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Text Chapter 312: "Devil God" Appears (Part 2)

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    The destroyed courtyard and the ruins of the house inside are real, obviously just destroyed, and judging from the degree of local aura disorder here, a very violent aura shock has indeed erupted here.  It is also true that a true king, Gao Xiu, fell here.

    In addition to the aura traces of the fallen true monarch, there are various types of aura traces, but these aura traces are very strange and abnormal.

    Even if there is no trace of aura left by the existence that killed Zhenjun, Zhao Qian will not feel too surprised. After all, the demon king of the purple-tailed phoenix Lord appeared in the world, the fall of Huangding Zhenjun, and the scene of Yang Miaocheng when Zhenjun fell.  , could not find any aura traces left by the "murderer".

    But now at the scene, the messy, complicated, and many common but not easy to distinguish aura traces found made him even more confused.

    It's a bit like being in a top Michelin restaurant with an average consumption of tens of thousands, all you see are all kinds of Shaxian snacks, and the taste is exactly the same as the ones you usually eat in Shaxian, which inevitably makes people a little confused.

    Of course, what made him more confused and confused were the traces of the scene.

    When the Purple Tail Phoenix Lord Demon King appeared, Huang Ding fell, and Yang Miaocheng fell, there were also various physical traces on the scene, and there were even huge footprints, which looked like giants came into the world and fought.

    But those places are all remote places in the wild. No matter whether those traces are caused by the manifestation of magic, or there is such a giant, no one witnessed it, it is normal.

    Now here is a residential area. Although there are no people living around the yard, judging from the height and size of the giant, it is impossible for ordinary people to see it farther away?

    It can be said that these are all fake, how to explain the traces at the scene?

    Could it be that those spiritual practitioners from various sects were able to make up lies in such a short period of time, and even deceived him, the real king?

    Zhao Qian squatted on the ground, rubbed up a trace of black charred soil with his fingers, smelled it, and frowned.

    No matter from which angle you look at it, from the perspective of vision, touch, smell, or inspiration, these are all real, and they all conform to the descriptions of what the ten spiritual practitioners saw.

    However, if we only start with the physical traces for investigation and judgment, the traces are really small. As they said, if the shock wave swept across a hundred meters away, there should be no good glass in the surrounding buildings.  The houses and yards in the center were also destroyed by the bombardment, no matter how obvious the damage should be seen in the buildings.

    But he came all the way, and he couldn't see any signs of recent damage to the outer walls of any buildings, nor did he see the glass being shattered.

    So, is everything that those spiritual practice witnesses true or false?

    Two hours later, more Zhenjun Gaoxiu rushed over, and there were actually five Zhenjun standing on this small piece of ruins.

    Oh, and there is another one who has ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and has completely merged with this place.

    At the same time, there are still many true monarchs, as well as heavyweight figures of the sect, especially the high-level officials of the Hongyan sect, who are rushing here on the plane or high-speed train.

    If the information about the "Ancient Secret Treasure" can only allow a few of the True Monarchs to go there personally, then no one will be able to sit still after the shock of Sun Hao's falling aura is sensed by all the True Monarchs.

    In the evening, when the sun sets, the afterglow of the setting sun shines on the ruins of this building, reflecting the dense buildings around it, which looks very beautiful.

    But at this time, none of the five true monarchs standing on the ruins was in the mood to appreciate the scenery.

    "Long Yun, tell the True Monarchs what happened when you arrived."

    Nie Xiangrong, the True Monarch of Hongyanmen, said to the young man in the black jacket with a gloomy expression, that not only Long Yun had privately reported the specific situation to him just now, but the other four True Monarchs who arrived also learned from the other spiritual cultivators.  I know the experience of the matter in my mouth, and now I will synthesize the information in order to make a more comprehensive judgment.

    Although in Hongyanmen, the relationship between Nie Xiangrong and Sun Hao, who are both true kings, is not very good. After all, as true kings, each has its own representative interests to protect.

    However, as a whole of Hongyan Sect, the loss of one True Monarch is a major event that directly affects the overall interests.

    Especially in this period full of countless unknown upheavals, this kind of loss is something no Hongyan Sect disciple would want to see.

    Moreover, judging from disciple Long Yun's description, the strength of that giant made of black flames is already a bit unbelievable beyond imagination, can a real king kill him instantly?

    and it seems to have been;If it was before, they might not be afraid of anything if they were a group of True Monarchs.  But now, three True Monarchs have fallen, and this time there are also many spiritual cultivators who witnessed the black flame giant killing Sun Hao with one move. The existence of this level is at the level of extermination.

