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Text Chapter 110 My Name is Chen Kuo, Kuo Kuo (2 in 1)

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    In less than ten minutes, Zhu Li, carrying a bag and wearing a professional suit, came to the store.

    I saw Chen Kuo sitting in the corner at a glance, and after Zhu Li came over and sat down in front of him, he also said hello to the girl next to him who was smiling and smiling.

    "Boss, why did you come here to eat?" Zhu Li asked strangely.

    "It just happened to be nearby. When it's time for dinner, I came here to eat. This stone pot fish is very delicious." Chen Kuo said.

    Zhu Li nodded: "Well, I also ate there once, and it tastes really good."

    "Is there nothing going on in the company today?" Chen Kuo said casually.

    "Well, it's all going according to the plan you made before, boss, and it's going smoothly for the time being." Zhu Li said, watching Chen Kuo's expression, and carefully asked: "Bossare you okay?"

    "Huh? Why do you ask that, do I seem to have something wrong?" Chen Kuo laughed.

    "It looks like he has something on his mind." Zhu Li said.

    "How do you know this?" Chen Kuo was really puzzled. After Zhu Li came, he deliberately put away his gloomy emotions just now and acted in a normal state. He didn't expect that the secretary would see through him right away.

    "I don't know how to say it. In short, I just feel a little depressed, which is different from the usual appearance. And the day you returned to the sect, you felt quite depressed. The same is true of Qianfan girl, she was listless,  It's like I haven't eaten enough." Zhu Li said.

    The girl next to her suddenly heard her nickname, sat up straight, then moved her buttocks, and got a little closer to Zhu Li, her eyes narrowed into a slit when she smiled, as if what Zhu Li just said was a compliment to her, and she looked across  Chen Kuo wanted to complain.

    Chen Kuo said: "I did encounter some problems, but the root cause was that I was too weak and not strong enough."

    Zhu Li's heart moved, and he realized that this was an opportunity to inquire further, so he took advantage of the opportunity and said:

    "Boss, you are not weak, you killed the 'evil spirit' that was staring at me in the blink of an eye, and I didn't realize what happened. And you are often in 'Subduing demons and spirits', and you are still alone  , it should be very powerful, right?"

    Chen Kuo smiled wryly: "It's not enough, it's still not powerful enough."

    "Boss, when you returned to the sect this time, did you encounter any monsters or evil spirits that were too powerful for you to deal with?" Zhu Li asked in a bewildered tone.

    "It's about the same. I just think about buying some delicious food, watching movies, and buying clothes. I can easily handle tens of thousands of yuan or tens of thousands of yuan a month. Then one day, I found that I had to face  The cost is to buy a 140-square-meter hardcover school district house in a first-tier city"

    "Can't I not buy it? Buy a small, cheap one, and do what you can," Zhu Li said.

    Chen Kuo shook his head: "No, you must buy it, and only that set."

    As he said that, he couldn't help laughing bitterly: "Actually, such a metaphor is not quite right. The house you bought is still an asset after all, and what you paid for is actually still there. But in life, there are some things that don't benefit you at all, and no one forces you or requires you to pay for it.  You, but you have to do it, even if your head is smashed and your body is smashed to pieces"

    Zhu Li listened to the last few words with sympathy, and subconsciously raised his head to look at Chen Kuo, making sure he wasn't trying to test her.

    "Boss, is it so serious? If those monsters and evil spirits are too powerful, let other spiritual practitioners deal with them. You don't need to force them" Zhu Li persuaded in a low voice.

    Chen Kuo also realized that what he said seemed to be a bit too much, so he smiled and said: "Indeed, what I said is a bit serious."

    Then he raised his head and shouted to the waiter: "Hurry up and serve the food here!"

    Zhu Li glanced at the Ganfan girl next to her in a daze with her chin propped, but she was thinking about what Chen Kuo said just now.

    She really thought that Chen Kuo encountered some powerful "evil spirit" when he returned to the Zongmen. The removal of the spirit failed, and his self-confidence was hit. This also correlates with the evil breath she smelled when she went to the airport to pick up Chen Kuo.

    However, after listening to Chen Kuo's words and pondering his tone and attitude, Zhu Li suddenly realized that what he was referring to must not be a powerful "evil spirit", but other existences.

    And according to Zhu Li's judgment, Chen Kuo displayed terrifying strength when exorcising the "evil spirit" at her home that day, the celestial eyes that made her burst into tears, and the spirit body of the halberd-wielding general that brought great coercion.  , are big killers against all kinds of "spirits".

    Regardless of whether it is an "evil spirit" or an "evil spirit", facing Chen Kuo in that state, it may be difficult to take advantage of it.

    Normally speaking, what Chen Kuo was talking about would not be the existence of the "demon king", because any spiritual practitioner knows that, except??Always be a community volunteer, love to chatter too much, I can't stop the car when I chatter.  "

    Chen Kuo smiled and said: "It's normal, if I have such a beautiful daughter in another city alone, I will definitely be very worried"

    He immediately realized that what he said seemed wrong: "Uh, what I mean isthat is, I understand your mother's concern for you"

    Zhu Li smiled wryly: "I know, boss, you should hurry up and eat, it's going to be cold."

    "Yeah, you can eat it, and you'll be cold too No, I mean you'll be cold if you don't eat it"

    Chen Kuo lamented in his heart, this was not affected by the minions, why would he be nervous?

    It's just that I ran into the parents of the employees by chance. How could it be like meeting the mother-in-law?

    Chen Kuo, Chen Kuo, you are the boss!  You are a spiritual cultivator who is used to strong winds and waves!

    So Chen Kuo, who encouraged himself a lot in his heart, and Zhu Li, who was a little embarrassed by his mother's disrupted trial plan, worked hard to eat up the cold food together.
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