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Main text Chapter 259 Going forward!

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    The giant eagle with purple flames around it fluttered its wings, and the eagle spirits of ordinary size that had been transformed into feathers began to divide continuously, dividing into two, dividing into four, dividing into eight, dividing into sixteen in the blink of an eye  Suddenly, the entire blood-colored world was filled with the spirit body of the eagle clone, covering the sky and blocking the sun, and the oppressive force was extremely strong.

    This scene makes people understand why Xiao Chengfeng's alias is "King of the Falcon Shrouding the Sky" - with supernatural powers, he can cover the sky and block out the sun.

    Just like those bloody skeletons, these individual eagle spirits may not be stronger than ordinary evil spirits, but when they gather together, they can exert huge magic power, like a moving creature that is always on the move.  It is generally a magic circle that can change its type at any time.

    The army of bloody skeletons quickly disintegrated and collapsed under the attack of the eagles' spirit bodies and the purple flames of Xiao Chengfeng's body.

    But immediately, more skeletons came out of the ground again, and even amidst the rumbling sound, a blood-stained tank covered in skulls rushed out of the crack in the ground.

    This tank is also extremely huge, nearly ten meters high, and the gun barrel looks even more terrifying. It looks like a huge chimney in a factory.  Spew out a terrifying behemoth.

    Around the giant tank spirit body, there are many taller and larger skeleton warriors, which seem to be better equipped, holding shields and knives, and following the tanks.

    Xiao Chengfeng's heart trembled, the purple flames around his body became denser, and the color of the spirit body became darker.

    Those skeleton warriors who were one size bigger were no different from other skeleton warriors in his eyes, except that they had more spiritual energy.

    But that giant tank was different, it was a lone demon spirit with spiritual consciousness, maybe it had some dangerous supernatural powers.

    Even if it is an ordinary magical spell, it cannot be easily parried when used at the level of this spirit body.

    Suddenly, majestic music sounded in the blood-colored world.

    Xiao Chengfeng noticed that on both sides of the mountain-like throne, a high platform was raised, and two musicians in long robes played their instruments.

    And there is a larger platform under the high platform. In front of the two musicians, there is an orchestra composed of hundreds of skeletons, playing together under their control.

    Amidst the majestic music, one after another, bloody skeleton tanks emerged from the ground. Although these tanks were not as huge as the previous giant tanks, they still looked extremely powerful.

    Xiao Chengfeng knew that these spirit body tanks, like his eagle clone spirit bodies, were just extensions of spells, the tentacles of the spirit bodies, the medium for casting spells, and had no intelligence in themselves.

    ?But with the large formation of tanks, paired with the blood-colored world, and the vast number of skeleton warriors, it is hard to say what kind of weird spells will be produced in cooperation.

    Xiao Chengfeng was going to capture the thief first and capture the king first, no matter what happens, he will attack the armored giant spirit body first.

    Regardless of other things, you must break through this bloody world first, and know where you are.

    He flapped his wings and flew forward, rolling forward with purple flames, and the tens of thousands of black eagle clones that had been continuously differentiated also roared and followed closely.

    On the ground, the giant gun barrel of the giant tank was instantly lifted, as fast as it was teleporting.

    There was a bang, as if something had hit hard on the steel plate.

    An aura shell blasted out from the barrel, and at the same time, all the scarlet tanks fired into the sky at the same time.

    The moment the cannon was fired, Xiao Chengfeng realized that the spiritual bullet could not be dodged.

    So he hovered in mid-air, his wings covered his whole body, and the purple blazing flames also instantly stopped, becoming round and pure, like a giant purple egg.

    When the aura bomb hit the giant egg, the purple "eggshell" immediately became distorted and ferocious, and a circle of scorching white shock waves swept around, and a large number of black eagle clones disintegrated instantly.

    The remaining Black Hawk clones were also shot and exploded under the salvo barrage of other tank clones, and most of them were wiped out at once.

    After the first shot was fired, the giant tank and its clone tanks seemed to start charging.

    A group of giant skeleton warriors around them combined their shields and big swords, but turned out bone-throwing spears one after another.

    Afterwards, they made a throwing posture together, and Xiao Chengfeng, who was hovering in the air, spread his wings again. After the purple flames bloomed, the bone spear array immediately flew up from all angles on the ground.

    The purple flames rolled down, smashing all the bone spear spirits to pieces, while Xiao Chengfeng's giant eagle charged towards the giant tank.

    ?Because the speed is too fast, the giant tank that is charging has no timebsp; Xiao Chengfeng was astonished, and he didn't care about other things, he could only continue to charge with all his strength, gathering all the spiritual energy in front of his body, on his beak, and at one point.

    But the shadow continued to press down, but it carried a completely irresistible power and spiritual pressure, making it impossible to go up at all, and could only fall involuntarily, without even touching the essence of the shadow.

    Fall, keep falling.

    Due to too much consumption in a short period of time, Xiao Chengfeng was temporarily unable to control his spirit body, and could only keep falling downwards.

    This time, the bloody vortex was no longer there, and it fell without any resistance.

    And after falling for a certain distance, it finally saw clearly.

    What pressed down from the sky, overwhelmed everything, and was completely irresistible, turned out to be an incomparably huge hand.

    It's that armored giant!

    I don't know when, the giant stood up, stretched out his hand and pressed down.

    Thus, Xiao Chengfeng's desperate breakout came to an end.

    Below, a pudgy spirit body wearing the same standard armor as a giant, holding a spoon as tall as her in his hand, looking up at the sky.

    However, as soon as she raised her head, the oversized helmet obliquely covered her eyes. With an "oops", she threw the spoon aside, straightened the helmet with both hands, and then went to pick up the spoon with the helmet in one hand.

    On the helmet, a round spirit stretched out two matchstick-like arms, trying to help her stabilize the helmet.

    After picking up the spoon, the short and fat general supported the helmet and the spoon, and continued to look up at the big bird that fell down, smacking his lips, with a look of anticipation on his face.
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