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Text Chapter 205: Why is this Secretary Zhu like this?

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    In this film and television city, which could not be completed and opened normally for some reason, Zhai Hongyang carefully arranged a large number of magic circles, and the overall Fengshui layout also caters to its magic circles.

    It is even possible that when the film and television city was built, it participated in the planning in some name, and the film and television city failed to complete and open as scheduled, and it might have its influence.

    Obviously, these things cannot be completed overnight, and this place can be said to be an important stronghold managed by the great demon Zhai Hongyang.

    There are a large number of evil spirits, evil spirits, and demons entrenched in it, and their cultivation bases vary. It will inevitably require a lot of resources and energy to maintain it.

    According to common sense, although Chen Kuo and his team are very strong, it is not so easy to pass through this area that has been operated for a long time, where there are magic circles, evil spirits, evil spirits, and demons cooperating with each other.  It requires a hard fight and a lot of consumption.

    It's just that Chen Kuo's scary and terrifying blood sea abyss domain and skeleton tank army are too shocking, directly suppressing all the spirits, without the interference and influence of the spirits, those who are not big and talented  It is difficult for monsters with relatively average supernatural powers to cause too much hindrance to them.

    But those evil spirits and demon spirits are actually still there. Except for a small number of small monsters caught by Chen Kuo in the trunk, there are also some other large monsters that were too scared to show up.

    But now, no matter whether they received Zhai Hongyang's order or realized that the terrifying existence with the skeleton tank army had left, they had burst out their hidden ferocity and gathered around the church.

    Among them, there is even a big monster!

    It seems that this big monster was also frightened by Chen Kuo's bloody abyss and skeleton tank army just now, and he didn't even dare to show up.

    Everyone in the church is ready to fight as if they are facing an enemy.

    Especially those who were not qi cultivators and did not have the ability to see spiritually, quickly reopened their eyes and took out their magic tools or talismans.

    Only Zhu Li, after seeing the entire church soaked in the aura of evil spirits and smelling the smell of demons, did not feel nervous or worried at all, but was angry.

    The anger is getting hotter and hotter.

    After her dog brother didn't take her with her and went to see Zhai Hongyang alone, Zhu Li was constantly depressed and on the verge of breaking out.

    At first, she was worried and nervous, afraid that something might happen to Brother Gou, and then she started to get angry again, angry at that damned pangolin, angry at these "ignorant little demons, big demons, and demon kings", angry at her brother Gou trying not to take her, angry  She herself is not strong enough to deal with all the dangers directly before Brother Gou encounters them.

    In short, the more you think about it, the angrier you get, and the more you get angry the more angry you become.

    Don't look at how she "sensibly and calmly" prevented them from rushing to help against Chen Kuo's explanation when facing Qiu Lindong and Weizhi's inquiries, her analysis was well-founded and well-organized.

    But in fact, before they came to inquire, she herself was in a battle between heaven and man, and she was also hesitating whether to "stop pretending" and go to her brother Gou desperately.

    She really couldn't accept it, and once again let Brother Gou be killed "under her nose".

    Just when the anger was about to be refined into aura and exploded, these spirits who didn't know what to do or what was wrong came out

    The eldest brother is not here, Qiu Lindong thinks that as the third child, he naturally has to take over the role of "commander" and take responsibility at this time.

    So he began to quickly assign tasks to everyone:

    "Fourth, that monster outside is hard to deal with, let's stay inside and protect Mi Bunny."

    "Fellow Daoist Weizhi and fellow Daoist Fuchong, please use Big Brother's 'Five Elements Exorcism Formation Kit' to quickly set up the formation with the 'Yanghuo Spirit Extinguishing Formation' as the core. If you need anything, you can bring it up now.  "

    "You start to set up the formation, with Mi Bunny as the center of the formation. The fourth child and I will deal with those evil spirits and evil spirits first, and fully support your formation."

    "Let's deal with the spirit inside first, and then deal with the demon outside, with defense first."

    "Secretary Zhu, I heard from my eldest brother that the magic weapon on your body can help you blend into the environment, and hide yourself to a certain extent? Then you can hide in the corner of the church and enter the latent state first, so that the friends of Weizhi can form a formation."  I will also cooperate with you from time to time, and if the big monster rushes in later, you will be the backup"

    He was halfway through speaking, when he suddenly found that Zhu Li silently walked to a handbag that Chen Kuo had left for her, squatting down to search for it.

    "Secretary Zhu?" Qiu Lindong thought she didn't notice that he was assigning tasks, so he called again.

    Zhu Li took an item from the bag, and walked towards the door while unpacking it: "YouA sense of pride.

    Li Shiyou sighed, "Suddenly I don't worry about Big Brother anymore."

    Qiu Lindong: "Huh?"

    Li Shiyou: "Brother can spend a few months training a powerful spirit like Secretary Zhu, who can kill a big monster with a single knife. Even if this big monster is average, it is still a big monster. You say  What will his own true strength look like?"

    Yes, if it's just Secretary Zhu who was trained by Chen Kuo in a few months, how strong would Chen Kuo be?

    Judging from Chen Kuo's previous behavior style, if he is not sure, he will generally not take risks.

    Mi Bunny's "lock of fate" was not opened by the "curse of death", and Chen Kuo had no reason to agree to the appointment.

    MaybeChen Kuo actually wanted to find Zhai Hongyang on his own initiative.

    Even, Chen Kuo's goal is the demon king behind Zhai Hongyang!  ?

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