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Text Chapter 309: Big Brother's Confession

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    My secretary is the fox demon. Chapter 309 of the main text volume The elder brother¡¯s confession is the same as when Yang Miaocheng was killed. After Ming Jia was eliminated, Chen Kuo also blocked the aura vibration brought about by the demise of the real king.  In the underground fortress.

    Although Ming Jia is dead, his "function" is not over yet.

    This underground fortress, including the secret stronghold discovered by the senior sister before, are all "tools" for Chen Kuo to implement his plan in the next step.

    As for Ming Jia's "tool" attribute, it doesn't matter whether he is alive or dead. It can even be said that from the moment he dies, his "function" really unfolds

    Like most sects, Fayanzong is also built in a hidden mountain forest, which is difficult for ordinary people to find.

    Of course, like most sects, after entering the 21st century, sects have built relatively smooth roads leading to the outside world, allowing the outside world to drive in and transport some things.

    Moreover, when there were relatively few disciples in the past, and when they were living in seclusion, the sect's water and electricity could be solved by themselves, even without electricity.

    But now, spiritual cultivation itself does not require suffering, and it is better to make life as convenient as possible, otherwise it will be difficult to integrate into society, and it is also a disadvantage for the job of "subduing demons and eliminating spirits".

    As a result, all kinds of electrical appliances have also entered the sects. It is not easy to solve the power problem by the sects alone - it is not a problem that there are always super loud generators in the deep mountains and old forests, and the electricity used for power generation is not a problem.  Diesel has to be brought in too, which consumes a lot.

    So now, in all sects, except for water, which is solved by themselves, electricity and network are solved by the national grid and operators.

    Anyway, all sects are now officially registered, have a serious status, and are recognized non-governmental organizations.

    Of course, at the entrance of the sect, there are basically various disguises at the level of vision and aura. Not to mention ordinary people, if ordinary spiritual practitioners do not know the location in advance, it is not so easy to find the way, so they are not afraid of being frequently entered by mistake  .

    Inside the Fayan Sect's sect, the suzerain Danwei Daoist stood at the door of a room, frowning at Xiao Jiamiao and Ruan Jushang, who were playing console games cross-legged and holding handles.

    People who generally know each other play games together, and the metropolis is very lively, talking and chatting with each other non-stop.

    But now the two people in the room are silent, just press the handle crackling, and then look at each other from time to time, as if just looking at it can convey the meaning you want to express.

    The two spiritual cultivators, and both of them are relatively high-level spiritual cultivators in the sect, are actually playing games so devotedly Or this kind of fighting Fighting games, if this is seen by younger disciples, it will have an impact  How bad.

    But it's hard for Daoist Weiwei to say anything, because this ps hostshe bought it for her.

    Before Xiao Jiamiao was in trouble with her second brother, she was bewitched by a cat demon and betrayed Daliangzong together. She went to Yuan Taizong and she swore to worship the sixth sister Mi Huajun, and then she had to wait for the eldest brother Chen Kuo and the fourth brother  Li Shiyou came to get together, and wanted to find Xianmen together, which shocked Daoist Danwei, and hurriedly notified the suzerain of Yuantaizong, so he stopped Mi Huajun and Xiao Jiamiao.

    She also went to personally carry Xiao Jiamiao back to the sect, and watched carefully, for fear that she would run out on impulse.

    But looking at this lover who is sulking all day long, I am also afraid that she will make herself angry-the "Silence Mantra" they major in in the Dharma Word Sect is a relatively boring spell that needs to suppress emotions.  Every spiritual practitioner has to adjust his mentality and emotions by himself. If it is easy to get into a dead end, and practice this spell, it will not be long before you will be influenced by the inner demon and become obsessed.  But no matter how broad-minded you are and how easy it is to comfort yourself, you will inevitably encounter entanglements, such as the case of Xiao Jiamiao.

    Daoist Wanwei, who has been paying attention to the psychological state of each disciple, is naturally very nervous. Xiao Jiamiao is her most promising disciple of the younger generation, who is most likely to break through the Daoist realm, but nothing will happen.

    So she racked her brains, thinking about how to help this precious apprentice get rid of her "demons", and then went to get a playstation, wanting to play games with the apprentice, so that she could divert her attention.

    As a result, the apprentice didn't play at all, and the game console was ruined.

    Unexpectedly, after Xiao Jiamiao and another apprentice Ruan Jushang returned from this trip to the northeast, they felt much more relaxed.

    Although she could clearly feel that Xiao Jiamiao did not release the "Dharma Word Curse" this time, her whole body seemed to relax a lot, and she returned to her original brisk appearance.

    This made Daoist Danwei heave a sigh of relief, but then, Xiao Jiamiao and Ruan Jushang became addicted to the game!

    At first the two of them played an rpg game, she thought theyQuickly gesticulating in sign language: there is a real person from the White Wolf Valley, but that is not Qiu Lindong.  We did talk about Qiu Lindong, but he wasn't there.  I didn't see the other sworn brothers, and the junior sister basically stayed with me the whole time.

