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Text Chapter 171: Those who learn from me live, those who imitate me die

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    Chen Kuo shook his head: "I'm not sure." Then he asked back: "Shouldn't the Profound Qizong keep people in Xianyue City? Do you have any news? Didn't a real king come to Xianyue before, is there any arrangement?"  What detection array or something?"

    For the little secretary and Li Lao Si, Chen Kuo could clearly indicate that the large-scale aura fluctuation last night was caused by his "experiment", so they don't have to worry.

    But for Yang Ningpu, Chen Kuo made it clear that "I don't know".

    ? Although he and Yang Ningpu are old acquaintances, and it is not bad to have several contacts and cooperation during this period, it is more based on the superficial common interest relationship.

    And Li Laosi, who met later and had not been in contact with him for a long time, on the one hand, he has the title of "worshiping brothers", and on the other hand, after actually contacting him, Chen Kuo thinks that he is relatively  can be trusted.

    Even the two masters and apprentices of Weizhi and Fuchong who are also the same as the Long Qizong, Chen Kuo has to trust them more and have a closer relationship with them.

    In addition to emotional self-judgment and objective logical judgment, Chen Kuo also has the "hook" of being a fan girl.

    Her closeness to different people can help Chen Kuo judge the other party's true attitude towards herself-although she can't tell the reason at all.

    Yang Ningpu said: "I don't know if Zhenjun has made arrangements, but there is indeed no news from the sect. Today, fellow Taoists from other sects called me to ask me about it. Everyone is a little worried.  Could it be related to the demon king who was going to cross the catastrophe before?"

    "Indeed, I just dealt with a monster in Xianyue with my fourth brother yesterday." Chen Kuo said.

    "Oh? What's the situation?" Yang Ningpu asked in confusion.

    Chen Kuo could tell at a glance that his doubts were staged, and it is estimated that he had already obtained general information from the police.

    However, this kind of reaction is also very normal. He probably only knew that it was a demon, but not the specific inside story. After all, the mouse demon was completely dealt with by Li Laosi, and not a single hair was left on the scene.

    "It's a rat demon who has just entered the transformation stage, and behind the scenes is the pangolin that stirred up wind and rain in Xianyue"

    Chen Kuo briefly introduced to Yang Ningpu the information he learned from the rat demon yesterday.  Of course, he didn't elaborate on how he subdued the rat demon, but just said "I and my fourth brother will solve it".

    Yang Ningpu frowned when he heard it: "So, the movement last night may really be those monsters"

    Chen Kuo nodded solemnly: "I'm afraid those monsters are still obsessed with Xianyue City, and maybe they want to do something to get rid of the disaster. I ruined their good deed last time, maybe they will kill me first this time."  It's solved, alas, disciples of our small sect are afraid of encountering this kind of thing. Lao Yang, you still have to respond to the sect more for my brother and me, let them pay more attention to Xianyue, pay more attention  Let¡¯s get down to those evildoers of Zhai Hongyang, if I was really killed by those evildoers, it would not be a disgrace to the 'Jingshan Sect' family, and the 'Five Great Sects' and all the spiritual cultivation of the sects would lose face"

    Hearing the elder brother flickering in a serious manner without changing his face, Li Shiyou next to him couldn't help but took a big sip from his teacup, so as to suppress the corners of his mouth that were about to turn up.

    However, he also understood what Chen Kuo meant by saying this, to make the people of the Long Qizong think that the movement might have something to do with the big demon and the demon king, and they would definitely pay more attention to Xianyue City, and even Zhenjun would come to visit often.  It is not so easy for those monsters to harm Chen Kuo and catch him.

    After chatting for a while about Zhai Hongyang and the demon king, and guessing who the demon king behind Zhai Hongyang might be, Yang Ningpu and Chen Kuo finally got to the point:

    Chen Kuo's spirit-carrying items obtained from Hekui Yunna.

    Chen Kuo didn't have any secrets, so he put all those items on the table one by one - these things were already in the trunk of his car, and when he knew that Yang Ningpu was coming, he brought them to the office.

    Yang Ningpu also has no interest in these things themselves, and any spiritual cultivation from a famous and authentic family probably would not look down on them.

    Like Chen Kuo, what he wants to investigate is whether these things can deduce the way He Kuiyun obtained the art of controlling spirits.

    "According to our on-site investigation, according to the situation of He Kui's transportation of the physical body, and some of his methods of deploying magic circles, his method of controlling spirits is quite similar to that of demon cultivators." Yang Ningpu inspected the items,  Express your own judgment.

    Generally, a monster can become a monster, and has its own set of spiritual energy operation methods. Each monster is born with "Qi cultivation", so the cultivation method of each monster is basically different.  Unlike human spiritual cultivation, even casual cultivation has inheritance.

    ???It's the same as water and fire, and it's very difficult to deal with.

    The attitude shown by Yang Ningpu is that no matter what, he is unwilling to really start the "Yunqi Club".

    Chen Kuo is not very interested in the internal struggles of the Long Qizong, but from the perspective of his interests, there is no doubt that he is biased towards Yang Ningpu.

    I just hope that the internal strife in the Long Qizong will not affect Weizhi's master and apprentice.

    Both the master and the apprentice are relatively simple and kind people. Fu Chong has more experience in life, but he is not very astute. I hope that the two of them will not be used as gunmen and hurt.

    Especially for the child Weizhi, this kind of spiritual injury from his own sect is much harder to bear than the physical injury suffered in battle.

    Chen Kuo wondered if he should simply suggest that the master and apprentice go out for more walks during this time, or simply visit Xianyue as a guest.

    Looking for a reason?

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