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Main text Chapter 132 Then it depends on how beautiful this fox demon is

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    Chen Kuo still didn't cosplay the signature lines of a certain hostess, but just said strangely: "No way?"

    "It's true, I haven't talked about it until now." Zhu Li said with wide eyes.

    "Impossiblethere should be many people chasing you?" Chen Kuo still felt strange.

    "Boss, why don't you believe me?"

    Zhu Li snapped her fingers and said, "I started in elementary school. I learned piano, pipa, dulcimer, saxophone, erhu, and violin in grades one, two, and three.  But I didn¡¯t get a very good ranking, but Huahua participated in a competition and won the first place. I went to the Mathematical Olympiad in junior high school, but I gave up after only one year. I changed to sprint and won the fourth place in the school sports meeting.  .I started learning c++ in the first year of high school, and made an online assistant software for my mother to help her browse forums and play games. I started learning java in the second year of high school"

    The little secretary talked on and on for quite a while, until she finished her undergraduate degree and was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination before stopping. She spread her arms and said to Chen Kuo, "Boss, how do you think I have time to fall in love?"

    Chen Kuo was also dumbfounded: "Xiao Zhu, do you know so many musical instruments?"

    He was wondering if he should ask the little secretary to help her teach Bai Ying, at least to help the sisters determine the musical instrument first?

    But Zhu Li smiled and said: "My mother asked me to try it. She is a music teacher. Actually, I am not good at it at all. I don't have any musical skills. I can play a song "To Alice" on the piano, but I can play more on the saxophone.  Two pieces, but they are also very crotch, and the other instruments are basically forgotten, and I returned them all to my mother."

    "It stands to reason that there should be many boys chasing you, right? Among those people, you are not pleasing to the eye?" Chen Kuo asked again.

    "No, and boys chasing girls are very naive when I was studying. In junior high school, the boy behind me grabbed my hair, and then I beat him to tears. His mother came to the school to complain. I only found out from other classmates later.  , He actually likes me, boss, you say it¡¯s weird? Is it weird? He likes me and he pulls my hair? Some boys put chocolates on my desk and didn¡¯t tell me. I don¡¯t know.  It's just crawling with ants, it's just that"

    Chen Kuo asked suspiciously: "Isn't it true that among the boys chasing you, aren't there any normal ones?"

    "I don't want to like it as long as I'm normal, I'm also very demanding!" Zhu Li said.

    Then she stared at Chen Kuo with a smile: "Boss, you are tall and handsome, you also run a company, you are a spiritual practitioner, and you know magic spells. There should be many girls who like you, right? When did you start dating?"

    Chen Kuo glanced at his phone: "Oh, it's getting late, we have to go back to the parking lot, otherwise we won't be able to catch up with the company after work!"

    After all, he strode towards the parking lot first.

    "Hey? Boss, slow down!"

    Zhu Li laughed and ran behind.

    When the two of them got back into the car again, they were covered in sweat.

    Chen Kuo handed a tissue to the little secretary, took a tissue to wipe his forehead, and sighed: "It's the first time I've told anyone about today's events, Xiao Zhu, you have to keep your mouth shut. There are other related things.  Try not to reveal matters about sects and spiritual cultivation, otherwise it may cause trouble."

    Zhu Li smiled and said, "Am I the first to know about these things? Then you won't kill me, boss, will you?"

    Having said that, she felt very happy in her heart.

    Chen Kuo smiled and said, "That's notXiao Zhu, you feelmore outgoing today than usual?"

    "Really? I've always been like this?"

    "No, when you first came to the company two days ago, I thought you were a very serious and capable person"

    "I am serious and capable when I work, right?"


    "That's right, it's normal for you to have your appearance at work and your appearance in your life. Boss, you feel different in your life and in the company!" Zhu  Li said with a smile: "And it seems that the impression given to Xu and the foundry is different from the impression given to the employees of the company. It feels like Xu and the others are always afraid of you."

    Chen Kuo was convinced: "Indeed."

    Zhu Li asked again: "What does the boss think of me in my normal life?"

    "It's very good, very lively, very outgoing." Chen Kuo smiled.

    Then Zhu Li took the opportunity to pick up the previous question: "Boss, I'm still a little curious. What would you do if you met that little fox back then? For example, she wasBeing hunted down by other spirits, will you save her?  "

    Chen Kuo was stunned: "Is it such a difficult question right from the start? I never thought about it"

    Zhu Li, who was sitting in the co-pilot, leaned against the car window, then looked back at Chen Kuo, covered his neck with one hand, stretched out to him with the other, and said with difficulty: "AhBrother Kuo, do you still remember the old man in the deep mountains and old forests?"  Black pig'? Help I"

    Then his expression changed, he sat up straight, held a sword in the air, pointed in the direction of the car window, and said in the broadcast voice: "Chen Daoyou, this is a fox demon! It's a monster! Our blablablabla sect has been chasing her for many years.  Don't meddle in your own business!"

    Seeing the little secretary's playful performance, Chen Kuo almost didn't laugh. His little secretary really has a funny soul in the body of a glamorous and beautiful woman.

    "Huh? Then I have to meddle in other people's business. I know this monster, so I can only judge whether she is guilty or not." Chen Kuo said with an unreasonable air, his neck stern.

    "Hmph, the Taoist priests of the Little Jingshan Sect dare to yell at me? I am the number one swordsman of the five sects"

    "Xiao Zhu, you've watched too many martial arts. There is no swordsman in our sect." Chen Kuo corrected like a director.

    Zhu Li accepted it humbly, and immediately changed it: "Oh, I am the number one spiritual cultivator of the five sects!"

    "Then I don't care, I know this demon, and I'm sworn in!"

    "Huh? Are you married now?"

    "Let's talk about the relationship first."

    "Then what if she gets involved in some major event?"

    "Is there still such a setting? Then this fox demon should have already transformed into a stunning beauty? Then at this time she looked at me pitifully, her eyes dimmed with tears, and shouted, 'Brother Kuo, leave me alone, run away  '?"

    "Yes, yes, then what do you do?"

    "That depends on how beautiful this fox demon is."

    "Just like me, um, maybe a little prettier than me."

    "I'm so affectionate and righteous, so of course I can't leave her behind! Hard protection! This is my childhood sweetheart 'Black Pig' sister!"

    "Wow, you are still a childhood sweetheart, Chen Kuo, you colluded with evildoers, you betrayed the sect!"

    "Oh, I was discovered by you, so I can only kill you, hehehehe"

    Under the spiritual vision, Qianfanniu stood in the back seat of the car, with her hands twisted together, she looked to the left for a while, and looked to the right for a while, her fair and lovely chubby face was full of doubts, she couldn't figure out what these two people were playing.  What.

    After walking into the elevator from the underground parking lot, Chen Kuo and Zhu Li had already returned to their original state of boss and secretary.

    However, the childish performance in the car just now made Chen Kuo feel a little unsatisfied.

    "Damn it, I was misled by Xiao Zhu, can it be contagious if you are funny?" After walking back to the office, Chen Kuo couldn't help scratching his head.

    The mobile phone beeped, and a new message was received on WeChat. He picked it up and looked, but it was Qiu Lindong who was married to his third brother:

    "Brother! The fourth brother has gone to Xianyue, please take care of him! ?
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