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Text Chapter 326: The Era of Equipment Repair (Part 1)

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    Chen Kuo had considered a long time ago that after avenging his master and Xiao Zhu's family, he would start to establish a new cultivation system.

    ?Using yang attribute cultivation to replace the original yin attribute cultivation system that has lasted for thousands of years all over the world, so that it can better adapt to today's aura environment of heaven and earth.

    However, it is not so easy to cultivate the spiritual energy of the yang attribute.

    Human consciousness itself exists above the Yin spirit, and driving the Yin spirit to indirectly link the Yin spirit energy is the most direct and mature method of casting spells and spirits.

    Qi cultivation with strong inspiration and the ability to directly condense aura can rely on Yin spirits to directly connect with the aura of Yin attributes, while those with poor inspiration need to use some medium, such as magic weapons, magic tools, and talismans.  an excite.

    After Chen Kuo was struck by lightning, under the protection of Zhu Li's instinctive use of the "Nine Heavens Yinhua Lock", his Yin spirit was protected by a layer of the most Yin aura, preventing his Yin spirit from being wiped out.

    At the same time, because his yin spirit is also somewhat special, he has established a dynamic balance system of yin and yang in the body.

    This small system of dynamic balance of yin and yang is very special. It can't be established by just some human "nine-turn penalty thunder" and then protected by the most yin aura of "nine-day silver flower lock".

    Ordinary people, even spiritual cultivators and true monarchs with very high levels of cultivation, will either lose their souls and spirits immediately, or forcefully rely on the most yin aura of the "Nine Heavens Yinhua Lock" to resist the penalty thunder.

    What is special about Chen Kuo is that his yin spirit has the characteristics of facing the sun, which is what his master called "nine generations of virgins".

    In fact, the so-called "nine generations of boys" are nothing more than the reflection of a certain type of Yin spirit on the Yin-Yang road of heaven and earth-the spiritual circle believes that this "yin spirit and yang orientation" characteristic must be the child of the previous lives.  The male body will die if it is not broken, and the yang body, the carrier of the yin spirit, has not been sufficiently reconciled with yin and yang, so it naturally forms a yang characteristic.

    Therefore, the so-called "Ninth Boy" is a standard name, and "Ninth" is a description of the degree, which is the peak and the highest, and there is no "Ten".

    However, after Chen Kuo took control of Yin and Yang, he realized that the so-called past life and the like were nonsense.

    It is true that after a person dies, if the yin spirits do not become evil spirits, evil spirits, etc., and are trapped in the load, they will enter the great cycle of heaven and earth aura and become part of the newly born yin spirits. It seems to be a kind of  inherited.

    But Chen Kuo knows that this has nothing to do with the previous life or the current life. Just like the human body buried in the ground after death, it will also become the nutrient of the soil, absorbed by plants, and then eaten, decomposed and absorbed by animals.  The element went through a cycle and became part of a new physical body again.

    His "nine generations virgin" characteristic is actually a relatively rare yin spirit characteristic.

    But it also means that it is impossible to pass on his yang attribute cultivation method.

    However, after seeing the yin and yang avenue of heaven and earth, Chen Kuo found other ways to let others use yang attribute aura.

    By creating Yang-type creations as "translations" between Yang-type aura and Yin-type aura, he can initially make some creations with preset Yang-type spells for people to use.

    Then as everyone's understanding of yang-genre spells deepens, he can open up more ways to control yang-genre creations, allowing these spiritual practitioners to use their ingenuity and experience in the yin-genus aura system to use his yang-genre creations to  Design more yang spells.

    It seems that he has become a "tool man" for all spiritual practices, but in fact all spiritual practices have become his "tool man".

    However, he can't just throw out the creations of the yang attribute, distribute them, and tell everyone to use them. He doesn't want to expose himself, and this method can't gain the trust of other spiritual practitioners.

    So he designed a step-by-step process, first let everyone take a look at "power".

    It is also a good time to take this opportunity to shock those spiritual practitioners who are ready to move around and want to come to the country to grab spiritual resources.

    At the same time, he can also use the hands of those spiritual practitioners to eliminate those who are not true kings, but they have always known the "last secret method" before, and have been helping the evil, contributing to that "secret method", and even becoming candidates for the "secret method".

    In the past, if Chen Kuo wanted to determine whether someone was related to something and how deep the connection was, he would have to conduct multiple investigations and collect evidence, but now as long as he can meet people face to face, he can directly spy on the world  Yin Yang Dao connects with it to determine the degree of connection of the other party in a certain matter.

