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Text Chapter 65: Chen Kuo¡¯s Teachings (Part 1)

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    "Xiao Zhu, why are you in a daze? Follow up?"

    Chen Kuo's voice made Zhu Li recover from the sudden spiritual pressure, and after a reply, he hurriedly followed and walked to the factory with them.

    After regaining her strength, she looked at the spirit body of the military general holding a halberd with closed eyes behind Chen Kuo¡ªfrom the purity of the spiritual energy of the spirit body and the overall state of existence, it can be seen that this is not a complete "demon spirit"  Or the "spiritual body" born naturally is completely different from the previous "bowl demon". It does not appear to have spiritual intelligence, and the way of existence is very strange.

    It seems Its source comes from Chen Kuo, and it has a direct connection with Chen Kuo himself.

    Looking at it this way, it looks a bit like Chen Kuo's "Yin God", which can be controlled by him and completely attached to his will.

    But Chen Kuo can't even cultivate Qi, so how could he have a "Yin God"?

    This spirit body is really a bit mysterious, I don't know if it is some special secret method or spirit technique of "Jingshan Sect", or some powerful magic weapon of that bracelet.

    Looking at the nodding and trembling looks of the people who came out of the factory when they faced Chen Kuo, Zhu Li suddenly understood Chen Kuo's intention to summon the spirit body at this time.

    This guy actually used this spiritual body that he didn't know how to summon to increase his momentum, and used spiritual pressure to put pressure on the people in the factory.

    This gave Zhu Li a very absurd feeling, just like seeing someone use an advanced fighter to shoot birds.

    After realizing the purpose of Chen Kuo summoning this spirit body, Zhu Li could calmly bear the spiritual pressure by the side - anyway, knowing that the spirit body was not for her, she could still easily bear the simple spiritual pressure.

    After entering the factory building, the boss and factory manager Lao Xu graciously introduced the situation of several production lines to Chen Kuo.

    "In fact, the ingredients and standards of the replacement materials used are similar to the original ones, and even better in terms of performance. It's not that we cut corners" Old Xu was judged by Chen Kuo when he held the video conference the day before yesterday  He said aggrievedly in order to scrap a few unqualified "Dharma Formation Clips".

    "Are you an elm head? How many times do you want me to tell you before you understand? These things are completely different from what you think in your mind. It's still functional, you know the fucking performance."

    Chen Kuo taught Lao Xu face-to-face without being polite at all, and the subordinates of Lao Xu next to him, as well as the heads of the foundry, were no strangers to it¡ªevery time Chen Kuo came to the factory, he was full of firepower, sometimes not only  Old Xu was sprayed, and the part they were responsible for was not done well.

    Chen Kuo directly pulled Old Xu aside, then went to the big bucket of discarded finished products and rummaged a few times, took out a "magic circle clip" and threw it into Old Xu's hand.

    "This is the only one in the whole barrel that is made according to the material I requested. Isn't this a qualified product, why throw it here? How do you classify it, and say that the material is not enough, and it is such a waste?"

    Old Xu was stunned for a moment, then looked back at a subordinate next to him, who immediately came up, took the "clip" and checked the number on the bottom, sweating on his forehead:

    "It's really not from this batch, it's a previous trial product, it may be confiscated and left at the bottom of the barrel"

    "Can this damn thing be confiscated? Do you know how much this one is?" Old Xu was also a little furious, and after spouting a few words to his subordinates, he turned around and said to Chen Kuo: "Mr. Chen is really sharp-eyed. In such a big bucket,  You can tell the difference at a glance.¡±

    "To you, there may be no difference between them, but to me, they are as clear as black and white." Chen Kuo said, "So don't fucking say that you think the same, you think it's almost the same,  You don't understand what is the core of these products at all, just do what I ask."

    "Yes, yes, you should strictly follow the requirements" Old Xu nodded again and again, his brow sweating.

    When facing each other offline, Chen Kuo's tone and words were actually much gentler and softer than online video conferences, but they were much more oppressive.

    Next, Chen Kuo continued to inspect the entire production and assembly process of the factory, pointing out all the places that he thought had problems or might have problems.

    Xiao Han, an employee assigned by Duobao Company to the factory, had already rushed over from the warehouse. When he saw the boss Chen Kuo here, his face turned pale, which was obviously unexpected and under a lot of pressure.

    However, after Chen Kuo just nodded to him, he didn't say a word to him.

    It wasn't until after visiting all the factories where Duobao's products were being produced and inspecting all the materials and finished products that Chen Kuo said to Xiao Han, "Let's have lunch together at noon."

    Seeing Lao Xu telling his subordinates to book a restaurant ahead of time, Chen Kuo waved his hand and said, "The three of us?Eat, you don¡¯t need to accompany us, we have to go to Lao Guo¡¯s factory after eating.  You remember what I just said, and carry it out earnestly, and don't make any mistakes.  I will not deduct the processing fee for the extra materials consumed this time, but if there is another time, it will not be as simple as deducting the money"

    Chen Kuo was not worried that Lao Xu would notify Lao Guo in advance. They were very warm to each other when they saw each other.  It is already good to put on the eye drops in front of Kuo, and it is impossible to steal the message.

    When walking out of the gate of the factory, there were more than a dozen young people passing by diagonally opposite. Seeing Zhu Li, who was very good-looking and tall, he couldn't help but whistled, slowed down, and shouted "beauty", "little girl"  "Sister", "Old Sister", "Miss", seems to be planning to talk a few words.

    However, Chen Kuo, who came out immediately, glanced over there, but immediately seemed to press the virtual mute button over there, making everyone subconsciously close their mouths, look away, and walk quickly.

    Seeing this scene, Lao Xu, who sent Chen Kuo and the others out, suddenly felt a lot better. He even began to imagine Lao Guo's expression when he saw Chen Kuo and the others, and couldn't help gloating.

    Zhu Li, on the other hand, clearly saw that the spiritual body of the general with closed eyes behind Chen Kuo who was holding a halberd swelled up again, and pointed the halberd in his hand at the young people across the street.  Some liver tremors.

    After Chen Kuo got into Xiao Han's car, he dispersed the spirit body behind him, letting the little secretary who got into the car quietly breathe a sigh of relief.

    "Xiao Han, are there any omissions in what I explained to Lao Xu in the factory before?" Chen Kuo asked seemingly casually.

    "No, Mr. Chen has considered it very comprehensively." Xiao Han, who looked twenty-three or fourteen years old, said somewhat cautiously.

    "Is it possible that the work here cannot be done alone?" Chen Kuo asked again.

    Xiao Han hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said, "Mr. Chen, before they changed the replacement materials this time, they actually mentioned it to me. ?
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