    In the middle of the gesture, Ruan Jushang suddenly remembered something, paused before continuing:

    By the way, when we were in the ruins, Junior Sister disappeared for a while, I don't know if she was trapped by the evil spirit alone.

    Daoist Wei Wei frowned: Did Xiao Miao say what happened?

    Ruan Jushang shook her head: No, I asked her later, but she didn't say anything.

    Daoist Wei Wei has a worried expression on his face: It seems that the disappearance period scared Miao Miao and left him with a psychological shadow, so as soon as the "ancient secret treasure" was mentioned, he immediately refused and was very resistant.

    Ruan Jushang thought for a while, and agreed: That's right, after the junior sister disappeared and reappeared, she seemed to be frightened, and she passed out immediately.

    Daoist Danwei nodded slowly. She felt that she understood the reason why Xiao Jiamiao was playing games hard after she came back. This was using the game to divert her attention. She must have been really frightened by something.

    But why didn't she say it?

    Don't dare to say?

    And If she was frightened, why didn't she use the "Dharma spell" this time?  After coming back, the overall aura situation is better than when I went out?

    Could it be that being frightened for a while actually helps the "Dharma Word Mantra" to accumulate energy during the silence stage?

    In fact, Dawei Zhenren guessed half of it correctly, Xiao Jiamiao was indeed using the game to divert attention.

    However, the diversion of attention is not because of being frightened, but because of suppressing one's curiosity and urge to explore.

    After all, the eldest brother told her not to participate in such things as "ancient secret treasures".

    However, hearing all kinds of news about the "Ancient Secret Treasure" really made her feel a little itchy, like a big drama is about to kick off, but she can only help people move the film in the background, it is very uncomfortable!

    With both hands in his pockets, Xiao Jiamiao kicked away a small stone on the road, then looked up at the blue and white cotton in the sky, and couldn't help but guess in his heart, what kind of big brother is going to do, there will be  How old is it?

    Just as uncomfortable as Xiao Jiamiao, there were Qiu Lindong, Li Shiyou, and Guo Wei who were guests at Yuan Taizong.

    After the news of the "Ancient Secret Treasure" was fully spread, Chen Kuo not only explained to the Yaomei whom he met by chance that he should stay away from the "Ancient Secret Treasure", but also made special phone calls to the other sworn brothers except Mi Bunny.

    So after finishing the affairs of the sect, Qiu Lindong made an appointment with Guo Wei and Li Shiyou, and went to Yuan Taizong to meet Mitutu.  call out.

    Originally, the last case was in troubled times, and Guo Wei didn't want to leave, but Qiu Lindong directly hinted that it might have something to do with the second brother's matter, and he immediately agreed.

    But after arriving in Yuan Taizong, the three of them got together with Mi Bunny, but they played games, played cards, chatted and bragged, ate and drank every day, and had no intention of doing anything at all.

    Guo Wei couldn't help asking several times, but was prevaricated by Qiu Lindong, and then paid a lot of money to ask the people in the town to send all kinds of big fish and meat up the mountain, and he went out for another hour to pick up the things, and came back to eat big together  Drinking, attracts Guo Laowu's attention to eating.

    But today, it was Zongmen who called directly to urge: "Lindong, the location of that 'Ancient Secret Treasure' is not far from Yuantaizong, only more than 40 kilometers away, hurry up and make sure, if it is really a secret treasure  , notify the Zongmen as soon as possible, and will send other real people to support."

    "Elder Yang, haven't I already said that I have a private matter to attend to in Yuan Taizong, and now it's my vacation."

    "What holiday, what private matter! Do you think Zongmen is a company? Go to the designated position right now! If because of your evasion and hesitation, Zongmen misses the opportunity to compete for this 'Ancient Secret Treasure' fragment,  Can you afford it!"

    "Elder Yang, are you sure there is a fragment of the 'Ancient Secret Treasure' at that location? What if there is no fragment?"


    "Before that matter, I was busy in the sect for half a year without resting for a day. Before I left, I also told my master and the suzerain that if I came out to relax this time, if it wasn't about life or death or  I don't need to participate in the major events of the sect's survival. So, does the suzerain or my master know about this matter?"

    "You you"

    "Elder Yang, instead of talking to me here, why don't you go and check it yourself? Now that the traffic is so convenient, if you buy a plane ticket, it shouldn't take a day!"

    Seeing Qiu Lindong end the call, Li Shiyou, who had been waiting by the side, couldn't help laughing and said, "You're talking to the elders of your sect like that? Will he put shoes on for you later?"?, if you buy a plane ticket, it shouldn¡¯t take a day!  "

    Seeing Qiu Lindong end the call, Li Shiyou, who had been waiting by the side, couldn't help laughing and said, "You talk to the elders of your sect like that? Will he put shoes on for you later? ?
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