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Text Chapter 303: Good at But I Don¡¯t Like It

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    Although "Purple-tailed Phoenix Master" Duanmu Yuan has obtained the control of "Yunshui Tiangong", her own cultivation has not yet recovered, and it is still difficult to fully activate this "quasi-demon king" magic weapon.

    And she hasn't cleared all the aura of the "Yunshui Spiritualist" - once she does that, the "Yunshui Tiangong" will return to its original state, and the form of this underwater palace will no longer be maintained.

    That's why when Di Le entered the low room, she began to spread the spiritual energy up through the "Yunshui Tiangong" and spread it on all sides.

    On the one hand, it is indeed as Di Le thought, to extend the aura in front of her is to tell her clearly the situation of "Yunshui Tiangong" and warn her;

    On the other hand, the aura in her body cannot support the pre-laying of aura at all, driving the "Yunshui Tiangong" to a ready state-now even the supernatural powers she can display inside the Tiangong are limited, let alone expanding to the outer hut  up.

    Duanmuyuan spread the aura all over the room, and the resplendent appearance under the spiritual vision was already the limit of what she could do.

    Yes, it's just the same thing, just showing it, Duanmu Yuan is already going all out and even a little bit unable to hold on.

    As for why she was able to kill Prince Lu so easily, who was still above Di Le, and in such a tragic way, it was because the three of them left at Xianmen, and she realized that Prince Lu was restless and would become her  In the past two days, she has been secretly planting "poison spirits" on Lu Wanghou through the "Yunshui Tiangong".

    Duanmu Yuan has a lot of this kind of unknowingly and rotten tricks, otherwise how dare she boast that if Chen Kuo doesn't help her restore her cultivation, she can handle things better than "Yunshui Lingshi"  "better.

    Her original plan was to rely on the "poison spirit" she did on Lu Wanghou's body, and use it as a deterrent when he had substantial treasonous behavior.

    But seeing Di Le today, after a quick assessment, she decided to "accept" Prince Lu directly in front of Di Le.

    Because she wanted Di Le to replace Prince Lu and become the "messenger" who went out for her.

    The most important thing about the identity of this "messenger" is not cultivation, but obedience and the degree of execution of tasks.

    Di Le revealed her understanding and admiration for her, as well as the relevant information she obtained from the "Master of Clouds and Water" and Prince Lu, which made her realize that this demon is usable, and it will be much more useful than Prince Lu.

    But she is very clear that although monsters also have heroic complexes and idol worship, the whole process of monsters from the birth of spiritual intelligence to the cultivation of form is doomed to only submit to the strong in essence, and most of the time they are afraid  Not Wilder.

    And the fact that Duanmuyuan was seriously injured and fell into the realm when the "demon king appeared" has already spread throughout the spiritual world and the demon world, and Di Le must know it too.

    Don't look at Di Le's strong admiration for her now, and enough awe, but as long as you get a glimpse of her weakness and find that her strength is not as strong as imagined, then you may not be able to carry out her mission.  will go all out.

    Therefore, Lu Wanghou is the "chicken" who "kills the chicken to scare the monkey".

    Before Di Le realized the true strength of the "Purple Tail Phoenix Lord", seeing Lu Wanghou's tragic death with his own eyes could give her a complete psychological hint.

    When arresting Prince Lu, what Duanmuyuan said, "Don't think I don't know what you did", was actually not to Prince Lu at all, but to Di Le.

    Of course, there is another important reason for her to get rid of Prince Lu at this time, which is that she has been a little overdrawn by driving the "Yunshui Tiangong" to expand the influence of spiritual energy this time, and needs a lot of replenishment

    After Di Le left, Duanmuyuan did not return to the "Yunshui Tiangong" immediately, but still stood on the branch.

    She hasn't been outside for a long time, although when she usually stays by herself, she is also in her den, and she doesn't like to be outside, and she doesn't even like the outdoors very much, she hates too much sunshine, too much wind, and hot days  , I hate the cold weather even more

    But after not staying outside for too long, after coming out suddenly, it really makes people want to take a few more breaths of fresh air.

    In fact, this time it is not that she wants to come out, but with her current cultivation base and aura, she cannot sit underwater and stay in the "cloud and water heavenly palace" to manipulate and control, so she must come out.

    Suddenly feeling something wriggling under the claws, Duanmuyuan lowered her head and looked at the little octopus that she was holding and pressing on the branch.

