Chen Kuo, who was a violent teenager in junior high school, is now the boss of a company.  Yang Ningpu, who was keen to brag about the sect's Niubi back then, is already a senior cultivator with a long beard and apprentices.

    "Old Yang, is it business or private that you are here today?" Chen Kuo asked¡ªhe could actually guess the purpose of the other party's visit, but he couldn't start some words.

    Yang Ningpu pondered for a while, and said: "It can't be considered a private matter, but it's not entirely a public matter."

    As he spoke, he motioned to one of the apprentices. The apprentice who had been standing and not sitting down after entering the office immediately put a long box on his back on the table and opened it, revealing an erhu inside.

    Yang Ningpu picked up the erhu, put it on his knee, and gently pulled Erquan Yingyue for a short distance, then asked: "How is it?"

    "There is form but no soul. This erhu is useless." Chen Kuo knew that what he was asking was not how he was playing, but the sound of the instrument.

    This erhu seems to have no obvious damage except that the bottom is a little dry and cracked, and it can be pulled, but any practitioner can tell that this erhu has been "abandoned".

    Yang Ningpu nodded, and handed the erhu to Chen Kuo: "Does this erhu look familiar to you?"

    After taking it, Chen Kuo said with a smile: "Of course, this is the one in the musical instrument room on the second floor of Ye's house, right?"

    After a slight pause, he said again: "It seems that the cultivator of the 'Long Qizong' invited by the Ye family before is you, Lao Yang! Are you now resident in Xianyue City? Or just passing by?"

    Yang Ningpu said: "I usually stay in Haihong City next door, but Xianyue City is also within the scope of my responsibility"

    As he said that, Yang Ningpu's tone suddenly turned sharp, and he stared at Chen Kuo with sharp eyes: "Since you know that the Ye family found the 'Long Qizong' to exorcise spirits, and you are involved in it, this is breaking the rules, do you know? The five major sects  Twenty years ago, the rules were laid down, the scope was delineated, and which sect is responsible for which area is all in the announcement."

    Chen Kuo was not frightened by his aura, and said with a smile: "Of course I know the rules, but Ms. Ye should have told you that she took the initiative to find me, not me, which is not bad.  rule."

    ?The five major sects have indeed defined the scope of activities of each "famous sect". Under normal circumstances, it should be that the well water does not interfere with the river water. Only when encountering relatively large troubles and asking each other for help, will they enter each other's scope of activities.

    But this is just an "ideal state". This rule has never been truly implemented since the day it was set.

      Because there is a situation that is not bound by this rule, that is, the client directly contacts.

    "Subduing demons and eliminating spirits" has never been a business, and it is impossible to publicize it with great fanfare. On the one hand, it depends on the cultivators themselves to search for ghosts, and on the other hand, it is mainly word of mouth and private rumors.  contacts.

    After all, ordinary people's trust in practitioners is directly established with practitioners.

    Chen Kuo knew that Yang Ningpu did not really want to hold him accountable when he said this, and the main purpose of coming to the door today was not to ask questions, but to take the initiative in the next topic.

    Of course, if he doesn't know much about the twists and turns and unspoken rules in the sect, and is really bluffed, then Yang Ningpu will be even more "reasonable".

    Sure enough, after hearing Chen Kuo's words, Yang Ningpu's tense expression immediately relaxed, and he said with a smile, "You're right, but since you know that the Ye family came to us first, you have to say hello first.  It's more appropriate, otherwise, when you are exorcising, our people just come over, and misunderstanding is a small matter, but if you disturb the exorcising process and there is any danger, it will be a serious matter."

    This is taking the initiative to set the steps, and Chen Kuo took it in a hurry: "Lao Yang is right, and I really should let you know in advance, and I should do it more safely."

    "Hey, they are all disciples of the sect, and for the sake of 'subduing demons and eliminating spirits', they understand each other and understand each other." Yang Ningpu changed his voice and asked:

    "By the way, Chen Kuo, I personally fought against the 'Wu Ling' of the Ye family's mansion. To be honest, I really couldn't handle it with my two apprentices, so I applied to the sect for support. Unexpectedly,  Blue out of blue and better than blue, this 'house spirit' was actually solved by you."

    Yang Ningpu reached out and patted the erhu in the box on the table, and said: "You probably forced the 'Wu Ling' into this erhu and that guzheng, and then disposed of it? You probably put a  The magic circle at night consumes a lot of materials? Brother, I am a little curious, what kind of magic circle and magic weapon can force such a thick "house spirit" into two musical instruments that have nothing to do with it. Of course  , if it involves Zongmen secret arts, then I didn¡¯t ask you. But I know that your Duobao company has many interesting products. If there are related utensils among them, you can see if you can introduce them to my brother.  Take a moment. Although my brother is not responsible for the purchase of the sect, but these needs can also be reported"

    Chen Kuo looked at the erhu, "tell the truth" and said: "I did pull out the 'spirit' on this erhu and that guzheng"

    He tapped his chin lightly with his fingers, pretended to ponder for a few seconds, then suddenly got up and walked towards the office door.

    Walking to the door, Chen Kuo did not open the door, but stretched out his index finger, picked it lightly, and locked the door with a snap.

    Turning around, Chen Kuo showed a mysterious smile to Yang Ningpu and his two apprentices: "Old Yang, two fellow Taoists, let me show you a treasure.?
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