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Text Chapter 308 What about me?

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    In the second bedroom of an old community in Xianyue City, because the owner is not here, there is no one.

    However, a small long box placed on the incense cabinet in the corner of the living room suddenly opened by itself.

    A magic talisman inside floated automatically without wind.

    Then, under the spiritual vision world, the aura in the room was converging towards the talisman, forming a multicolored aura.

    In the end, red overwhelmed other colors, and the talisman began to spontaneously ignite and completely disappeared in the room.

    The last magic talisman left by Chen Kuo's master, Wu Tiandao, is actually just a magic talisman for "cleaning the heart and calming the mind" and "dispelling evil spirits".

    This talisman is much more subtle than the general "Pure Heart Talisman", but the level of sophistication is limited. Even Chen Kuo, who was before mastering Yin and Yang, was able to make something even more subtle than this with his ability to refine weapons and make talismans.  and efficient talismans.

    However, the magic talisman left by the master is not used to subdue demons and eliminate spirits, but to help Chen Kuo mobilize the Yin attribute when Chen Kuo is backlashed by the "spiritual yang energy" and cannot be suppressed by the usual methods, and is about to endanger his life.  Reverse suppression, life-saving.

    Therefore, it is a "special talisman". Although it is not effective in subduing demons and eliminating spirits, it has the advantage of special talisman in suppressing Chen Kuo's yang aura backlash.

    However, after the master left, Chen Kuo no longer needed to use spells or talismans to suppress the backlash, and later he had controlled the yin and yang, completely getting rid of the backlash of the yang aura.

    This talisman has completely become a "thought" left by the master.

    Although he had glimpsed the true operation of the world's yin and yang avenue from the "Seven Devouring Trace Mystery Technique", he had vaguely discovered that Ming Jia was involved in his yin and yang relationship with Zhu Li, and guessed that Ming Jia might be in Bu  Bureau.

    But at that time, he hadn't determined Ming Jia's position, nor had he determined what method he would use to solve this "merged enemy" between himself and Xiao Zhu. According to his plan at the time, the first thing to do was  , is to find senior sister and senior brother.

    After finding the Northwest Desert at the location of the tracking brother, Chen Kuo knew that Ming Jia was here, and the first plan he made did not use the master's magic talisman.

    So from the very beginning, Chen Kuo didn't go out with his master's talisman. It wasn't until he successfully lured Ming Jia out and allowed him to "seize" the Yang attribute creation that he had pretended, that he suddenly came up with a new idea.  .

    So Chen Kuo used his own connection with his master as an introduction to directly connect the yin and yang of the world, gathered the traces of yin and yang attributes left by the master in the world, and used the magic talisman left by the master at home as the main body to create his own yin and yang in the world.  The lieutenant general master appeared.

    The master who appeared in this way is of course not the real master, and it is not the same as the soul that survives after death. It is a pure aura structure.

    However, such an aura structure can basically restore the true reaction of the person, even far greater than the restoration of the original owner by the soul and ghost.

    If there is a soul left after a person dies, it is basically the residue of the greatest obsession and will, and more of it reflects the side and part of a person's pre-life consciousness.

    However, Chen Kuo's yin and yang manifestation method reproduces all the yin and yang patterns of a person in life. It is a more complete and multi-faceted display, but it can only last for a short time.

    So to some extent, it can also be regarded as a master - if the master is here, what he will do and say will be very similar.

    Through the yin-yang structure master that Chen Kuo has manifested now, he even knows most of the things that happened in their family during this period, and all the words Chen Kuo said in front of the talisman.  Everything about Xiao Zhu's identity was clear.

    Moreover, using the talisman as the main body of the yin and yang manifestation allows the "master" to cast spells and avenge himself.

    Of course, in the world constructed by Chen Kuo, Ming Jia had no chance at all¡ªthe reason why he thought he had mastered the control of the yang attribute spiritual energy was just what Chen Kuo made him feel, and it was not true at all.  Yang is spiritual.

    He will abandon his physical body and fully integrate the yin god into the yin aura he prepared earlier, in fact, to perfectly match Chen Kuo's yang aura, so that after Chen Kuo "becomes the yang god", he can move without hindrance.  Directly and quickly seize the house - in his deduction, the most yin aura that comes from the same source as the "Nine Heavens Yinhua Lock" should be the "key" to control the most yang aura in Chen Kuo's body.

    Even if he is not facing Chen Kuo, facing other true emperors, Gaoxiu or demon kings, this kind of yin god with the most yin aura is also very powerful and difficult to deal with. The only weakness can be said to be that this underground fortress acts as  The load cannot escape.

    &nbsShe looked at him and asked, "What about me?"


    "What about me? I didn't say goodbye to the old Taoist either!"

    Chen Kuo comforted: "At that time I thought of using this method temporarily, so I didn't think about it that much. Well, it's okay, I have already bid farewell to the master for you. He told me four words, 'keep upright and follow your heart',  I told you the same."

    Ganfanniu pursed her lips: "You fooled me!"

