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Text Chapter 298 Senior Sister!

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    The scar-faced woman looked at the tall man standing in front of the breakfast car, at the old and worn-out suit jacket on him, and her eyes changed irresistibly.

    Soshe narrowed her eyes, and said coldly, "Thank you."

    The tall man is naturally Chen Kuo, he grinned and laughed: "Senior Sister!"

    The scar-faced woman frowned and squinted at him: "Sir, you've got the wrong person."

    Chen Kuo said with a hippie smile: "Hey, senior sister, although you have put on makeup, disguised yourself, and sealed all your aura, even your inspiration, and pretended to be an ordinary person, but your 'who dares to mess with me, I will kill you'."  The arrogance of hanging him up and smoking is like the brightest star in the night sky or the fireflies in the cemetery, which cannot be hidden"

    The scar-faced woman almost didn't hold back, and the corners of her tightly pursed mouth curved up a little, but she immediately restrained her smile, and her eyes became more fierce, glaring at Chen Kuo: "If you harass me again, I will call the police!  "

    Chen Kuo pointed with his thumb to the beautiful girl behind him who was dressed in fashion and with a little makeup: "This is the policeman. If you have any grievances, just tell her directly."

    "Ah? I" The girl froze for a moment, looked at the scar-faced woman, and then at Chen Kuo, with a nervous expression, as if she didn't know what to say.

    The scar-faced woman frowned even tighter. She glanced behind Chen Kuo at the direction in which the two young men disappeared, bit her lip, and as if she had decided on something, walked over and pulled Chen Kuo's wrist, dragging  Followed him to drill into the alley next to him.

    The tall and beautiful woman behind Chen Kuo was stunned for a moment, but also quickly followed.

    Pulled by the scar-faced woman, the smile on Chen Kuo's face became brighter and brighter. He seemed to have returned to the good time twenty years ago when his senior sister took him to eat delicious food after school.

    At that time, the Internet was far less developed than it is now, not to mention mobile Internet, Meituan, Dianping, Xiaohongshu, etc. Where there is delicious food, where there is delicious food, it is all based on word of mouth, which is not so easy  turn up.

    But as a senior foodie, the senior sister can always take him to find the best gourmet food accurately. She can always know at the first time if there are new shops opened in the local area, what dishes are made, and whether they are delicious or not, as if there is a gourmet food  Radar is average.

    The senior sister not only took him through the streets and alleys, and ate all over Xianyue, but also often took him to neighboring cities, small towns, counties, and even villages such as Haihong City to eat delicious food.

    So every time the master and senior brother are out to subdue demons and eliminate spirits or go back to the sect to perform their duties, when it is the senior sister's turn to take him, he can't sit still in the last class in the afternoon, his lips and teeth are salivating, and he starts to say that the senior sister will take him at night  What is delicious to eat.

    The senior sister even picked him up from school at 5:00 p.m., took a taxi with him to a neighboring province to eat local special soup pot, and then urged him to do his homework on the spot after finishing his homework, and then took a taxi overnight  return¡­¡­

    As long as Chen Kuo is full, he can sleep very peacefully in the car. When he arrives, his senior sister will carry him upstairs, and after lying down for a while, he will be woken up. After another delicious breakfast, he will be full.  go to school.

    It's also thanks to the fact that in order to resist Zhiyang's aura, he has exercised a lot, otherwise he would have become a little chubby when he was fed like this by his senior sister.

    "Ah Kuo! How did you find me! It's dangerous here, do you know? Go back quickly and don't get involved in my business."

    Walking to a relatively secluded corner, the surrounding low houses were obviously deserted and unoccupied, so the scar-faced woman stopped, let go of Chen Kuo's hand, looked back at him, and said sternly.

    Senior Sister finally stopped using that fake hoarse voice, and began to reprimand with her original voice.

    And hearing the voice and the natural teaching tone, the smile on Chen Kuo's face became wider, and his eyes narrowed into slits.

    In the past, when he was mischievous, the senior sister often taught him this way.

    Seeing his hippie smiling face, the senior sister couldn't help pinching his ears: "Stop laughing! Did you hear what I'm saying!"

    "Senior Sister, I miss you." Senior Sister Chen Kuoren pinched her ear and said with a smile.

    The senior sister froze for a moment, her eyes changed a little.

    Chen Kuo continued: "Senior Sister, Qianfanniu said she misses you too, and is holding your leg and waiting to be fed! You don't know, she might eat it now! My appetite is affected by her, and I can't stop the car at all.  gone."

    The senior sister subconsciously looked down at her feet, but now she didn't open her eyes, and her inspiration was sealed by herself, so naturally she couldn't see that chubby bowl of demons.

    Chen Kuo took advantage of her lowering her head, quickly stretched out both hands, and accurately held the cheeks of the senior sister, and thenThe source of her birth came from her instinct, but to her senior sister, it was the feelings that were truly fed from childhood to adulthood.

    The senior sister raised her eyes to look at the Ganfan girl who was with her, and sighed helplessly.

    Then she looked at Chen Kuo with some reproach: "Ah Kuo, haven't I told you many times that I'm doing a big event right now, it's very dangerous, don't you think about it, why I put my inspiration  And Xiuwei seal"

    In the middle of her speech, she was taken aback for a moment, because she suddenly remembered that she was wondering just now, how did Chen Kuo find her?

