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Text Chapter 179: Sister Yang's Radar

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    Zhu Li could feel Chen Kuo's liking for her, this kind of liking was different from the liking when they first met.

    At the very beginning, Chen Kuo's "liking" for her was the kind that came from the body, and it was very restrained, cautious, secretive, and sneaky.

    But I don¡¯t know when it started, maybe since she found out that Chen Kuo was her dog brother, and since she began to show her inspiration talent at an accelerated rate, approached him actively, and gave him trust in him, brother dog treated her  Attitudes are also changing little by little.

    She could clearly feel that the way Brother Gou looked at her was less and less concealed, and he was willing to stare at her many times, which was not at all at the beginning.

    Especially that morning in Brother Gou's car, when she pinched Brother Gou's face, she could really feel the affection in Brother Gou's eyes.

    To be honest, although she grew up, she has always remembered Brother Gou, and has always regarded Brother Gou as a part of her spiritual sustenance. She will think of him every day and see it every day (on the picture).

    But in her heart, she has never thought of the relationship with Brother Gou as a relationship between a man and a woman. First, she always thought that Brother Gou had been struck to death by lightning to save her.  , Brother Gou is a silly, gentle, caring little boy who treats her super well. He is her little friend and the key to the softest hiding place in her memory.

    But after knowing that Chen Kuo is her dog brother, as the two get along more and more, as the tenderness, longing, and feelings for him in her heart are gradually released, the emotions between the two are also very natural  There is a feeling that it is natural to change to the direction of love between men and women.

    It's like writing a novel to pave the way for 9/10 of the space, and finally it will come to fruition, and the hero and heroine live happily together.

    Brother Gou likes her, there is no doubt about it.

    However, Brother Gou likes Zhu Li who is his little secretary and an ordinary woman.

    He didn't know that this little secretary actually had other identities.

    If he knew that, would Brother Gou still like her like he does now?


    She still has a big vengeance to avenge, and the magic weapon on her body is too involved, which may lead to a catastrophe and bring enemies that they can't contend with now.

    Does she really want to be with Brother Gou and bring him into this abyss?

    Zhu Li walked into Chen Kuo's office with the brewed coffee, put the coffee cup firmly on the desk, and then touched the dry rice girl who was next to her leg in the air. The latter smiled with her chubby face up.

    Chen Kuo picked up the coffee and took a sip. The acidity of the fruit was well preserved, and the taste was in line with his preferences. Xiao Zhu's hand-brewed coffee is as good as his tea-making skills, and he is very precise about his preferences.

    It's really easy to go from thrift to extravagance

    Putting down the coffee cup, Chen Kuo asked casually, "Xiao Zhu, don't you have any arrangements for tonight?"

    Zhu Li smiled and said: "There are arrangements."

    "Since there is no arrangement, let's have dinner together. I've already made a reservation for the restaurant. The taste of this restaurant Uh, you said Do you have an appointment?" Chen Kuo said halfway to himself, and suddenly realized that the little secretary  What was the answer just now, I couldn't help but look up in amazement.

    "Yes, we have an appointment." Zhu Li said solemnly.

    Chen Kuo opened his mouth slightly, and wanted to ask her who she had an appointment with and where she was going. After hesitating for two seconds, he said, "Thenthen have fun, get off work early."

    Zhu Li looked at Chen Kuo's expression of disappointment that he couldn't hide, and couldn't help but laugh and said, "Boss, you forgot, you made an appointment with me last week, and we're going to have dinner together tonight."

    "Ah?" Chen Kuo, who had been on a roller coaster, couldn't laugh or cry. He had the urge to press the little secretary on his lap and big buttocks, so he said helplessly, "The appointment you said is that appointment"

    "Otherwise, boss, who else do you think I can have an appointment with? You are your secretary when you go to work every day, and your spiritual assistant after get off work, and you have to practice and learn the basics of qi refining"

    "Yeah, I'll treat you tonight and take you to eat delicious food." Chen Kuo smiled.

    "Eat delicious food!" The Ganfan girl standing at Zhu Li's feet jumped up and said happily.

    The little stones in her hair also bounced: "Wow, wow!"

    "Well, I will go down and drive first, and you will come down in 10 minutes and wait for me at the old place." Chen Kuo said.

    "Well, yes." Zhu Li responded obediently.

    The two of them now go to work together, get off work together, and eat together. At first, when Chen Kuo called the little secretary to go together.?You can make up any reason.

    For example, "Tell me more about what happened in the foundry today", "Please check the detailed list of Hongyanmen's shipment with me, and talk while eating", "I want to keep up with the  People are eating, Xiao Zhu, you go with me, and bring the information of the magic circle kit with you" and so on.

    However, such a reason does not exist every day, and people in the company will find it strange if it is used too much.

    So now when they go to work during the day, Chen Kuo will put Zhu Li down at the corner 50 or 60 meters away from the company, and then drive to the underground parking lot by himself.

    When getting off work, Chen Kuo will go down to drive first, let Zhu Li go down later, and get in the car at the place where she was put down in the morning.

    After seeing that it was time to get off work, Chen Kuo got up, put on his coat, took his backpack, walked out of the office, and casually said to Zhu Li who was at the station at the door:

    "Xiao Zhu, I'm leaving first."

    "Well, goodbye, boss." The little secretary responded naturally.

    After Chen Kuo greeted and nodded with the company staff all the way, he walked out the door, took the elevator, and went to the parking lot to pick up the car.

    Ten minutes later, Zhu Li also got up, took his coat and bag, greeted his colleagues, and left the company.

    Sister Yang, who was picking up the courier package received with Lao Li at the front desk, watched Zhu Li walk into the elevator and go down, and said with a smile:

    "You said these two people are really strange. They are both single. One is unmarried and the other is unmarried. Let's be together if they are together. They are still hiding something, as if they think everyone doesn't know."

    Lao Li curled his lips: "I didn't remind you, you know? She's also the queen of gossip, with piercing eyes"

    "See if you can, then why don't they make it public, why are they so sneaky?" Sister Yang rolled her eyes at him and said.

    The girl at the front desk came over with a gossipy face: "Are you worried that if we break up in the future, there will be gossip in the company?"

    Lao Li nodded: "The boss and the secretary are indeed prone to gossip. I think Mr. Chen also wants to protect Xiao Zhu out of this idea."

    "Then you have to pay attention, don't spread rumors, or with Mr. Chen's personality, hehe, you should understand." Sister Yang looked at Lao Li with a smile.

    Lao Li was stunned for a moment when he heard the words, and his expression turned bitter: "I didn't pass it on either, hey"

    "Do you think there is such a possibility" The girl at the front desk held her chin and said thoughtfully: "In fact, Mr. Chen and Xiao Zhu are not together. They secretly connected to do something inconvenient for the company  What other people know?"

    Sister Yang said firmly: "Impossible, they must be together, my radar is absolutely accurate."

    If it was before today, she might not be too sure, but after talking with Zhu Li in the tea room today, judging by her performance, she is sure that she and Chen Kuo are already together.
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