    "No, really not. You are my bowl, I keep upright and follow my heart, so it must be that you keep upright and follow your heart? Eat, eat, continue to eat, the mutton should be eaten while it is hot, um, we will hurry on our way after dinner here, ten  You should be able to go to the county before two o'clock, then I will have a supper, you can check later, what delicious restaurants are there in the county"

    As Chen Kuo said, he immersed himself in eating a few mouthfuls of mutton, but as he ate, he found that under the spiritual vision, the Ganfan girl sitting between the senior sister and Zhu Li was holding the bowl in one hand and the spoon in the other.  As usual, she ate and ate with him, but her eyes widened, her mouth pursed, and she looked at him aggrievedly, with tears in her eyes.

    It's over

    Chen Kuo was a little overwhelmed.

    The senior brother, like the senior sister, has been endowed with almost permanent "eyes of the sky" by Chen Kuo, so he can directly see the Ganfan girl without using special spells.

    He was about to say something to comfort the little bowl demon created by his junior brother. To be honest, he was also a little moved by Ganfanniu's performance. Who said monsters are ruthless?  This little bowl demon is very affectionate and righteous.

    But just as he was about to speak, under the spiritual vision, suddenly a little girl with a pair of big fox ears sat next to Ganfan girl, stretched out her hand and rubbed her head, comforting her softly, which shocked the senior brother.

    After being stunned for a while, he remembered that just now in the car, his junior sister and Xiao Zhu had said that Xiao Zhu was also transferred to the fox demon back then.

    So he couldn't help but ponder, if this is the case Could it be that his own spirit looks like a Q-version tiger man walking upright?

    "I was wrong this time. I forgot that you didn't say goodbye to the master. Next time I must make it up next time, okay? Three meals, no, ten meals, you specify ten big meals, okay? Do you want to eat?"  Eat whatever you want!" Chen Kuo also put down his bowl and chopsticks, and comforted him aloud.

    Ganfan girl stared at her eyes and shed tears, and her snot bubbles began to pop up: "The old Taoist priest only has one magic talisman, and you have used it up! You said it was the last farewell. What is the next time? You still have a second time!"  Is it the magic talisman of the old Taoist priest?"

    "Uh" In a sense, Ganfanniu is actually not too different from the time he met his master, senior brother, and senior sister, and this little bowl demon is obviously different from other demon spirits, except for being greedy.  It is also very emotional.  And obviously, gluttony is instinct, but emotion can be greater than instinct.  Because of this, Chen Kuo felt guilty for not letting Ganfanniu say goodbye to the master.

    So it was easy to say, after a message of consolation, Chen Kuo calmed down Ganfanniu: "The main purpose of consuming the magic talisman is to allow the master to use spells to kill Ming Jia in the yin world. But in the world, the yin and yang left by the master  The traces of the level have not been completely exhausted. In this way, I will further collect the traces of Yin and Yang of the master, and then give you a chance to say goodbye to the master, how about"

    "Thenthen when? Ah Kuo, you have to give me a letter of approval! You can't fool me! I'm not so easy to fool!" Ganfanniu said tearfully.

    It was really the first time Chen Kuo saw her cry so badly, and he really didn't expect that the demon spirit could cry like this.

    "Okay when you condense into the Yang God? In this way, when you say goodbye to the master, you can still brag that you are the Yang God, not the bowl demon, but the bowl fairy, right?"

    Ganfan girl sniffed her snot, thought for a while, and nodded: "Well, it makes sense."

    "Okay, let's eat and eat. We have to go on our way after eating." After Chen Kuo said, he continued to eat mutton, while secretly looking at the dry rice girl. Seeing that the little bowl monster also continued to eat, he was finally relieved  tone.  However, the dry rice girl was a little absent-minded when eating, so Chen Kuo lost his appetite. After a while, seeing that everyone else couldn't eat, he paid the bill and left the gas station.

    In the car, the Ganfan girl sitting on the lap of the co-pilot Zhu Li stared out of the window for a while, then suddenly turned around and said to the driver Chen Kuo: "Ah Kuo, you agreed to listen to my command and eat thirty big meals  , I can eat whatever I want, right?"

    Chen Kuo was taken aback: "Thirty ton? Why is it only thirty ton? Ten ton, ten ton!"

    "Thirty!" Qianfanniu shouted.

    "All right, I'll make you ten meals. Just tell me what you want to eat, and I'll take Brother Gou with you!" Zhu Li comforted with a smile. She felt very distressed when she saw the girl crying so badly just now.  .

    The brothers and sisters sitting in the back seat also laughed and said: "We also ask for ten meals each."

    "Yeah! It's better to be Xiao Zhu! It's better to be a senior brother! It's better to be a senior sister! Then" Ganfan girl counted with Xiaopang's hand: "Then this is a total of sixty meals."</div>Seeing that Qianfanniu cried so badly just now, she felt very distressed.

    The brothers and sisters sitting in the back seat also laughed and said: "We also ask for ten meals each."

    "Yeah! It's better to be Xiao Zhu! It's better to be a senior brother! It's better to be a senior sister! Then" Ganfan girl broke Xiaopang's hand and counted: "Then this is a total of sixty meals."</div&gt
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