    "Didn't the disciples from the previous sect come over today?"


    "During this time It seems that none of the disciples from the previous sect participated in the search for the 'Ancient Secret Treasure Fragments' in various places?"

    "should not."

    The five true monarchs looked at each other, and they all saw the worry and worry in their eyes

    The news of the appearance of the "Devil God", because there is no video data, and no ordinary people have seen it, so there is no relevant news and information on ordinary media and normal news channels.

    However, in the world of spiritual cultivation, the news that the "devil god" appeared and instantly killed Sun Hao, the true king of Hongyanmen, has spread wildly with the help of the mobile Internet, and almost everyone knows it.

    In almost every sect's sect management group, sect disciple group, senior brothers, and small groups of senior sisters, relevant news from various channels is being disseminated.

    Anyway, there are three things that can be confirmed, one is that the real king Sun Hao fell, one is that Sun Hao was beheaded by a giant with black flames all over his body, and the other is that this matter is related to the previous case.

    As for the relationship between this matter and the previous case, there are different opinions, but no one is sure.

    But from a practical point of view, many disciples of Hongyan Sect went directly to surround the mountain gate of the previous sect. If it weren't for the fact that the last sect was guarded by a big town guarding the mountain and the true emperor of Hongyan Sect did not go, it is estimated that Hongyan Sect has already attacked.  went in.

    Many people can't figure it out. Judging from the rumors, the giant who killed Sun Hao, the true emperor of Hongyanmen, should be the same giant who killed Huang Ding and Yang Miaocheng, the former true emperors of the sect. Both sects are suffering masters.  , Why pinch each other up.

    But no matter what the reason is, what the rumors are, as a disciple of the previous sect, Guo Wei can no longer stay in Yuan Taizong to raise meat, not to mention that the expected call from the eldest brother Chen Kuo has never come, they are just waiting every day.  Several sworn brothers and sisters played games and ate and drank with the disciples of Yuan Taizong, so after receiving the news that the sect was under siege, Guo Wei immediately bid farewell to Qiu Lindong and others and prepared to return to the sect.

    Naturally, Qiu Lindong couldn't stop him, but he offered to send him back with Li Shiyou.

    Guo Wei was a little puzzled. Now that the law and order are so good, he is such a big man, and he is going back by public transportation. What is there to give him?

    But the two elder brothers insisted that he couldn't say anything, so they escorted him to the city for a ride.

    As a result, there was a big traffic jam on the road, and then the car broke down again. Guo Wei failed to catch the high-speed train, and the nearest high-speed train to his destination was not scheduled until the next morning.  Fa gone.

    ?Unexpectedly, Qiu Lindong and Li Shiyou waved their hands directly, saying that it was the wrong route they chose to bring Lao Wu to the station and the problem with the car, which caused him to miss the high-speed rail, so they decided to drive him back to Zongmen directly.

    Anyway, it takes about half a night to take him to the destination by taking the high speed.

    Although Guo Wei was a little bit sorry, but since the two elder brothers insisted, he agreed.

    It was past two o'clock in the middle of the night, seeing that the car was running out of gas, Qiu Lindong drove into a service station to refuel.  Guo Wei was a little hungry, so he went to the supermarket in the service station to buy some food and drinks.

    Unexpectedly, while shopping, he saw a familiar figure driving into the gas station.

    To be honest, his first reaction was that he was wrong.

    Because the person he saw was the Daoist Master of their last sect.

    After all, according to the normal judgment now, the last sect suffered a big change, and Master Liu Fei should stay in the sect. How could he appear here?

    What's more, in terms of inspiration, the man didn't have any spiritual induction, so it wasn't spiritual practice at all.

    But after a second look, Guo Wei was sure that he was right, that is the real person Liufei!

    Although the other party was wearing a hat, from his chin, lips, and habitual hand movements, including the vaguely heard communication with the gas station staff, Guo Wei could tell that this was the real person Liu Fei.

    What's more, he also recognized that Audi Q5 as the property of their sect in the town below the mountain, and he used to take that car when he usually went back to the sect.

    ?Noticing that Guo Wei had a strange expression, he was holding food in his hand, and he was about to walk out of the supermarket without paying the bill. Li Shiyou, who entered the supermarket with him, quickly grabbed him and asked, "Old five, what's wrong with you?"
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