    It seems that it has been out of the water for a long time, and it can't stand it anymore.

    Duanmuyuan's claws tightened a little, and with a poof, the sharp claws plunged into the body of the little octopus, and emerged?? Don't understand, but it still doesn't affect her indulging in watching, fascinated by watching.

    Once, even because he was fascinated by watching, he was almost shot down by a brat with a slingshot.

    Later, her birth spirit in the true sense began to grope for the way of cultivation. From the first day she stepped into the world of practice and became a demon, she had a strong enterprising spirit¡ªshe must hurry up to transform, because the transformation  After that, you can watch all kinds of dramas, listen to all kinds of songs, and read all kinds of picture albums as you like.

    After being transformed into a human, she discovered the joy of being a human is indeed incomparable!

    However, a big monster living in human society is destined to face many troubles. Some of these troubles come from ordinary humans, some from sect spiritual cultivation, some from other big monsters and small monsters, and some from various kinds of troubles.  spirit.

    Some big demons want to get rid of these troubles and concentrate on cultivation. They will go to the deep mountains and old forests to live in huts, dig holes, stay away from the world, stay away from people, and stay away from fighting.

    But Duanmuyuan just didn't want to leave the human settlements, and didn't want to go to the deep mountains and old forests to live in seclusion. She finally cultivated into the shape, isn't it just to enjoy the convenience of human beings?

    So she began to practice desperately again, fighting for resources, and never flinched in all kinds of battles. The fighting method was very crazy and desperate. Human spiritual cultivation at the same level can hardly win one-on-one.  If you lose her, even if you win her, you can't keep her.

    She felt that as long as she became the demon king, she would have the right to decide to stay in the human settlement to have fun, and as long as she didn't provoke people, she wouldn't be influenced by others.

    But I didn't expect that when she became the demon king, she would face even more troubles, and she became a treasure and a rare resource in the eyes of Zongmen Zhenjun!

    Especially in recent decades, the "five major sects" plus a few leading sects have emerged many true monarchs at once, so the comparison of the strengths of several major monster clans and several major sects is not balanced.  After losing several battles between the Great Demon King and the Zongmen Zhenjun, almost all the Demon Kings became prey.

    After several demon kings were successfully "hunted" by Zongmen Zhenjun, the remaining demon kings were forced to dare not show their heads at all, and could not even use their supernatural powers with all their strength-otherwise, the so-called "demon king descended into the world" would appear.  " situation, was jointly hunted down by Zongmen Zhenjun.

    Fortunately, human society has entered the electrical age, and then quickly entered the Internet age.

    Even if Duanmuyuan lives in a villa in the mountains, she can still play games, watch dramas, movies, and comics, learn about world affairs, and communicate with netizens from all over the world. She is very comfortable.

    To be honest, if it weren't for the influence of her cultivation, the time for her calamity was getting closer and closer, and she had to take in an apprentice to help her prepare for the calamity. She could stay at home for a hundred years.

    In fact, she doesn't have much interest in becoming immortal through calamity and transcending immortality.

    Because she felt that if she went to the fairy world or other worlds, a newly ascended "little fairy" like her would probably be at the bottom. If she wanted to have a good time, she would have to fight to the death and fight endlessly.

    More importantly, in the Immortal Realm, the Upper Realm, or another world, whether you can play games in this world, read comics, and TV dramas in this world is still a question.

    In that case, what is the meaning of eternal life?

    But when her cultivation reached that level, the catastrophe was approaching, and she had to make preparations, so she couldn't really just lie down and do the chopping.

    As long as one becomes the Demon King, it will be a matter of time before one gets this blow, even if one forcibly lowers one's cultivation base, it cannot be avoided.

    If Chen Kuo can help her solve the problem of being hacked, even if she doesn't help her restore the cultivation of the demon king, she is willing to be locked up and play games for the rest of her life.

    Looking at the contact information of the great monsters from the Falcon King's lineage and the Venerable's lineage transmitted from the mobile phone, Duanmu Yuan sighed.  , Fighting, she is also crazier and more brutal than anyone else, but she really doesn't like these things at all.

    With this time, why not watch dramas and play games?

    After sending a few messages to Di Le, who had just added WeChat, Duanmuyuan grabbed the phone with one claw and "Little Yunshui Octopus" with the other, and burrowed into the entrance of "Yunshui Tiangong", and Xishen's  The setting sun fell into the reservoir together.  </div&gt
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