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Text Chapter 131 Oolong Little Wild Boar

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    Zhu Li knew that when Chen Kuo started to concentrate on eating, he would not have time to talk, so he didn't chat any more, and ate together.

    The two of them worked together, buried their heads in cooking, and ate very rhythmically.

    Then, as expected, the food ordered was eaten up again, and Zhu Li was full again.

    Seeing the little secretary walking out behind his buttocks, stroking his stomach and looking a bit ugly, Chen Kuo couldn't help asking: "Is it because of stomach pain? Do you want to go to the bathroom first?"

    Zhu Li couldn't help giving him a white look: "I'm just too full!"

    "Haha, I know, I'm joking, do you want to take a walk?" Chen Kuo glanced at his phone: "There's still time."

    Zhu Li nodded again and again: "The meeting is over."

    Although the sun is relatively bright at noon, it is already November of the lunar calendar, the "heavy snow" has passed, and the "winter solstice" is not far away. The temperature is around 12 or 3 degrees. It is quite comfortable to bask in the sun outside.

    Walking on the gravel road in the green belt outside a neighborhood next door, Zhu Li squinted his eyes to face the scorching sun, and looked at the Ganfan girl riding on Chen Kuo's shoulder, feeling a little surprised in his heart.

    It was the first time for her to see a pure spirit body that could comfortably bask in the sun in broad daylight under the bright sun.

    Even some relatively powerful spirit bodies, because of the way of cultivation and the purity of their own spirit bodies, can resist the coercion and burning of the noon sun, but they will actually repel, loathe or fear the sun-this is caused by the yin aura.  Instinct that constitutes the spirit body.

    It is impossible to really enjoy the sunshine and "bath in the sun" like Ganfanniu.

    This bowl of demon is definitely not an ordinary demon spirit!

    Sensing her gaze, Ganfanniu also looked over, and gave her a bright smile, the smiling eyes disappeared.

    Zhu Li was also laughed at, this fat girl is really cute.

    "Boss, what happened to the monster you met when you were seven years old? Why did you smile so happily when you said that?" Zhu Li asked casually, "The monster you met  , Didn¡¯t it hurt you? Didn¡¯t you become a spiritual practitioner at that time?¡±

    Chen Kuo laughed and said, "Because of that matterit's quite an oolong."

    Chen Kuo said, looking into the distance: "At that time, my parents who were working outside had just passed away due to an accident. I moved from the town to the village and lived with my aunt and several cousins.  At that time, I was very depressed and felt very lonely, so I often ran into the mountains alone, always thinking about some adventures, some secret books, and after practicing, I will get a peerless fairy law, so that my parents can be revived"

    Zhu Li tilted her head and looked at Chen Kuo who was speaking, feeling that there were memories, tenderness, and a trace of sadness in those eyes that were squinting under the sun, which made her want to hold Chen Kuo in her arms,  Gently rubbing his head to comfort the urge.

    "Of course, I didn't come across any cheats, but one day I picked up a black little wild boar with a wounded foot. The little wild boar was very beautiful, and I thought it should be the 'Snow White' in the little wild boar.  And that little wild boar is very humane. I took ointment, clean cloth, and white wine from home to help it clean its wounds.  After eating biscuits, it will gently arch my legs to thank me.

    "Then I often take this little wild boar to play in the mountains, feed it all kinds of food, what I eat, what it eats. It is very obedient, whatever I tell it to do, it will do whatever, I named it 'Black  "Pig", as soon as you call it, it will come back, it is very obedient, like a dog, no, even better than a dog"

    Zhu Li next to him couldn't help biting his lips, slandering:

    From a small wild boar to a dog?  "Brother Dog" don't go too far!

    Chen Kuo didn't feel the strong resentment next to him, and was still immersed in the memory:

    "The haze after my parents passed away, I relied on that little wild boar to help me resolve most of it. In a sense, it was one of my best childhood partners Well, the other partner is this one  It¡¯s a bowl demon who can¡¯t do anything except eat.¡±

    The Ganfan girl who was riding on Chen Kuo's shoulder raised her head slightly when she heard the cue, and was proud.

    But Zhu Li said in a low voice: "Boss, you said that the demon you met when you were seven years old"

    "Yes, that's it. I found out later that the reason why that little wild boar is so spiritual is because it can really understand what I say, and it is really spiritual. It is a demon."

    Chen Kuo laughed while talking: "Do you know what the worst thing is? It's not a little wild boar at all! It's a little black fox! Hahahaha, I've always regarded the little fox as a little wild boar, and I gave it back  ?A nickname of 'Black Pig'!  Hahahahahaha"

    Zhu Li looked at her "Brother Dog" with some resentment, and said in a low voice, "Boss, there's a lot of difference between a wild boar and a fox, okay? They're not the same at all, how can you admit it wrong"

    "I never saw a fox when I was a child. I thought foxes were the same as those in comic books. But I once saw a little wild boar with my cousin. It was really cute, hahahaha." Chen Kuo said,  Still couldn't help laughing: "And that little wild boar No, the little fox demon also reacted to the name 'black pig', which proves that it likes this name quite a bit! Hahahaha!"

    Zhu Li opened his mouth again, but found that he didn't know what to say.

    Chen Kuo sighed to himself: "Later, my master went into the mountain in order to track down the little fox demon, and accidentally injured me by mistake. In order to help me heal my injury, he had no choice but to accept me as an apprentice and take me down the mountain.  When I arrived in Xianyue City Then, my destiny was completely changed. So speaking of it, I embarked on this path of spiritual cultivation, and the reason why I became who I am today is all because of the little fox  Demon."

    Zhu Li asked softly: "Then youdo you hate that fox demon?"

    Chen Kuo was taken aback for a moment: "Why do you hate?"

    "Because it injured you. Didn't you say that your master accidentally injured you in order to chase and kill it? If he wants to take you down the mountain for treatment, it should hurt very serious, right?" Zhu Li said.

    "The injury was really serious. I was lying on the bed for almost a year, and I was so uncomfortable. But it didn't hurt meOf course, I don't blame my master. He has his responsibilities, and he also  It wasn't intentional. According to my master, that little fox demon stole some treasure from a big sect. Anyway, judging from my contact with it, it is not a ferocious monster. Although I was not  There is no method of judging at the level of magic in spiritual practice, but my intuition tells me that it has no malice towards me, and it really treats me as a friend and a partner."

    Chen Kuo sighed: "I just hope that after that, it doesn't harm people, and it doesn't get eaten by other monsters."

    Zhu Li replied silently in her heart:

    "Brother Dog", "Black Pig" did not harm anyone, nor was she eaten by other monsters, she became a human.

    "Then Boss, if you meet that fox demon again, what will you do?" Zhu Li asked.

    "Meet again?" Chen Kuo was stunned for a moment, then shook his head: "I never thought about it, I really never thought about it."

    Chen Kuo suddenly looked at Zhu Li: "No, Xiao Zhu, why are you asking me questions today? It's not fair. I have to ask you a few questions too."

    Zhu Li put her hands behind her back, raised her chest slightly, and said with a smile: "Then you ask."

    Chen Kuo blurted out: "How old were you when you first fell in love?"

    Seeing Zhu Li froze for a moment, Chen Kuo also realized that this question is beyond the bounds!

    Rely on it, it must be the Minions again!

    But just when he wanted to tell the little secretary that this was a joke and wanted to change the question, Zhu Li said directly:

    "I haven't been in a relationship yet."

    Chen Kuo almost blurted out: "Really? I don't believe it. ?
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