    Getting rid of them is not only the follow-up of Chen Kuo's revenge, but also for the new sect system to be more "clean" in the future.

    the"Mechanical Cultivation" is not something that can be done by any kind of spiritual practice. Candidates for the generals of each sect need to be reported to the sect alliance and go through multiple assessments and selections before they can be qualified.

    After obtaining the qualification, you still need to study, but what you learn is not the method of using the "Yang Attribute Magical Artifact", but the usage norms of the "Yang Attribute Magical Artifact", that is, what type of "Yang Attribute Magical Artifact" can be used on what occasion and under what circumstances.  There are specific requirements and regulations on what types of "Yang genus magic tools" cannot be used.

    These requirements and regulations were not set by Chen Kuo, Duobao Company, or Zongmen Alliance themselves, but with official participation¡ªChen Kuo took the initiative to seek official supervision.

    Because compared with yin-type spells, yang-type spells have one of the biggest characteristics, that is, spells no longer only exist in the realm of spiritual vision, not only those with strong inspirations or those who have opened the "eyes of the sky" can see them, basically all spells have  Reality horizon effects visible to the naked eye.

    With the popularity of "Yang Attribute Artifacts" and the increase of "New Artifact Repairs", more and more Yang Attribute spells will inevitably be seen or even photographed by ordinary people, so these things must be arranged first.  Make a report first

    Northwest, Zhiyun Town, 20 kilometers south.

    Xiao Jiamiao squatted on the side of the road holding a sesame seed cake, gasping for air, biting it in small bites, and squinting at the distance.

    Strictly speaking, the first batch of "new equipment repairers" have not yet fully "graduated" and have not obtained the "monk certificate".

    But Xiao Jiamiao is an exception. Like Weizhi and other spiritual practitioners, she was given a small stove by Chen Kuo and customized a "Yang Attribute Magical Artifact" or "Yang Attribute Magic Circle" one-on-one.  Practice habits, spell characteristics, customized a lot of supernatural spells.

    After all, spiritual intruders from abroad will not wait until they come again just because they haven't finished training "new equipment repairers".

    Weizhi, Qiu Lindong and others are all stationed in some areas where they may smuggle people and cross the border alone. Chen Kuo did not equip them with many "Yang Attribute Magical Artifacts", mainly according to their "defense zone" to arrange for them  Created the "Yang genus magic circle".

    With such a "Yang Attribute Formation", the real king can come in seconds.

    But Xiao Jiamiao is different, she is a "mobile force", so her elder brother Chen Kuo gave her a lot of "yang magic weapons", it is not an exaggeration to say that she is armed to the teeth.

    Zhiyun Town is not a sacred place for spiritual practice, and there is no sect that has established a mountain gate nearby, but recently, many domestic and foreign spiritual practitioners have gathered here.

    Because this is the only way to go to the desert area of ??"the place where the true king fell", "the last secret stronghold", "Ming Jia summoned the foreign demon god", and "the place where the demon king died".

    Many spiritual practitioners believe that Chen Kuo and Duobao's company can suddenly enter the field of yang aura, and it must be the foreign demon god or "ancient secret treasure" summoned by Mingjia at that time, which brought some special existence, so Chen Kuo picked it up.  cheap.

    So they all thought of this crucial place to see if they could find any clues.

    Xiao Jiamiao has already dealt with two foreign spiritual practitioners in this place, one successfully "persuades him to return", and the other directly kills the former - the former entered the country with a tourist visa, and after being defeated, he also admitted defeat and was able to save his life  .

    Xiao Jiamiao, who was squatting on the side of the road eating cakes, felt something, looked up at the distant horizon, and found an off-road vehicle, and immediately accelerated the speed of eating the cakes, and ate the whole cake in a short time  .

    However, because he ate too fast and choked, Xiao Jiamiao got up and walked towards the middle of the road while coughing.

    After the off-road vehicle drove in, I saw a beautiful girl coughing and standing in the middle of the road with her arms outstretched, as if she wanted to stop the vehicle.

    The off-road vehicle slowed down slightly, but soon, the driver stepped on the accelerator, and the car slammed into the girl.

    Xiao Jiamiao quickly turned sideways to pass the speeding off-road vehicle, her eyes were a little cold.

    She took out a round stone pellet from her trouser pocket, squeezed it hard, turned it into powder, and then blew it forward.

    On the off-road vehicle, a middle-aged man with gold-rimmed glasses and a crew-cut head frowned and looked at the rearview mirror. After seeing the girl's movements, he was nervous at first, and then relaxed, because he didn't feel the aura shock.  No sign of spell casting.

    But in the next second, his expression changed, because the girl was no longer visible in the rearview mirror¡ªthe wind and sand were blowing in behind the car.
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