    Judging from the performance of Chen Kuo and Zhu Li, it is obvious that they did not happen to pass by here to find her, but they came here for her.

    And just now, when she frightened those two dumb bastards, although she sealed the inspiration, even ordinary people's senses can still detect the powerful spiritual pressure that Chen Kuo cast. The spiritual pressure was not at all when she left.  Chen Kuo's cultivation might be possessed.

    But now, Chen Kuo broke the seal of her inspiration and cultivation so easily, even she didn't understand the technique, and there was almost no aura fluctuation.

    She also found that the Ganfanniu on her shoulders had a terrifyingly pure spiritual body. If it wasn't for that chubby little face that she was so familiar with after seeing it for many years, if it wasn't for the "taste" of the aura is still the same as that of a Ganfanniu.  Don't say it's this bowl demon, she will believe it even if it's a bowl fairy.

    More importantly, she knew that although her little junior brother was sometimes reckless, after the master passed away, he had grown up a lot, and his mind was also very smart, knowing when to do what.

    All her previous hints and indications have actually clearly expressed what she is doing and her scruples. With the character, alertness, and concern and closeness of her younger brother, it is impossible not to understand.

    Then there is only one explanation

    A Kuo knew what she was doing and her scruples, but he ignored them.

    But how is this possible?

    Of course, the senior sister still didn't take Chen Kuo's sentence "I can pick up Zhenjun now and beat him up" seriously.

    The senior sister couldn't help but looked at Chen Kuo again, looking at him with the heavenly eyes that Chen Kuo had opened for her just now.

    At first glance, it seems that Chen Kuo's cultivation is not much higher than before she left, and has not yet touched the realm of a real person.

    However, after taking a closer look, he found that the aura around Chen Kuo was in a strange state, as if they were all closely related to him.

    The senior sister looked at Zhu Li again, and the child looked much clearer. At a glance, he knew that he was a Qi cultivator. Could it be that the proud daughter of some sect was abducted by her junior brother?

    Although she has been lurking in the alleys of the city all these years, and has sealed her cultivation and inspiration to avoid being discovered by the existence she is looking for, to avoid her whereabouts from being leaked or being followed by interested people, but she has a lot of love for the spiritual world and the sect.  The door information is still being paid attention to.

    There are some non-famous orthodox spiritual practice or casual cultivators without sect affiliation, and some folk enthusiasts who are interested in spiritual practice and have access to spiritual practice, they will do some non-public forums to publish or discuss spiritual practice.  Some relevant news about Xiujie, Dazongmen, and famous spiritual cultivation.

    Through these forums, the senior sister knew that her younger brother had managed the Duobao company very well, and now they are all strategic partners with the "Five Great Sects".  The star product of the entire cultivation world, Duobao Company is already the top supplier of spiritual cultivation products in the spiritual cultivation world, and she is actually very proud and gratified in her heart.

    She also knew that the master wanted to start the Duobao company back then, but various conditions and the fact that the master was really not good at management ended up making a mess.

    The younger brother can take over the Duobao company and make a splash. The master will be very happy if he knows it.

    But she also knew that with the current strength of Duobao Company and Jingshan Sect, they couldn't deal with that existence at all. She had to let the junior brother continue to develop in a low-key manner, and she couldn't drag the junior brother into the water.

    But looking at it now, it seems the younger brother didn't just toss that Duobao company, and didn't just develop in the direction of refining weapons and treasures?

    "Senior Sister, as I said before, your junior brother is super awesome now." Chen Kuo said with a smile.

    Ganfan girl also said arrogantly: "Senior sister is not afraid, whoever provokes you, I will eat whoever!"

    The senior sister naturally didn't take Ganfanniu's words seriously, she thought about it, pushed Chen Kuo, and said: "You don't tell me what you want to do first, just take off the disguise on my face, I will  I can't go back to pick up the car now, you guys help me push the breakfast car back, let's talk in another place, there is a spiritual cultivation of a real person here, the aura fluctuations of the few of us and the dry rice girl are too strong, it is very dangerous"

    However, Chen Kuo smiled and took the senior sister's hand: "Senior sister, I'm afraid you don't know that those two bastards who were scared by me are the people of the real person you mentioned. They have already notified the real person that he is probably dead now.  I found it."

    "What? Then let's go!" The senior sister frowned.

    "Go? Where are you going! Little miscellaneous cultivators, monsters, how dare you come here to play wild?" A voice came from the air, accompanied by the vibration of spiritual energy, it was sent to the ears of several people, and the eardrums buzzed.?The aura fluctuations of the few Ganfan girls are too strong, very dangerous"

    However, Chen Kuo smiled and took the senior sister's hand: "Senior sister, I'm afraid you don't know that those two bastards who were scared by me are the people of the real person you mentioned. They have already notified the real person that he is probably dead now.  I found it."

    "What? Then let's go!" The senior sister frowned.

    "Go? Where are you going! Little miscellaneous cultivators and evildoers, how dare you come here to play wild?" A voice came from the air, accompanied by the vibration of spiritual energy, it was sent to the ears of several people, and the eardrums buzzed.
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