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Text Chapter 101 Why don't you fight him?

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    Chen Kuo leaned over and stood outside the crowd, shrinking his neck slightly so as not to be too conspicuous.

    He saw a tall and strong young man wearing a baseball jacket, jeans, white running shoes, and carrying a piano case. He was stopped at the entrance by the Zongmen staff, and he seemed to be trying to force his way in.

    Seeing Shen Zimu coming over, the young man's eyes lit up, and he shouted loudly: "Shen Zimu! Fellow Daoist Shen! Didn't you say that you would come to Jingshanzong to find you if you wanted to fight? I'm coming, come, come and fight again  Have a game!"

    Shen Zimu said displeased: "I mean, if you want to fight with me again, you can come to the Jingshan Sect, but the premise is that the sect needs to formally notify the sect and have a formal exchange of ideas. How can you come to the sect by yourself like this?"  What? Our sect stipulates that you cannot fight outsiders in private in the sect, otherwise you will be punished."

    "Damn! Then you still let me come to the sect to find you? I don't care, I worked so hard to find your sect, you must fight me, there is no reason to win and run"

    Chen Kuo listened for a while, and finally understood that this young man who came to the door with a piano box on his back turned out to be a Qi cultivator of one of the five major sects, "White Wolf Valley", named Qiu Lindong.

    A few months ago, the suzerain of the "Jingshan Sect" took Shen Zimu to participate in the routine joint meeting of the sects hosted by the "Five Great Sects". On the last day of the joint meeting, as a traditional project, the youthful spirit of several sects  The congregation conducts a "fighting" competition.

    According to Qiu Lindong, in the "fighting skills" of the disciples of that sect, he was careless for a while, and he lost to Shen Zimu. He was not convinced, so he always wanted to fight again, to verify that he was not inferior in strength  .

    In the end, he finally found the location of the "Jingshan Sect", and ran to the door, but was rejected by Shen Zimu in the name of the sect's rules.

    Chen Kuo knew that Shen Zimu was not simply afraid of losing and dare not fight. The clan rules really had this aspect, and he was not allowed to fight with other sect disciples in the sect without permission.

    ?With Shen Zimu's obedience to the suzerain and his personality as an obedient disciple, it is normal that he is not willing to violate the patriarchal rules and fight with others.

    As for Shen Zimu's stance of attacking Chen Kuo just now, Chen Kuo also took advantage of it and planned to flatter Yu Ran and the others.  You can find any reason to "lesson" and avoid it easily.

    Yes, their "Jingshan Sect"'s ancestral rules are like this, they strike hard at their own disciples, and they are obsequious to the disciples of other sects

    "Please go back, wait until the next regular sect joint meeting, if we can meet again, we will discuss again. Or you can contact our suzerain first through the sect's channel" Shen Zimu said  It's official business, you have to follow the routine so I can play with you.

    Qiu Lindong was a little mad: "Then let your suzerain come out, or take me to see your suzerain!"

    Shen Zimu was expressionless: "Our suzerain is not here, you can come back another day."

    "Are you afraid of fighting me? Are you afraid of losing? If you are afraid of losing, I don't need magic weapons"

    "The state owns the laws of the country, and the clan has its rules. As disciples, we must abide by the rules of the clan."

    Qiu Lin laughed back in anger, and pointed to the disciples and staff of the "Jingshan Sect" who were watching the excitement: "You 'Jingshan Sect', you have such a timid Qixiu, tortoise Qixiu? You don't want to do it today?  Fight me, and I won't leave!"

    The other disciples didn't have much anger about being humiliated or the feeling of fighting against the enemy. They just thought it was new and rare. The person involved, Shen Zimu, was not in a hurry.

    So everyone turned their attention to Shen Zimu, but the latter was still indifferent, insisting that the "ancestral rule" is not to fight with him. Anyway, at this time, winning may not be of any benefit, and losing will definitely lose face. There is no need at all.  .

    At this moment, a voice sounded: "One hundred and twenty meters away from this road, there is a small piece of flat grass over there, which does not belong to the Zongmen area. You can fight there, and it will not be considered a violation of the 'Zongru'  .¡±

    As soon as these words came out, not only Qiu Lindong's eyes lit up, but other disciples of the "Jingshan Sect" also booed: "Senior Brother Shen/Junior Brother Shen, beat him! Hit him! Let him experience the spells of our Jingshan Sect!  "

    This really made Shen Zimu a little bit hard to get off. He turned his head and glared at Chen Kuo: "What are you yelling? You love to fight so much, why don't you go and fight him?" Chen Kuo's voice was so obvious that he heard it as soon as he heard it.  Out.

    Shen Zimu originally thought that Chen Kuo was speaking for Yu Ran before he remembered his grudge, and deliberately demolished him, but what he didn't expect was that when he heard his words, Chen Kuo turned out to be out of the crowd.

    "If I fight, I will fight." Chen Kuo walked out of the crowd and walked towards Qiu Lindong: "Brother, I will fight with you."

    Qiu Lindong frowned and looked at Chen Kuo a few times.The staff couldn't help but whispered to the Jingshan Sect disciple who was familiar with him next to him.

    The latter shook his head: "It's similar to the spirit strike technique, but it's not the spirit strike technique, it's the divine descend technique. The divine descend technique of 'White Wolf Valley' is very famous. Don't look at Chen Shidi's strong body, tall and powerful, it's really better than fists and feet."  , strength, the 'White Wolf Valley' fellow Taoist who has activated the divine descent technique must be much stronger."

    "Then Mr. Chen is not in danger?"

    "Well, this competition should be over, in fact, there is no competition"

    Not far away, Shen Zimu, who watched the two fighting, looked even more solemn.

    With the ability of spiritual vision, he clearly saw that in the spiritual vision world, there was more than half of a white wolf's head above Qiu Lindong's head, and half of his limbs were covered with wolf claws.  Like a wolf's fur.

    Is this the divine descent technique of "White Wolf Valley" If Qiu Lin had used the divine descent technique in the fight back then, he probably would have had no chance.

    As for the current Chen Kuo, at first glance, it seems that he has no chance of turning things around, but for some reason, he has a faint intuition¡ª¡ªChen Kuo doesn't seem to have put much effort into it.

    At least the spirit of the terrifying general hadn't shown up yet.

    Qiu Lindong stepped on Chen Kuo's chest, leaned over and said, "Are you admitting defeat?"

    Chen Kuo looked at him, and suddenly grinned, then hugged his right foot with both hands, lifted his legs and wrapped them up, as if preparing for a knee cross.

    But Qiu Lindong sneered and said: "It's useless, with absolute strength"

    But before he finished speaking, Chen Kuo opened his vertical eyes on his forehead under the spiritual vision, and a spiritual arm stretched out from above his shoulder, holding the tip of the halberd to his ankles, knees, and hipbones.  Stab a few times.

    In an instant, there was a fault in the divine descent technique, and Qiu Lindong's lower body almost lost its strength, and Chen Kuo took advantage of the situation and fell to the ground, locking his knees.

    "Wow!" Qiu Lindong didn't persist for a second, and directly slapped the ground to admit defeat.
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